Negative Space Logo Design Tutorial Using Illustrator CC

Negative Space Logo Design Tutorial Using Illustrator CC

Hey what is up guys my name is Cosmin
and in today’s video I’ll be designing this logo inside the illustrator, this
logo is for a dental company so let’s get started. For that we’ll need to go to
file new and create a new document this is a standard document a standard web
document let me just rename it and the name of
the company is Parkside Dental, so this this makes my job way easier just
because I have two ideas to work with a park and dental clinic, that’s why I
started with the tooth, it’s the most obvious choice in this industry you’ve already
seen a thousand logos with a tooth in it hopefully for dental clinics not for
something else and what I’m planning to do is create a tree and just place it
inside it and use it as negative space. Right now I’m trying to adjust the tree
to make sure the transition between the tooth and the tree is pretty seamless, so
I just added a couple of paths and shapes to mask the tree trunk and this
way the tree looks way better, but I still wanted to have round corners just
because the tooth is so rounded, it looks out of place having so many sharp
edges. Once I’m done with that I can move to the font selection, I have a couple
of ideas I would like to have something bold and so the first one was a Avenir,
choosing the font Avenir and see how it looks, now for the second idea, I’ll pick
something very different and let me just select everything and using the, by
holding down the Alt key I can duplicate everything and I want to use Graphik
this is a pretty cool font but in the end I think I’m going to go with the
first option. At this point I’m thinking about colors
and how can I integrate them with the logo so I had this idea of using the pen
tool and just creating some wavy shapes that will help me break down the main
logo into three separate parts, each part having a different shape. I’m going to try to add these two
different colors side by side and make a quick comparison of what could work and what couldn’t, I’ve picked up two vibrant colors a blue and I’m not sure if it’s
turquoise or just the green, I’m just going to refer to refer it as a green to
make things easier and I’m just playing with different shades here, for the first
one I think the transition is way too it’s way too hard because the colors are
very different so on the right hand side I’m just trying to have very similar
colors and in the end I feel like this looks good let me just quickly adjust
this into something lighter to fit with type. I want to select this and move
everything out of the way, let’s make this bigger because I want to see how
the font will look with one of these colors applied. Let’s select the font
and using the color picker let’s sample the first color and then maybe cycle
through the rest and see how it will look.
In the end I like the darker shade more so that’s what I’m going to use, this is
the final logo hopefully you enjoyed and let me know if you have any questions
and don’t forget to hit the thumbs up button if you like to see more videos,
until next time, see you guys!

6 thoughts on “Negative Space Logo Design Tutorial Using Illustrator CC”

  1. great video <3
    Ps: to adjust the kerning between letters you can place the cursor between 2 letters then use alt and the arrows ( right or left ) to add or reduce kerning.

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