Make Type in a Circle to Create a Round Logo in Illustrator

Make Type in a Circle to Create a Round Logo in Illustrator

Hi everybody, thanks again for coming back
to Today’s a little bit longer tutorial or advanced – it’s nothing
really “advanced”, it’s just that it takes a little more time to explain these things,
but this is really basic and I’m going to show you how to make type in a circle to create
a round logo. Now a lot of you probably played with the Type on a Path tool, Type on Circle,
and it it works but it just doesn’t look good and it takes a little bit of doing to get
it to do what you want, so I’m going to show you today how to do this. Okay, so I’m going to move this aside and
were going to start from scratch. On your toolbar select the Ellipse tool. It defaults
to the Rectangle tool, select the Ellipse tool and click anywhere on your artboard.
And I’m going to start with a 5 x 5 inch circle. Again, with it still selected, click anywhere
on the art board and make a 4 x 4 inch circle. Okay, and click anywhere on the art board,
and I’m going to make a 3.5 x 3.5 inch circle. Now, select them all and we have a bunch of
blobby circles together, we’re going to get rid of that Fill and just make it a Stroke.
Now you can see all the circles. What we need to do is get them Aligned so they’re exactly
one on top another and sort of centered. So, Selecting All of them, go up to the top and
you have your Alignment tools up here, these are the bunch of shapes with the lines next
to them. And they will help you Distribute the circles evenly so they are one on top
of another. So go to the box that starts right before those shapes start, click and hold,
and make sure “Align to Selection”is selected. It defaults to “Align to Artboard” – make
sure it says “Align to Selection.” And then browse through here, click on the shapes that
are in the center: here’s the Horizontal Align Center. Click there, and you can see it put
them all together horizontally. And now keep looking and find you Vertical Align Center.
Click that one, and now they’re perfectly in place, one on top of another. And that’s
the way we want them. Now if you can see in the finished version
here, there’s an outer circle, there’s the type on a circle, and there’s an inner circle
where the star is. SO that’s these 3 circles. Our type is going to go on that center circle.
SO with that selected, with your White Arrow, we need to cut this line – this circle, rather
– in half. And you can do that by selecting your Scissors tool. Now look on your toolbar
til you find your Eraser, that’s the default. Click and hold, a select the Scissors Tool,
the little scissors icon there. And now I’m going to zoom in a little bit, and we’re going
to have to cut this circle in half. Click there and on the other side click right where
that little white box is, and click there. And what that did, if you use your White Arrow,
is it cut that circle into the top half and the bottom half. Which is perfect, that’s
what we want. Now, with that circle selected, with your
White Arrow tool click on your Type tool and we’re going to work on the top part now. So,
hover over there until you see that sort of squiggly line, click anywhere and now we’re
going to start typing. So we’re going to say: MAKE TYPE IN A CIRCLE because that’s what’s
going to go on top. Um, great, but it’s ah, small and it’s not centered and it looks weird.
So select it, and then go to Window>Type>Character and let’s make it bigger, just
kind of bump up that font size a little bit til it gets to be the size that you want.
And that looks good I think that’s a good enough size. It’s not in the center though,
so over here on your White Arrow, when you click on there you see you get this, like,
white box with some handles – there’s a handle in the center, and there’s another handle
over here. What we want to do is click that handle – not in the white box – but click
on that handle and drag it til it gets to this where that line started. And now that
line is there and that line is there and now you can see your type is in the center. If
it’s not, go up here to your Paragraph Tools, it might be on Align Left, or Align Right
– we want to make sure it’s in the center so now it’s perfectly where we want it to
be. Now we want to do the bottom line. So click
on there with your White Arrow, go over here to your Type Tool, click anywhere and start
typing. I’m going to say: TO MAKE A CIRCULAR LOGO. (I think I spelled that wrong) And as
you’ve probably noticed, all that type disappeared. It’s still there but it doesn’t show because
it’s designed to go this way instead of the way we want it to go. Don’t worry about that.
Again, go over to your White Arrow until you get these weird little handles, the white
box with the handles, click that handle and drag it over to the where that line starts.
And I did spell it wrong. CIRCULAR, circular logo. And that is too many words to fit on
that line so it makes them disappear again, so what you want to do is click here, and
Select everything and go up to your Character Palate, and you’re going to have to bump it
down a little biut til everything fits there. And there you go, we just bumped it down one
font size and now everything fits there to make it – oops! (sign) I did it again. CIRCULAR-
it’s hard to read upside down. I know that now – and now we can bump it back up probably
and it’ll be fine. There we go, okay. So now we have our type in a circle perfectly
aligned but, ah, design-wise, I think it’s much better when you’re making a circular
logo, to have your type read left to right on the top and on the bottom, so people don’t
break their necks trying to read the rest of your words here. So what we need to do
in that case is select that again with your White Arrow, go up to Type>Type on a Path
>Type on a Path Options. That brings up a box here. The first thing you want to do is
select Preview so we can see the changes that we’re making to this line. (coughs) Now, obviously
the next thing you do is just Flip it. We want to Flip it so it read left to right,
and there we go. It does, it flipped it, it reads left to right, but it’s weird, it squished
all the letters together and it cut some of them off. Now you have to play with some of
the rest of the settings. Right now, by default, the type is aligned to the Baseline. Play
with some of the rest of them and you’ll find Ascender, Descender, Center and Baseline.
And you’ll find the one that you want. Ascender is perfect. Say OK, and there we go, now it
reads left to right on the top and left to right on the bottom. But as you might notice,
they are not exactly aligned. If we click here with the White Arrow we can see that
the bottom of the letter forms are kissing that baseline. They are right on that blue
like there in Illustrator. If we click on the bottom, you can see that they’re a little
bit away from that Baseline and they’re pushing out more towards that outer circle. We can
fix that by going back to your Character Palate and finding the Baseline Shift Tool and that’s
the Big A with the little a and the arrow underneath. Just bump it a few points up,
up, up, up, up until it hits that line and kisses it just like the other one. In this
case it’s about 6 points.And now if you select both of them you can see that the type is
exactly aligned. The bottom of the top is hugging the baseline, and the top of the bottom
is hugging the baseline, if that makes any sense. So that’s perfect! The only thing we
have to do now is spice it up a little bit, and make it look like a logo. So, clicking on that outer circle, let’s give
it a Fill. Let’s give it a nice red fill. Woo! That is very bold. And for the Stroke,
clicking on the Stroke in your toolbar, we’re going to go to Window>Stroke and that will
bring up your Stroke Options. Let’s just make it a nice, thick stroke to make it a bold
logo and I think that looks good. You also have the option in here for your Stroke Alignment
to align to the Center, to the Inside or to the Outside. Inside pushes it in a little
bit close, Outside I think is perfect. And that is a good shape, I think and a good thickness
for that Stroke. Okay, that’s great now we have the inside:
clicking on that inside circle, over here in your toolbar let’s make it not a Stroke
but just a Solid Fill. There we go now it’s just solid black and starting to look a lot
more like a logo. Now let’s put that Star in the center and you can use anything, I’m
just using this for demonstration but you can put a picture, an illustration, any thing
you want that is your logo. Over here on your Ellipse Tool, click and hold until you find
the Star Tool and now I’m going to zoom out a little bit. And, holding down Shift click
and drag a Star – that just keeps it standing straight up and not kind of flipping all over
the place. So click and drag til you get a good sized Star. Off the art board there.
Let’s make it white and drag it over here. Little bit big, lets make it a little bit
smaller.Put it in the center there, and I think that’s a good size. Let’s get another
Star, holding down Shift, click and drag a little small one. Move it over there to fill
in that space. Now do Edit>Copy or Command C, and Edit>Paste in Place, or Shift Command
V. Deselect it, then holding down Shift click and drag – and that drags that copy over and
it stays in alignment with the rest of it. And there we go, it’s starting to look a LOT
like a logo, but I think maybe this need a Stroke. So Select this one, hold down Shift,
select the other one, and back in our, ah actually go over here to your toolbar and
make it a Fill and Stroke – by default that’s white and black – and now we can bump up that
the weight of that a little bit. That might be a little thick. Make it align to the Outside,
yeas that’s a little thick, lets bring it down. But I think that looks perfect. And
now you can change the color of the top, make that white and I think that looks a lot actually
I think that looks exactly like this one except I added the little extra there: Established
in 2014. And that was white and Iput it right there at the bottom. You can do lots of cool
things : put another little picture there, another Star, more Shapes, anything but now
it looks a lot like a logo and I think that is wonderful. And now what you can do is Select everything
and you scale it up and down and you can make it fit to whatever you want it to fit to.
One thing I want to address here, since it is a little bit longer tutorial, a lot of
people say: “when I select everything and scale it down, my stroke gets really thick
and it looks weird.” That’s really easy to fix. Up here in the Illustrator Preferences
>General you have the option to Scale your Strokes and Effects. You can see if you don’t
have that checked and you scale everything down that stroke stayed really really thick
and we can zoom in you can see that the stroke around that star go thick and it bumps into
the outside and it looks terrible. So what you want to do is go to Illustrator>Preferences
>General and make sure Scale Stroke and Effects is checked. And then, when you size everything
down those strokes will scale down as well, and it’ll keep everything in proportion. That
happens a lot and it’s that’s the easy fix for it. Okay so there is your Creating Type in a Circle
Logo. I hope that was helpful. Thanks again so much for watching and until next time,

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