PRO-Atom-Klimademo am AKW Philippsburg am 29.12.2019

PRO-Atom-Klimademo am AKW Philippsburg am 29.12.2019

Hello dear climate protectors In few monts, Germany will replace the nuclear power plant Philippsburg 2 with the new coal-fired power plant Datteln 4. You might know that nuclear power plants are on par in co2 balance sheet somewhere between wind and solar energy I have made a video about it in the past and you can find it now linked here above and also in the video description. Now, our last remaining seven nuclear power plants (incl. Philippsburg 2) produce as much electricity every year as about 18,000 wind turbines That’s about half the amount we currently have in Germany. Or in photovoltaic systems about 350 square kilometers. We dont even have that much of photovoltaics in Germany yet. Right now, all our seven nuclear power plants still produce 1.5 times more electricity than all our photovoltaic systems combined. These seven nuclear power plants are to be shut down by the year 2022, prematurely. This means that our coal exit will be unnecessarily delayed and we will stop saving 50 to 60 million tonnes of co2 every year. I want you to meet my friend Adam Blazowski and FOTA polar bears who will come visit on 29.12 Philipsburg to demonstrate and oppose the premature shutdown. So, dear climate protectors, you have 3 options: Option number 1: you don’t come and leave us: Adam and us from the Nuclearia association for the modern and safe nuclear energy on the stage alone. Option 2, you come and hold your old signs up and show the world that the nuclear phase-out is more important to you than climate protection. That’s okay but it would be nice if we managed to talk about it like adults. Maybe after the demo we can organize a panel discussion, for example also with live broadcast on the internet. It is just an idea. Three to five people from you, three to five from us. Something like that. If you are interested then simply contact us via this website: Option 3: You can make yourselfes new signs the picture file is linked in the video description and then you stand together with us in front of the nuclear power plant in Philippsburg and make a stand for realistic and effective and sustainable climate protection. If you have not yet seen my video series “Climate Crisis? Nuclear Energy!” then take a look. I refute the most common objections, such as Chernobyl, nuclear waste nuclear energy is to expensive, makes power grid congestion In the meantime i also have added a video that clears up the myth that it’s too slow to build nuclear power plants. Just have a look it. We need to get urgently another discussion that is fact based, before the time runs out and we’re going to realize that 100% wind and solar energy will not get us to the goal, that it is a dead end. That was all, so now please like the video and it’d be nice if we could just see each other on 29 12 in Philippsburg and by the way, I am convinced that we urgently need to start building new nuclear power plants. Cu!

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  1. Ich finde es ein Armutszeugnis, dass es der Nuklearia nicht möglich ist, den Kernenergie-Ja-Bitte-Sticker zum Selbstkostenpreis unters Volk zu bringen. Die Dinger würden längst europaweit auf jedem Windrad und auf jedem Elektroauto kleben.

  2. Ausgezeichnet Herr Preuß! Endlich werden die Stimmen für die Kernenergie deutlicher. Die Zerstörung unserer deutschen Kernenergie bedeutet nicht nur weitere Zerstörung der Umwelt durch Windkraftwerke und Photovoltaik auf Ackerland, sie ist außerdem eine unverantwortliche, vorsätzliche gigantische Zerstörung von Volksvermögen. Das muss aufhören!

  3. Das mit der Podiumsdiskussion ist eine gute Idee!
    Nur wer soll da für die Gegenseite sprechen? Irgendwie muss ich da an die üblichen Verdächtigen denken, wie Mycle Schneider, Rainer Moormann und Claudia Kemfert.
    Oder Volker Quaschning – würde echt gut passen, wenn ihr 2 mal öffentlich debattieren würdet.
    Bei den Windkraftgegnern könnte man auch anfragen – in der Gegend um Philippsburg gibt es einige Gegenwind-Initiativen, u.a. Kraichgau, Straubenhardt und Weinheim.
    Oder unsere lieben Freunde vom BUND RVSO 😂

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