Logo Design Success In 2020: 4 CRUCIAL TIPS

Logo Design Success In 2020: 4 CRUCIAL TIPS

so today I have four logo design tips
for success in 2020 and you really need to think about them and work them into
your logo design workflow for 2020 so welcome back to Satori graphics everyone
and today’s video is going to include four quickfire tips for logo design
success in 2020 so as a logo designer you need to remember this statement the
logo is an extension of the company and doesn’t make the company the company
generates the logo now some designers get is confused they kind of morph it to
the total opposites they think their logo design is going to
make the company when in facts is just part of the company itself it’s an
expression over that company so look at the Apple logo and this will be nothing
more than a half-eaten Apple icon unless you attribute it to the wonders of
technological advancements advertising campaigns and sleek design think of it
like a singer-songwriter the song that you hear on the radio or online is their
work but the song didn’t make the singer the singer made it they’ve drew
inspiration from somewhere within and this song expresses their emotions their
feelings and maybe who they are as a person and what their life is all about
so don’t get the relationship confused between the logo and the company or the
brand they working for so as a Lego designer in 2020 ask
yourself this question does the lego design communicate the brand’s message
now if you don’t have a solid answer that is yes you need to rework your Lego
design a little bit more let’s take a look at this question itself what is the
brand message in the brief that you’re given by the clients you’ll be able to
find the brand message by reading what the client wants to convey to their
consumer with the Lego design itself you can also look at the tagline also known
as the strap line as this often is going to link right back to the brand’s
message now your Lego design needs to respect this message and reflect it
visually throughout the design now I recently worked on a jiu-jitsu logo and
the message the client wanted to convey was one of strengths tough and a good
work ethic for the members of the jiu-jitsu organization and so I decided
to create a strong shape in the form of a triangle and then use a strong almost
metallic character of a g’ which was the first letter of the brand’s name this
links back into the psychology of shape angled straight lines and things like
that do connotates strength and so forth so
yeah these details link right back to the brand’s message of strength
toughness and a hard work ethic if I use the G that was say customed alig Rafi
hand lettering this would not communicate the brand’s message because
it appeared too soft too friendly and too personal so do ask yourself the
question of does this design communicate the brand’s message so simplicity is something I’ve said a
lot about on this channel but it does need to be driven home again and again
and again making a Lego design simplistic is really crucial and I would
actually suggest that in 2020 it’s never been so important and so paramount so
when we talk about Lyga design and simplicity it’s not just the avoidance
of using too much detail but it’s also the fact of resisting from adding drop
shadows gradients and basta FEX and so forth the liquor needs to be
simple firstly so that you can scale the logo down to small sizes and it doesn’t
become a simple blur and then recognizable on the year design secondly
a simple logo is easy to remember and so the logo mark itself is going to remain
in the minds of the consumer a lot easier and longer than intricate complex
design also Legos are being shown and used on small devices a lot more these
days so having the logo optimized for smartphones is really crucial and that
means to make it simple so here’s another points that I often drive home
on this channel and that is research now I get so many people asking me how do I
come up with ideas for Lego designs and how am i creative the easy answer is to
do your research but what you research exactly well firstly take a look at what
the competition is doing and by that I mean the competition of the brands that
you’re working for don’t copy a design but look at the industry standards what
colors are being used what font selections are made and just get a good
feel for the kind of things that are taking place in the industry you also
need to research the target markets and what kind of person is a logo going to
be aimed at you need to tailor the design the logo type of the color the
funds everything about the design itself to target a certain audience and this
can only be done after research so they’re obviously more things to keep in
mind when designing a logo but today I’ve shown you four key elements that
you need to consider for making a successful and irrelevant logo in 2020
so what you want to see on this channel and did you find today’s video useful do
leave a comment down below because I’m always keen and eager to hear your
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advancing your skills and your awareness as a graphic designer and internet sound
guys design your future today peace

48 thoughts on “Logo Design Success In 2020: 4 CRUCIAL TIPS”

  1. I was wondering what am i lacking in my logo design and you answered my question through this video. Thank you so much 😊

  2. Hey Satori!

    Nice video!
    I wonder, do you have any links regarding the psychology of shapes and the rest you have mentioned like angled lines etc?
    Would love to get more indepth about shape psychology 😀

  3. Currently designing my first logo for a client friend on Ai..

    And tell you the truth progress is kind of slow?

    Maybe because the stakes are high? as he's kind of judgemental and knows being a designer is my dream..


  4. Great stuff! Thanks a lot for these types of videos, they help me to understand the thought process a lot better!

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    I learned alot from most of your videos, man. Thanks!

  6. Ever since I took designing seriously, I've been looking towards your videos. They help so much and I know I'll owe a percentage of my experience to you in the future. So thanks

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  8. Thanks Satori for these useful tips. Short and easily remembered and will give best results if applied with diligence.

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    Keep working and creating awesomeness! You've been through a lot and still you rise like a true warrior. You are an inspiration.

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  14. Hey Satori,
    I love what you do. I wd like to know how's your perspective about this :
    What Apple's brand message is, and how does the Apple logo communicate this message ?

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  17. Really informal and valuable video! Really inspiring to see how you create these videos and they are really successful! Currently been focusing more on YouTube and share more of my logo design process on this platform. Would love to hear your thoughts on my content and how I could improve this. Big cheers from the Netherlands – Jeroen

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