My PS4 Says Missing Plugin

My PS4 Says Missing Plugin

My PS4 says missing plugin. I’m assuming everything is plugged in. The error has to do with the web browsing
I do on the PS4. If it is an Adobe Flash plugin, you’re stuck,
since Sony said they aren’t going to support it. That announcement was two or three years ago. The fact remains that Adobe Flash is as obsolete
as Silverlight, except more widely used. Adobe Flash will fade as HTML5 takes over. I do not know if what the website is trying
to bring up is Adobe Flash. If the site is looking for Adobe Flash, it
isn’t something you can download to the PS4 like you could a PC. The solution is to
go watch it on a computer instead. I thought there was a work around. Sure, watch the mobile-friendly version of
the website’s content, since even smart phones do not have Adobe Flash installed. What else can I do? Well, aside from use the
PS3 that had a Flash player. If the problem is watching online streaming
media, try watching the video through the Netflix app. Netflix is fine when I watch it through the
app. The issue is other content I want to stream that isn’t through an app. Try the Youtube app for PS4. There’s an app for that? The Youtube app came out in 2014, as part
of the 2.0 update. Given the sheer demand, I’m surprised it
was not in 1.0. Things like stability and security come before
cute cat videos. Only in a logical world. The lack of a Flash plugin on PS4 does mean
you cannot play Adobe Flash games. But I have a console with a whole bunch of
other ones, even Minecraft. For the really simple ones, there’s the phone. The long answer to your question is that if
you want to stream the content through the PS4 browser and the site needs a plug-in,
the PS4 cannot play it. If there’s an app for that, use it, or try the phone friendly
version because that’s what plays nice with PS4. Or find something else to play. I know the gaming console is the center of
the entertainment center these days, but you can still play video and games on the PC.
Even video games. That seems so retro. Not as much as playing games on a Raspberry
Pi that you could have played on Atari or flash games on the PC that your parents could
have played as kids. And I thought plugging the cables into the
wall to reduce Wi-Fi interference was a step back in time.

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  1. sorry my enlish isnt perfect, maybe i missed the awnser but can i get microsoft silverlight on my ps4? i need it to stream tv in holland

  2. Im watching this on on my ps4 browser
    But it wont work when its embedded on a forum. Thanks for the mobile friendly tip though

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