how do you on the skills and the
techniques to design negative space logos just like this follow along this
today I’m gonna give you the rundown of why negative space logos are useful and
also some tips on how to design your varium negative space logo designs logo
designs that use negative space are not any clever in contemporary but it can be
very effective as a logo marks so today we’re going to first take a look at why
negative space logo designs are so awesome and effective then we’re going
to move on to the various different types of negative space logo because yes
there are actually different categories of logos that utilize negative space and
then finally I’m gonna dish out some top tips when generating your very own
negative space logo designs so why go for a negative space logo I’d like to
mention briefly that not every single layer design you make should be negative
space orientated the logo design should be fitting to the brand itself what are
the up shots of using negative space approach to a Lego design now firstly
they are hugely memorable consumers will talk about and discuss the optical
illusion within a logo or a hidden message it creates a sense of uniqueness
and this sticks in the mind of the audience which is one of the main uses
of a logo now secondly by nature a negative space logo is simplistic that
is it is done correctly simplicity is always a sure winner in regard for logo
designing and keeping a little simple should be a high priority when embarking
on a logo project and lastly a logo with negative space stands out in a sea of
other various designs standing out for the right reasons is
another key objective for Lego designs so those are the main reasons for
incorporating the use of negative space but let’s now take a look at the
different categories of negative space logos double entendre might be the most
popular of the negative space logo designs as these blend together negative
space and symbols to make a standard optical illusion where the logo can be
seen in two different lights these can be very clever and they really do let
the audience interact with the logo design itself as it’s really thought
provoking and interesting now remember later I’m going to offer tips on
designing your very own negative space designs but moving on to the second
group of logos we have the typographic options this is where cleverly using
negative space within a strictly typographic logo can form a letter or
multiple letters are not actually represented by filled shapes rather the
negative space actually creates those letters these can turn a somewhat bland
line of logo type into a very interesting and captivating design when
done correctly the third group of designs is the hidden image logo these
are the most clever and mysterious of the negative space logos with the most
notorious of them being probably the Toblerone logo and within the logo
itself you can see a bear hidden in the mountain which represents the birthplace
of their company burn the final group of legged designs that
use negative space is the enclosed logo these use negative space as a border in
combination with images and also combine positive space to create the appearance
of a full image while keeping the design simple some of the negative space logos
that you see can technically belong in multiple different categories but these
are the basic outlines for them as a whole and now you know why such logos
are useful and the different kinds of them it’s time to make your very own
negative space legged design now firstly you should question whether or not a
logo that utilizes negative space is ideal for the brand or the company if
your design is just for fun then obviously this doesn’t matter to you
but when designing for our clients you need to keep in mind the brine the
message and adhere to the brief this is paramount and I can’t emphasize this
enough guys but if you feel a logo with negative space could work I would
firstly suggest that going through the usual design process that it always
talked about and that involves researching and gathering information on
the brand entity their audience and also the industry of work but yeah once you
start to generate ideas for the logo you should have negative space in mind the
entire time and we tend to focus on the positive space but if you keep reminding
yourself and be mindful of negative space this opens up the doors in your
thinking and the creative mind for potential ideas to walk in you don’t
want to try and smash some negative space into your logo the later stages of
the process so try to keep it in mind while the design is in infancy and the
beginning of everything coming together I when working in Illustrator or even on
paper give yourself a lot of room and a lot of negative space to work on this
means that you shouldn’t crowd your workspace and you should have a large
canvas or a sheet of paper with a lot of negative space already on it
this will help to remind you of negative space throughout the design process and
we give your design room to breathe a really handy tip in illustrator is that
instead of it going here and using the minus four operation on say two shapes
to make a cutout either turn one object into white so it effectively acts like
negative space and this will help prevent you committing to a destructive
operation such as the Pathfinder function now alternatively you can use a
compound shape so then you can move around the shapes and negative space
freely one neat way to utilize negative space for a logo concept is to add in
the company’s product so for example a camera brand logo could incorporate the
use of a camera symbol somewhere unlike the mr. Kutz logo here which is for a
barber’s the hair scissors form a moustache and also glasses and eyes
that’s very clever indeed now for a typographic approach go ahead and
outline the text and then ungroup it all and play around with the lettering
spacing and arrangement you can also change one letter to whites to match the
outboard background as we did before and see how that works but one of the most
interesting examples is the FedEx logo that actually has an arrow within the
logo simply by merging together X and E another good way to approach a logo of
negative space is to marry together a letter say from the company’s name and
then take a relevant image of that company and make it represent some
negative space within the letter this is a very neat and a simple way to
do things as well but yeah the key thing is to have negative space firmly in your
mind from the start of the design process but also make sure the brand
that you’re working with can effectively take on a negative space logo and then
it’s relevant and useful don’t lose sight of what a logo should do for a
company so there is today’s walkthrough guide on negative space logos let me
know down the comment section below if you learned something and also remember
to subscribe to Satara graphics for weekly design content also turn on the
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do one half on my channel share my content on social media or to a friend
or to a fellow designer and make sure to have a great day and until next time
design your future today peace

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