My Logo Design Process REVEALED (Top Tips)

My Logo Design Process REVEALED (Top Tips)

so welcome back to Satori graphics and
you’re here today to learn the logo design process in a very short space of
time but quickly before we do actually get into that video there’s two things I
quickly want to mention and the first one is that yes you can sound I’m sick
and I have been sick so the actual artwork in terms of typography in
today’s video wasn’t actually made by myself because I’ve been too safe to do
so so if you don’t agree with the art style
don’t hate on it just make good use of the information in today’s upload and
also secondly I am going to make a different video on the logo design
process using one of my previous logo projects as the basis for the entire
video and that’s going to be longer than today’s upload but without further ado
do enjoy today’s video and I hope you learn something about the little design
process right here it’s a toy graphics professional and functional logo designs
99% of the time do you need to go through the correct design process there
is a starting point and there’s an end result and ideally that’s a happy
clients and one happy designer which probably should be you but how can you
traverse from point A to point B so efficiently it all starts with
information you do need as much information as possible so make a
creative brief that can be saved on to your computer and then sent to each
client upon starting a projects you need to know the clients needs and their
wants as well as the industry of the brand and crucially important to you you
need to understand the target market of the logo design itself after gathering
as much information as possible it’s time to brainstorm now to brainstorm
simply take a word from the brand name or just a key word that relates to the
business and then generates adjectives or phrases linked to that original words
now these will lead you to concepts later down the line now we can use a
fashion label as an example here because for a fashion business you might write
down things like fabric class elegance trendy catwalk model and so on
you then want to play around with combinations of these adjectives to
create a concept but don’t only rely on a combination method make some notes on
concepts beyond this to really tap into the background of the brand itself so
while doing this do consider the target markets and if your concepts are due
appeal to them because you do want the target elects a group of people in the
most efficient way possible now I actually like to make a separate
brainstorm based around target market itself and we’re gonna use that later
but again using the fashion label as an example the target market words might
include wealthy clean sophisticated and so on like I said this second lists will
come in handy later on so when you have a range of concept ideas it’s time to
filter them down to around three to five strong concepts that you feel have the
greatest potential now in my workflow I tend to start to utilize Miller notes
which is an online mood board generator among other things but you can create a
mood board physically speaking or online is completely up to you what you do the
idea is to source relevant imagery existing Lego designs and specific color
hues also examples of typography that might be relevant to your design you
just want to build a visual expression of the kind of environment your Lego
design is going to fall into you don’t want to copy existing designs but you do
want to be inspired by their mood board some people don’t even like to sketch
the concepts down but I would suggest it’s a good method to adopt in your Lego
design process I personally only make crude sketches to express my ideas in a
visual sense and I maybe glanced at relevant imagery while doing so so it’s
a quick example I was recently designing a logo for a
judo organization and I would look for images of iron or metallic structures
simply because one of the chosen words for the brand was iron and this helped
me to formulate a really strong and a rigid design resembling the strong and
robust nature of the martial arts organization
some people also use drawing tablets instead of pencil and paper which of
course is totally fine and it does bridge that gap between paper and Adobe
Illustrator or whatever vector program you’re going to use when you do have
some sketches and your ideas have started to take a physical form you can
then use them as a reference or inspiration or you can even just scan
them into Illustrator and that’s up to you
I personally don’t scan anything I just use them as a kind of reference and
glance at them now and again so going back to the target market research we
spoke about earlier you’re going to want to relate all choices for your design
from here onwards back to these chosen words and those chosen phrases for the
target market so when you’re selecting the logo type or a color choice always
refer back those notes on the target markets so one of the words were
sophisticated and so the choice of logo type would need to resemble that
potentially a tool within serif fonts or maybe a very thin sans serif font and
this is the kind of thing that you need to contemplate and experiment with in
your league design process so once you’ve generated solid designs based
around your three to five concepts try and choose just three designs that
really stand out and you feel the express the brand in the most effective
way remember that your logo design needs to reflect the brand’s message and
appeal to the target market so you’ve got to be critical here it’s now time to
deliver the logos to your clients now if you’ve written a contract prior to
designing which you probably should do and the client has indeed signed its you
shouldn’t worry about the client using or stealing your designs because if they
do you can take serious legal action as it should stipulate in the contract the
terms and the conditions but that’s an entirely different video and actually
I’ve already made one which you will find linked in the top right corner the
client will either choose one design who asked you to refine an idea or two
but you are now on your way to the final design solution of your local design
project so there was a short but a sweet video
on the Lego design process brought to you by Satori graphics if you
do want to keep expanding your awareness as a graphic designer and fine-tuning
these skills in Illustrator do subscribe to my channel for weekly graphic design
content like and share my videos on social media guys and until next time
there’s only picture today piece

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