Naturkosmetik Makeup Favorites im Herbst — Office Faves | HIRO Cosmetics, Kjaer Weis, ILIA Beauty

Naturkosmetik Makeup Favorites im Herbst — Office Faves | HIRO Cosmetics, Kjaer Weis, ILIA Beauty

And the winner for the Fall Office Faves in the category makeup goes to the ILIA Tinted Lip Conditioner in Arabian Nights. What I like most about ILIA’s Tinted Lip Conditioners is that they are so nourishing, which of course is really good in the autumn, so you don’t always need to apply so much lip balm, but you have the care in your lipstick… And of course, Arabian Nights is also a great fall color – a beautiful berry red, which actually suits almost everyone and makes every outfit or makeup extra special. That’s why this is my favorite product … in the fall. Hey, hello, hello. My absolute favorite in the category of makeup for fall is actually an all-time favorite, but I also like this color in autumn. This is HIRO, a multi-stick. And I hope you can see something of it. I’ll swatch it, as well. I think the color is so pink, but also orange, peach… I have it on the cheeks. I hope you can see that well. And I like to use it on my eyes, and then you have a super quick look with a bit of mascara… and the color, of course I have to tell it – we have a lot of colors in the multisticks – is “The Afterhour”. And in the fall, when you’re out partying and have no children, you can also have really nice afterhours,
because it’s raining outside… and yes, my absolute favorite color in autumn is the HIRO Multistick in “The Afterhour”. I’m gonna speak about my favorite product for this autumn, which is the new Kjaer Weis mascara… because even though it’s their Volumizing Mascara, it gives a very light & natural volume, which I really like, because I don’t really like when it’s too much. I like that it gives definition and just a nice touch-up to my lashes… Quite a natural look, which I really like. As my fall favorite, I chose the Necessary Eyeshadow Palette in Warm Nude by ILIA Beauty, simply because the colors are completely my prey pattern, my kind of colors. We have a nice cranberry red here, great with green eyes… and all in all, it is a nice warm color palette that goes well with my complexion. My everyday sounds are definitely this peachy one here, and this shimmery bronze one. I simply apply the peach tone – or blend it – completely over the whole eyelid, just with your finger, but of course you can also use a brush. But when you’re on the road,
and you already have this super nice big mirror, you can do even do it in the train,
if you want to sleep a few minutes longer. And I use the bronze tone I also apply simply with my finger, just on the eyelashes, even if it goes over the mascara, and just dab it on. That really opens the eyes, for every eye color, and gives the whole look dimension and depth. That’s all. So I don’t use a lot of makeup. But what I use every day is the HIRO Mineral Foundation… and I just always put a small amount in the lid. And apply it with my finger… As I said, I do not wear so much makeup, so I prefer to do it rather quickly. I think that’s the best way, to work it in with a finger after applying an oil. I simply cover my redness with it. And I find… so for me personally, it’s not so bad if you can still see that there’s a tiny pimple underneath… Only that the redness goes away. And I think that it works quite well, if you do it this way, with the finger. The powder is really easily distributed and blends especially well, as I said before, after you’ve applied an oil to your skin, without any residue or powdery patches on the face. And I find… that this kind of coverage is totally sufficient for me. You can still see I’m a bit red, and that’s there’s some irritation there, but I already feel more comfortable.

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  1. Great faves! I couldn't understand because I don't speak German, so I watched to subtitles 🙂 Keep these videos coming x

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