Rep. Clark On Investigation: If We Will Hear Further Testimony Is ‘Undecided’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Rep. Clark On Investigation: If We Will Hear Further Testimony Is ‘Undecided’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

80 thoughts on “Rep. Clark On Investigation: If We Will Hear Further Testimony Is ‘Undecided’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC”

  1. Why do we need more investigations? It's obvious Trump committed multiple Impeachable offenses….Any rational person can clearly see that.

  2. I heard a trump supporter say trump doesn’t lie he exaggerates and spins. Lol. They don’t give a crap what trump does. They’ll all defend him no matter what..

  3. Here's the deal. American's are busy & are tired of this sheit show to the point impeachment of Trump is dropping in the polls. That being said we are only at the tip of the iceberg of this corrupt administration and need to continue pulling EVERY thread until the American public is overwhelmingly convinced Trump is indeed a major threat to our constitutional democracy.

  4. PoP goes the WEASEL this is going to be so embarrassing but the greatest TV ever NUNES is about to be indicted in testimony as he sits there in judgement hahahahahaha

  5. Golly, maybe electing a known pu**y grabbing conman with a long history of racism and lying wasn't such a great idea after all. Who wooda thunk?

  6. 12 witnesses all know or should have known that the president of the u.s hold back or delayed the Ukraine military aid because Donald Trump wanted as n investigation into the Bidens.

  7. Faux told viewers "there's nothing to see here." The people that need to hear and see this, refuse to. IDK what else we can do…..

  8. Nixon's articles went far and wide beyond Watergate, digging into everything that Nixon did wrong. This should, too.

    And even if the 2/3rds Senate vote for immediate removal and conviction is not possible, the simple Senate majority vote to disqualify the Trump administration from another term is not

  9. Wow. Totally wrong. Please watch all the witnesses being questioned. Not just MSM lies, headlines, partial video clips, and then propaganda spin interviews.
    Here's just one example of the "evidence" from a witness:

  10. Trump ask Ukraine and China both to investigate his political opponents right brfore our eyes on camera… Impeach/Remove

  11. We will get the truth when all the Presidents men testify!! I believe this will not happen, but if he’s impeached and not removed from office, then as an American I plan to Vote Him out!!!

  12. Bolton wants his book read first! Do the right thing Bolton your book sales are not what Americans need from you right now, your truth is more important than that!!

  13. Bolton needs to step up to the level of these patriots who worked for him. Come forth for your country Mr. Bolton, the time is now

  14. If the book deal is more important to Bolton than his oath of office than I suggest No One should buy the book. Hit him where it will hurt the most..boycot the book & publisher

  15. United States Supreme Court: US v Nixon – Executive Privilege DOES NOT APPLY TO CONGRESIONAL INVESTIGATIONS!!!!! HE DOES NOT HAVE THAT RIGHT!!!!

  16. [Q.] Where's the fire. [A.] Here
    [Q.] What or who started it. [A.] Trump, Giuliani and Russia
    [Q.] What else is in danger if the fire is allowed to continue to burn. [A.] Everything

    You have enough evidence to proceed. Put the fire out first, then go back and find out who made the match….

  17. I hate to say that Pro-Russian President and Pro-Russian Republicans won't impeach him, However less than a year till #2020 American people won't forgive Traitor Trump and Traitors like Republicans reps

  18. We have hearđ and seen it all.. yet people are not satified.. trust me Bolton/mulveni depositions will not make any difference if the Dems dont think they had enough evidence … Impeach that MOFO period

  19. How can he blame the Democrats because Trump sycophants aren't willing to impeach? So since Republicans don't want to go along, no body should do anything to hold Trump accountable?

  20. Omg they are saving that for the real trail. Meanwhile we got to review the thin defense. We got to see all their cards, and build a hunger to hear from Bolton. Who has already given secret depos to the feds. Well played Dems.

  21. The solution to a candidate REPEATEDLY attempting to rig an election and harm his opponents is NOT to have an election. The only answer is to IMPEACH him and remove him from office like the Constitution tells us to do.

    For the 2016 election, TRUMP is ON TAPE… "Russia if you are listening?" And Trump is ON TAPE with Lester Holt saying he fired Comey cause he was investigating him for the "Russier thing." How many times did Trump rail against Jeff Sessions ON TAPE because Sessions got caught hiding foreign contacts and had to recuse himself from the investigation? TRUMP told George Stephanopoulos ON TAPE that he would illegally take foreign help to win an election again! How many times have you heard chants to "Lock her up!" despite at least two of the investigations led by Republicans finding no cause to do so??? Individual #1 is ON TAPE with Michael Cohen creating a FAKE company to launder HUSH MONEY to multiple people right before the election. They also took ILLEGAL campaign contributions from companies like Novartis and AT&T. The Trump family can no longer run any charities cause they defrauded it with campaign violations. How many of his Campaign members were Indicted??? Reportedly, they took illegal campaign contributions from people like Lev Parnas too. How many Obstructions of Justice did Mueller report??? 10 instances, I think. I suppose the Over 120 contacts between the Trump campaign and Russians was just a coincidence too!!!

    For 2020, we have TRUMP soliciting President Zelensky to investigate his political rival in the official TRANSCRIPT of the call which TRUMP himself released!!! Then, we have TRUMP ON TAPE asking Ukraine AGAIN to specifically investigate his political rivals! And for good measure also asking ON TAPE for China to help him go after his political enemies in order to rig the election too! Then, we have TRUMP directly ON THE CALL telling Zelensky to talk to Rudy Giuliani AND BARR about doing him a favor though on those BIDEN INVESTIGATIONS and Crowdstrike investigations. He didn't ask Ukraine to do any investigations that didn't involve him politically! 12 witnesses testified UNDER OATH, ON TAPE that they were either fighting against or implementing a quid pro quo because there was a connection being made between getting the meeting and getting the Congress designated money released with doing the President his personal favors! The Republican Senate Leader, Moscow Mitch is refusing to let the Senate vote on things that would prevent election fraud and prevent more cyber attacks!!!

    So, if you can trust an ELECTION with Trump as a candidate in it… YOU ARE A HECK OF A LOT MORE TRUSTING THAN I AM!!!

  22. Because Bolton is the 2 punch if the GOP DARE let this go to trial. The push is on the GOP, they are letting trump continue.

  23. Trump will be forced resign before he gets called to testify under oath. And is working on his deal to go quietly and avoid jail. All his money goes to the us.

  24. All fed charges will be sealed as insurance he will face state charges that will be appealed to the Supreme Court lose serve a short term and be hospitalized for health issues. Melanie moves to Greece.

  25. America has enough evidence against trump to have already impeached him so what more evidence do you need America?
    Trump should never of been allowed anywhere near the White House let alone in it get rid of him America

  26. The incredible shrinking "presidency" from "American carnage" and complaints of the inaugural crowd size to "crowdstrike" and a missing server in Ukraine to an insane rant on pathetic faux and false news: 

    >conman >President of the United States >president >DjT >djt >convict.

  27. China Tariffs going up for the Chi COM troll farm bots posting on MSNBCannibal youtube channel ((Specifically MSNBC!!))

  28. Bolton is a warmonger, Bolton thinks everyone willbuy his book! Money over country, party over country, Republicons M.O.

  29. Donald Trump = the biggest mistake politics has ever seen in the history of the United States.

    Now time to correct it in 2020.

  30. There's enough truth for IMPEACHMENT to go to the moon and back….Dems are losing momentum! IMPEACHMENT ASAP..DEMOCRACY AND RULE OF LAW ARE UNDER ATTACK!

  31. Maybe it is just me…. but I would prefer to have a POTUS that doesn't constantly try to break the law — even if he is too incompetent & disorganized to successfully break the law — I don't want him to keep trying on a daily basis.

  32. Impeachment inquiry should continue. The evidence and facts do NOT matter UNTIL more Republican Senators and the Trump base are convinced. This has not yet happened. Bring down Giulliani, Nunes, Pompeo, Barr etc. in the eyes of the public through this investigation

  33. It is unfathomable that the House would have shown its full hand of evidence and damning witnesses. One has to believe cooler heads prevailed during the inquiry — that they used enough evidence to justify an Impeachment Trial, and that the Big Guns will come out during a Senate Trial.
    As for the Silent Majority (laying-low in the Senate) they — if True Americans — will not show their allegiance until the last voting moment. "Allegiance" meaning either their fear of Trump …or their sworn duty to protect American Values.

  34. Way before the whistleblower in comments and calls to my Congresswoman, I yelled for impeachment because it was the right thing to do. Pelosi, Schiff and my Congresswoman hold out but finally conclude: it's the right thing to do. Now i yell at you again: DON'T STOP!!! ROOT OUT ALL THE CORRUPTION!

  35. Chuck acting like this is in anyway OK or that it may be the Dems fault that R's arent joining to fight the traitors in their own party is just WRONG.

  36. Trump is the biggest crook and lies so much it not funny the people off American are paying the price and the Republican party are all on the same bout as trump.

  37. tweety bird Chucky Sylvester coming to get you: Remember Tim, Chucky? You wouldn't make a patch on his butt you liar Reporters report facts not Chuck todd's opinion

  38. Numbnutz Nunes needs to explain his trip to gather dirt on the Biden's…This trip was never disclosed to this inquiry & Bolton needs to be questioned as well

  39. Our world is slowly changing. The future is looking less stable all the time. World peace and democracy are waning. We are in serious trouble. GlobaI warming. We may have problems peacefully coexisting on a planet with limited resources and exponentially accelerating populations. Good luck with that. And then you have a criminal in the white house trying to subvert world democracy and the GOP is helping. How long will humanity last?

  40. The thing is that if the bribery of foreign government for personal political reasons is allowed by Congress, every future President will be able to do this. American politics will be unrecognisable.

  41. Why do they continue to say "If he has something to say, then he should come forward"? He hasn't been subpoenaed yet. Why assume he'll willingly show up without a subpoena when NONE of the witnesses would've shown up if not for the subpoenas issued.

  42. Saying "I am not going to listen because I am not going to change my mind" is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard. But that is Trump supporters for you, I can't say I am surprised, however, it goes to reiterate what I think of those people. LOL

  43. We need more from the House Intelligence investigation hearings. Investigate the lies this president constantly tells the American people. Investigate his emoluments , the money he's making personally from the presidency. Most importantly , get his taxes and investigate Trump's relationship with Putin.

  44. The only truth here is EVERY witness had no proof or direct knowledge of any impeachable offence …. this is a stupid waste of time and is dead on arrival because there is nothing here

  45. God put us ALL on Earth and no one owns the lands that surrounds it in ANY country! How can people be so careless, cruel, cold, heartless, racist, diabolical, and hold such hatred for human life?! Animals are treated with more respect. For ALL that supports this evilness and corruption of a lowlife that cares for NO ONE but himself and Russia are nothing more than enablers and advocates. May you ALL reap what you sow because Trump isn't doing this for the likes or love of you. It's ALL for his self servings. Not ONE of you can get assistance from him if you were in desperate need.

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