My Top 5 Dropshipping Mistakes | Shopify Dropshipping For Beginners

My Top 5 Dropshipping Mistakes | Shopify Dropshipping For Beginners

(shmoove music) – Yo, what is going on, everybody? It’s your boy Mohamed Camara and welcome back to the channel. You already know what it is. Look, in this video, we got
things to talk about, all right. I wanna talk about my top
five dropshipping mistakes. Honestly, I could talk
about 100 of them, okay, but I wanna boil it down to the top five. So if you’re watching
this and you’re looking to take ecommerce a
little bit more seriously, if you’re looking to take
your drive to your store to the next level, just watch this video and trust me, the next five
things that I’m gonna outline are really gonna save you a bunch of time, it’s gonna save you some mistakes and it’s gonna save you money, ultimately. Before we get into that, I do
wanna give a quick shout out to our contest winner from last week. I did mention a giveaway for
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whatever comment you feel. Okay, so put dropshipping mistakes and whatever comment you have and I’ll enter you in the
next video as a raffle, so you could get the chance to win that same phone call, all right. Top five dropshipping mistakes, okay, and the first one is going to be apparel. Okay, do not do apparel if you are just getting
into the ecommerce space. Am I saying it’s not
profitable, am I saying that you shouldn’t do apparel at all? No, but what I am saying
is if you’re someone who’s just getting into
the ecommerce space, especially if you’re dropshipping
different types of fabrics and different type of SKUs, it’s gonna be very,
very complicated for you to even grasp managing the
inventory, the sizes come in different sizes when you’re shipping from places like China. So it’s just gonna be a huge headache. I tried this myself,
especially because the business I did have before I got into dropshipping was a t-shirt business and
sizing was a very, very, very big I would say point of emphasis when it comes to apparel. You want it to not only look good, but you have to think about the fit. And because the fit is so important, it’s going to lead to a lot of returns. Whether you’re on ecommerce or just a brick and mortar store, when you’re dealing with apparel, the return rates are a little bit higher because everybody’s bodies are different. Everybody wears and
things fit differently. So it could be perfectly
made, but if it doesn’t fit the person how they would
like, you’re usually gonna see that they’re gonna return it and that’s gonna cause
you a lot of headache, especially as someone
who’s just getting started. But if you are a little more
seasoned, if you know exactly what type of fabrics you wanna use, exactly how it’s gonna fit
and you have a good grasp on all of that in your
product, definitely do apparel because the margins are high
there and there’s a lot of room for scalability, even though
it is such a competitive space, everybody needs clothes. Everybody’s shopping, everybody’s ongoing going to be purchasing
new clothes at some point. So that’s my take on apparel. The second thing is to actually
let your ads optimize, okay. So as dropshippers, a
big part of what we do is the advertising and this
is what we pride ourselves on. This is what we believe
we should be good at. And if you’re good at advertising, the point is to be aggressively patient. Stay with me here because
a lot of people would immediately launch an ad and
then they expect the results to come in right away. It’s gonna take time for
your ads to optimize. It’s gonna take time for Facebook to collect that data for you. And if you cut off your ad sets
early, you’ve actually done more harm than just not
running the ad set at all. So I would really suggest
have that patience. As soon as you launch new
ads or you’re testing new ads on Facebook, don’t go
and change the budgets because you think
something is not working. Trust that you set it up the
right way, close your laptop and go enjoy yourself outside of the ecommerce space, all right. Go hang out, just forget about it. The best way to go about it
is to just consider the budget that you put in as a loss,
okay, just consider it gone and that way at least you’ll be worry-free because at least you expected
to not make a return. And usually if you do
everything the right way, you will make a return. But that is my take on that. And also don’t edit your budgets, okay, it’s really
frowned upon to let’s say you have an ad set that’s
running for two days and it’s doing really well,
so you decide, you know what? I’m gonna take the budget
that’s at $5 a day right now and I’m gonna up it to $20 a day. You shouldn’t do this at all, all right. And just because it’s a
machine and when the machine is programmed to learn and
optimize in one direction, any little change to that machine is going to reset the optimization stage. So I would recommend if you
do plan on changing budgets or anything specific about the ad set, just go and make a whole
new ad set and cut that one, that existing one that
you have, just cut it off and start over because it’s
equivalent to doing that if you were gonna change the budgets. So that is my second mistake of all time. It’s just constantly not
letting the ads optimize and thinking, oh, there’s
probably something wrong. It’s not giving me the numbers I want, so I have to change something. Just let it rock. The third mistake I would
say is hiring a marketer. Don’t hire anyone of these people who are professional marketers,
digital marketers, whatever. They might be promoting
their services for you, but ignore all of that, okay, just because these people
aren’t really professionals. Everybody can just put up a website and say they’re an agency,
but they’re running ads out of their parent’s
basement or something. So don’t fall for these, don’t hire. And usually you’ll see that
they’re gonna charge high rates. They’re gonna charge like
1,000 to $2,000 a month. If not, they’ll try to do
a revenue share with you where they say, oh, I want
10% of your whole revenue not even of your profit,
but of your revenue. And this can a lot of time
leads to a lot of pain and a lot of headache down the road just because there can be some discrepancies between, oh, I generated 1.2 million
this month and they’re saying, oh no, you actually generated 1.5 that’s contributed to our ad. So you wanna avoid that
confusion in the first place. And the bottom line is
marketing is the thing that you’re supposed to be good at. If you’re actually good at
the marketing, you won’t need to hire anybody else to do your marketing unless you just don’t
enjoy marketing at all. But what I’m trying to get
at is if they’re so good at doing the marketing, then why aren’t they doing it themselves, to build hyper profitable
businesses themselves? And just from speaking
back to my experience, I remember hiring a marketer
just because I felt like there was some things I
might have been missing. I felt like there was some
things I could’ve learned and got better at. So I hired this marketing
agency and what happened was, one, they wanted a $3,000 set up fee. So they wanted me to pay
them $3,000 right off the bat with no results and lock me in on a contract for three months. But then, a lot of their
ads didn’t do well. The ads they were running
actually performed a lot worse than the ads that I was running. And part of the reason
why is because, one, they have to now learn your
business all over again. So imagine you coming into
a company having to learn their product, their business, everything and having to align the
marketing message up for them from scratch as a different company. It’s actually taking a whole step back and just hopefully be able
to produce you a return. The second part is I realized that the ads that I was running on the side
because they was running ads, so they had a few ads that they
were running and testing out and they was going as planned. But I ran ads on the side just to see, one, I didn’t want my
revenue to slow down, but two, I wanted to see
if there was a difference in the results that we were getting. And I come to find out that my results were two times better than
theirs in a span of three months. So that was just a huge waste of money. Don’t think my cure to not
being good at Facebook Ads is to hire somebody else to be
good at Facebook Ads for me. It basically removes all your leverage. Your leverage as a dropshipper is not that you’re great at building businesses. It’s that you’re good at
marketing and you’re good at acquiring customers and
driving traffic to your website. That’s your thing. If you give that up to somebody
else, then you really have no significance and that
person can easily kick you out at some point, no matter how
the business is structured. Bottom line is you wanna
be the person in charge of your marketing because what
you’ll find is a lot of times these marketing agencies and other gurus and things like that are usually
just trying to experiment with your money and they’re not attached to your advertising
dollars as much as you are. All right, so don’t hire anybody else. I only suggest hiring for simple tasks that are product research, things that you’re gonna
have to do anyways. Customize a specific thing on your store, but don’t hire somebody
to do the marketing. The fourth mistake that I
would avoid as a beginner is trying to sell multiple
products at once, okay. It’s very uncertain and that’s fine. It’s okay to be uncertain and not know what product is gonna work. But don’t try to cure it
and battle that uncertainty by just testing everything at once. ‘Cause what you’re gonna find is usually, one, you’re not gonna know
what to look at anyways because you’re just getting started. Two, it’s gonna be a
lot more of a headache. It’s gonna be a lot more
SKUs for you to deal with and it’s gonna be harder to
brand your store down the line because you’re gonna get
attached to the little trickles of revenue that might be
coming from one or two products even though 80% of your revenue is coming from just one product. I also realized that just
focusing on one product is gonna allow you to really
scale it, 10 times more than you would be able to
scale it if you had your focus shifted towards two or
three other products. It’s really, really easy if
you get one product to work, that is all you need. It’s equivalent to having 10
different products because with the power of the
internet all you have to do is up your budgets a little
bit, duplicate some things here and there, take
what’s already working and just increase the input
and you’re gonna realize that you’ll end up leaving
with a lot more revenue than just doing a few different products. And I can speak to this from
experience because I owned a general store and you
guys seen me on this channel launch multiple stores
just for example purposes and I actually don’t like doing that. The reason why is ’cause
it takes my focus away from my main store and that
main store is already working. What’s the point of building
something that’s gonna work just to leave it and go and
try to build something else that’s gonna work? You’re just chasing your own tail. Just focus on one thing. Power of focus and if you
guys haven’t seen my video called Six Figure Manifestation,
I’ll link it up here. It really goes in on just
backing it up from not even on a dropshipping level,
but from a life perspective how to be able to focus in
a time and age where people love instant gratification,
people want results like that. The people who can focus will win. The fifth mistake and probably
the most crucial mistake out of all of these is to try
and have a perfect launch. Do not, do not, do not try
and have a perfect store and a perfect advertising
campaign, perfect product before you even launch anything because you’re gonna get killed. It’s probably the worst
thing that you could do because, one, perfectionism
is gonna kill you. Two, everything that looks good or you might assume looks good, probably doesn’t look good
in your customer’s eyes. So I see a lot of people go and try and build out this perfect
store for their demographic. They make all these assumptions like, oh yeah, this is gonna sell
to this type of person. I’m gonna sell this baby
product to moms in this area and doing this and the
store has to be a baby, it has to have these baby fonts in it. You don’t know until you start driving traffic to your store. You don’t know from a data standpoint how people are gonna react
to your perfect store. So I don’t suggest having a
perfect launch just because, one, you’re probably gonna
anticipate and misjudge a lot of things before that launch date and two, when that launch comes, you’re
gonna be very disappointed by the results ’cause you’re
gonna realize you could’ve got the same results by just
starting a scrabby store where the only button that was working was the checkout button and at least people were able to pay you. It’s just a lot of headache. My motto is don’t make the right decision, make your decisions right. It’s okay to learn as you go. You’re not gonna catch a disease because you didn’t launch a perfect business or you don’t have the most
beautiful theme in the world. Start with a free theme on Shopify, start you at 14-day free trial. Go ahead and build these stores. Get comfortable with using the platform. It’s very easy in the first place, but just go and work
with these free themes. See how that works out for you. Once you have something that works, then you wanna invest in it. But there’s no point in
investing in something that you don’t even know works yet. So that’s why I’m saying
perfectionism will kill you, setting launch dates and things
like that, it will kill you if you don’t even have a grasp
on what is gonna work or not. So the first thing is don’t
sell apparel as a beginner. Don’t sell apparel. The second thing is
don’t edit your budgets, don’t change anything on your ad sets. If you let them run, let them optimize. Let them do their thing. The third thing is do not hire a marketer. Don’t rely on somebody to get
good at marketing for you. It’s actually a lot worse than you think. And the fourth thing is not
to focus on too many products and testing too many things
in the beginning stage. You don’t wanna overwhelm yourself, especially if you don’t
know what to look at. And the fifth and final thing is not to have a perfect launch. Just go start something,
drive some traffic, at least you’ll be able to see
from a numerical standpoint what works or not and then
at that point everything else after is considered an
investment to make it better. Okay, you start scrappy,
then make it look good, then make it optimized and then
have that seven figure store that we all wanna have. So those are my top five mistakes. If you did like this video, make sure you like, comment and subscribe. I try to squeeze in as much value even though it’s just five mistakes. But make sure you like, comment, subscribe if you learned something. Also, I’m thinking about
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videos for you right here if you wanna check that out. And hey, all the best to you. Happy holidays to everybody out there and I’ll catch y’all in the next video. It’s your man, Mohamed Camara, peace. (soft music)

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