ONE Illustrator Technique To Design An Existing Logo: Do You Know It?

so taking inspiration from the well wear
a flower boutique logo I used simple techniques design a creative logo in
around five minutes and you can do the very same too as designers we spend a
lot of our time online and dealing with sensitive information and contents –
Lane helps keep that information secure and it saves you time within your
workflow by storing your passwords I need to like information all in one
location to learn more about – Lane and how you can help you secure and speed up
your workflow stay tuned to the very end of the video and also grab a 30 day free
trial of the premium version so this logo is pretty neat and it does look
very creative but it’s actually fairly simple to make an Adobe Illustrator
using the techniques that I’m gonna show you today and we’re firstly gonna take
the curvature tool and make sure we have just a stroke selected in the color
palettes located in the bottom left of the screen now you can press the caps
lock key on your keyboard to have the X icon in use or you can revert back to
the standard of curvature icon it just depends on your personal preference so
all we do here is click and make points and illustrator is going to map out a
nice curved line for us really really easily and we’re going to make half of
the first shape using this method now don’t worry if your line is not
perfectly smooth because we can adjust that in the next step in the logo design
process on the tail end of the line here try and make it so the very end of the
line is horizontal flat and your scene gonna see why later in the tutorial but
for now increase the stroke weight and then grab the smooth tool because we can
iron out the line until we’re happy with the smoothness and the curvature so finally for this part of the Lego
process press a for the direct selection tool and then click this anchor point
here and then click and drag the handle out while holding down shift this will
ensure that the very end of the line is horizontal flats now you can move this
shape off to one side for now and then press L for the ellipse tool hold down
shift and click and drag to make a circle so we’re then going to use a
direct selection tool one more time and click and drag the top anchor point
upwards while holding down shift to make sure remain central now you’re going to
want to make a kind of leaf shape that will fit into the design later so okay
great we can now go ahead and finish this section of the logo design you will
need to have the rulers open so press command or control R if you haven’t done
that already then actually right-click the rulers and make sure they are set to
pixels and then in the view drop down menu click the snap to pixel option
we’re going to be using this setting only briefly in this logo process so
select the first shape and then hold down the alt/option key and click and
drag to make a duplication you’re going to need to reflect the duplication in
the transform window and then carefully bring it together with the original
shape so they’re touching at the anchor points exactly now this is why we needed to make the
line horizontal in the end so to connect in a neat manner at the very tip now you
can select both shapes and then press command or control G a to join them
together now bring the first shape in position like so and then use the align
function to make sure the leaf shape is centered properly now you can also use
the eyedropper tool which is I on your keyboard and this will sample the same
stroke weight and the same color of the line shape and speaking of that line
shape we can now run off the ends in the stroke window which I feel looks best
for this design the next step is optional but if you outline the stroke
you’re not going to be able to adjust the stroke weight from here onwards and
it’s also going to change the final outcome later as you will see but it’s
up to you if you want to outline this shape or not so we use the snap to pixel
function to perform the next step and that is to drag two guides that touch
the edges of our design perfectly and do this the exact same on both sides then
weave one guide a set amount of pixels so for me that’s going to be 10 pixels
and then go ahead and move the other side the exact same number of pixels and
this is crucial and it needs to be absolutely perfect so once you’ve done
that hold down the alt/option key to duplicate the leaf shape over to here
now we do need to turn off the snap to pixel option so we can align the leaf
exactly a center the longest guides once you have it in place a press a C
for the scissors tool and then cut the top and the bottom of the leaf like so
and then you can use the selection tool to click the sections we don’t want and
then hit delete to remove them and we’re very close to the end of this creative
Lego design process so again use the adoption key to duplicate this half leaf
and you can use the magenta smart guides to keep things in the line or you can
just hold down shift as you move across now once it’s been duplicated mirror the
shape with the reflect function and then place it exactly up against the guide
level with the other side so now the final step of the process open up the
brushes window and select your entire design go ahead and create a new brush
in the fly down menu and we’re going to be using a pattern brush for this design the default options should be okay if
you’ve actually aligned everything perfectly
so now you’ve just made a new brush we can apply that brush to a circle with a
stroke only so use the ellipse tool on your keyboard being L and then simply
click the brush boss you have the circle activated now you can change the stroke
weights and if you did outline the stroke earlier the intersections here of
the design might be uneven in thickness like you can see so that’s the method
for creating is creative logo design with my easy technique step-by-step we
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subscribe to my channel for weekly graphic design content and until next
time guys design your future today peace

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