Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park on Producing with Waves Plugins

Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park on Producing with Waves Plugins

Hey you guys whats up Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park we gonna run through some things today which plugins we use here at the stock room and in our main studio NRG we will look at today some stuff that we did on A Thousand Suns may be give you guys some ideas of how to achieve some of the sounds the quality of an album you make at home can be just as good as the quality of an album you can make in studio its just the matter of knowing your way around the plugins knowing your way around studio and making good choices and having a good year Waves has number of different plugin bundles Mercury is a great bundle its got a lot of great stuff in it here is your dynamics plugins the standard stuff like the R compressor, De-Esser and the stuff like that is great, those are down here, those are real standard but if you want something to get you know little more interesting, you can go with the Chris Lord-Alge stuff, you can go with the SSL stuff you know they have got some great stuff its modeled after famous compressors that are on every record there are 2 splitters and 2 spreaders one thing I like about them is that you can choose to split certain EQ ranges and not split different range so in other words, if you look at this right now what you are looking at is, as I drag it up the lows stay more mono and then like right about here the 1K range it starts getting really wide so everything from 1K up gets split wide and everything below that stays mono so one thing the people noticed right away when they heard catalyst was effects on the vocal, really the thing that makes the sound is the waves plugin called metaflanger if you look right here the modulation is set really fast so that it just vibrates across the middle of it and then the mix is set to 50% so 50% of the original audio is coming through and 50% of the effected audio is coming through and then once you get the chorus you get one spread out a little bit more its effect is little less this one is only set to 22% by having the separate settings on both of those metaflangers it separates my vocal from Chester’s so we don’t sound like the same person in that song we are using the mondo mode and we are using the metaflanger for some more unique effects That’s no metaflanger It’s Chester it does not have any any flanger on it they both have a lot of delay then his vocal and the chorus is double and there is 2 of them and they both have effects on them the metaflanger on his vocal in the course is lot lighter the difference is the one on my voice is mono also in the one in his voice in the course is stereo in this section right here that vocal starts showing up right well it eventually morphs into Chester’s vocal right and in the mix what we did is like when the vocal first comes in its me, almost all me and then as it goes out it starts to basically fade out and because its we matched up all of the plugins and everything there treated exactly the same way so that when you bring my vocal down and bring Chester’s vocal up it gives you the effect of my vocal turning in you want to be familiar with your plugins and you want to be familiar with effects, you know use them tastefully use them in a way that achieves that kind of song you want to achieve alright well that’s it thanks very much for visiting with me today thousand suns is out right now you can check this out at www.linkinpark.com big thank you to waves for being part of our recording process and providing us with some awesome plugins to use.

52 thoughts on “Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park on Producing with Waves Plugins”

  1. Even though I'm not a Linkin Park fan, it was cool to see how an established band does their recording. Much respect to these guys 🙂 Thanks for the upload

  2. @39smoothgreenday Nothing in this video even showed that they use autotune. The video only showed that the application they use assimilates autotune as one of their effects people can use; autotune was never selected in 2:18 like MetaFlanger is…

  3. I like how they know their stuff. It's impressive that they're not some sellouts, picked up off the streets and told how to record their stuff.

  4. @zulflbeatz Yes. You can also check the Waves website for technical specs of each product, found under the Support tab.

  5. @zulflbeatz Try calling tech support at 1-865-909-9200 ext. 1 or through your Waves account and they will help sort you out with any issues you're having.

  6. he uses Auto Tune as insurance– just in case some one gets off-pitch by like a half-step or something– both Chester and Mike dont use it live– its just to make sure every little nuance in the vocals are in-key

  7. It's very nice bundle, altough it's kinda expensive. But you pay for real stuff, not for amateur toys :)) 100% recommended

  8. i have a bundle but i have no idea what to use with what… i think there should be a place where ppl like me thats just starting out should knw what plugin should be used with what instrument or vocal etc…. if there is anyone know?

  9. I literally came here because I saw Mike’s arms in the thumbnail and was like wtf is he wearing Chester’s shirt or something because hONESTLY THAT’S REALLY TIGHT MIKE.

  10. I really don't like Waves plugins, they always felt really clunky to me and excessively processor intensive. I used to use them, but these days I've found much better alternatives. Some of which are the native plugins inside my DAW Cubase

  11. I love watching these kinds of explanatory videos whether it's about the music specifically or the band, etc. I love watching the "how to's" and "behind the scenes" just as much as the finished product – maybe even more 🙂 This goes for movies too, although I'm not a big fan of movies. But I'll watch the behind the scenes all day! I know very little and do very little with computers, I just find it amazing on the endless capabilities – esp in the art world – that computer provide us with.

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