Shopify Dropshipping: How to Get Your First Sale on Shopify Without Spending Money

Shopify Dropshipping: How to Get Your First Sale on Shopify Without Spending Money

so I’ve been basically dropshipping for
about six months maybe nine months and I still haven’t made my first sale dan what’s going on guys welcome back to
another video and in today’s video I’m actually going to show you guys how to
make your first sale on Shopify in 2019 so if you’re excited about that make
sure you smash that like button and subscribe if you’re new because I
dropped ecommerce videos Shopify videos and anything entrepreneurship in general
that’s helped me you know gain success in my businesses so making your first
sell is definitely one of the hardest things to do especially as a beginner on
Shopify for me when I first started I was just waiting for that notification
just pop up on my phone I knew everybody was else was getting it I seen gurus
getting it you know I just seen you know the the stitching sound right I wanted
that on feeling and once I finally got my first sale guys it was one of the
best feelings guys I I still remember it to this day and I hope you guys get that
same feeling because once I heard that chain guys I was running around
everywhere okay I was telling all my friends I was like this is possible
you know Shopify is real and hopefully this video explains everything that you
need up so that you guys can make your first so so let’s not waste any time
guys let’s hop straight into my computer all
right guys I want you guys to keep this in mind when I made my first sale I had
no experience okay I had no experience doing Shopify whatsoever um you know I
was in college I ran n-c-double-a track I was working the nine-to-five I was
doing everything in my top five businesses was what I was my main
priority on the side okay basically I was in the exact same position that you
guys were in um when I first started okay and I still remember I got my first
cell in the evening time and what I did was I ran an Instagram shout-out I’m a
basic Instagram shout-out and I think the Instagram account had about a
hundred thousand followers or so and I was basically in the cooking niche so I
took my shot and I actually went on a cooking page and all they really posted
really was you know recipes you know health nutritional things it was just
one of those simple pages and I find got my first cell on a story post so at
that time that’s when I knew that Shopify was definitely real and once
that Jatin came on my phone that evening guys it was you know that’s that’s when
my life started to change because it gave me that motivation to be able to
keep going okay and once and I think it happens to every single person that
actually gets there first though it just makes them want to keep going because
now instead of getting one cell now they got to get the second cell now they got
to get four cells a day now they got to make $100 per day then $200 per day then
500 dollars per day there’s nine thousand dollars per day right then you
know five thousand to ten thousand dollars per day okay and it’s definitely
possible because I’m living proof and I’ve done that before so basically in
this video guys I’m gonna give you guys the top most efficient ways to make your
first cell in 2019 alright guys so the first way to make sales on Shopify is
Instagram influencers now with Instagram influencers I think it’s probably the
most easiest way to make your first sale just because you know it’s is beginner
friendly so basically an Instagram influencer has a really really big
influence on their audience they own that audience they’re constantly posting
every single day or every other day or whatever how many times that they want
but at the end of the day they the audience know them the most so let’s say
you give them a product or you send them a product or you know you do a regular
base shadow um their followers are gonna gravitate on why are they promoting that
specific product they’re gonna want to know what’s that product about and
that’s when you’re able to have the you know a really really good opportunity to
make a sell and ways that they can do this is by story post they can post on
their feed they can you know put their link in their bio there’s a lot of
different ways that an Instagram influencer can promote your product so
basically how do you find an Instagram influencer well basically you would go
on Instagram right there’s different other ways you can find Instagram
influencers I have a whole ton of videos talking about Instagram influencers and
oh yeah guys make sure you follow me on Instagram you know I post all my stuff
on here you know the places that I’ve been to I give you little tips and
tricks on my story so definitely follow me on the ground so to basically find an
Instagram influencer you have to identify what niche that you’re in
so are you in the travel dish the makeup niche the fitness niche the kitchen
niche what niche are you in and you would type in that exact keyword so that
once you find you know influencers posting them you know relatable things
in that hashtag then you can go from there and find relatable influencers and
it gets keeps going then you can mark them out for the ones that you use so
let’s do an example on let’s say we’re promoting the portable blender right so
let’s say we’re trying to find somebody in the fitness nutrition type of niche
right because that’s what the portable blender is all about so I’m actually
gonna type in nutrition ok so nutrition and you know a lot of different pages
are actually gonna pop up and I’m actually going to open a couple of new
tabs so that you know I can you know have some options here right so we have
that we have a couple pages in the nutrition niche so I’m gonna I’m gonna
actually type in another keyword let’s say smoothies
okay so smoothies I’m actually going to open new tabs and so do one more okay so
we have a couple of pages that we can look at right so now we have a page
called the nutrition champ this has about 72,000 followers which is really
really good on page to start off with okay they have a really really good bio
they don’t look like they’re promoting their own products or you know promoting
somebody else right now so this is a really really good opportunity so now
what we need to do is identify their post and see if they’re you know a legit
influencer right so let’s actually look at this post right here so they have
about forty nine thousand views you know they have a really really nice caption
and let’s actually look at the actual comments and see if they’re real so to
be able to know if something is fake you know most of the pomace are gonna say
generic things like wow or good or this is you know really really cool right you
can see that you know there’s different people that are tagging for this post
right this somebody says this looks good I’m somebody’s putting emojis somebody
is tagging you see other pages talking about it so these guys don’t really have
that many comments but they do get a lot of views okay so you would do the exact
same process for every single post they get a really really good amount of
views so this is probably a page worth looking after so then what you would do
is contact them and say hey can you promote our product on your page or can
you do a shadow on your page and then they have and then they’ll probably have
their rates on how much they charge per post there’s no really clear-cut right
answer on how much you should be paying for an influencer but it’s really up to
you on your budget and how you analyze your own pages right so basically you
would then contact them you know find a rate they would say story or feed let’s
say you pick a story post and then you would actually design you know maybe a
video or a picture about your product and then you would give it to them and
then they would just post on the story with the swipe up feature
leading to the product page so it’s a really really simple process with
Instagram influencers so now that you have one influencer you can’t stop there
you have to actually find more influencers to promote your products so
there’s different types of ways to actually find more influencers like the
way that we did it you know we’ve typed in the keyword and we opened up new tabs
or you can actually go to this little triangle here and actually click this
triangle where it’s actually gonna show similar pages related to this specific
page and this is you know this is a really really great way to you know
really be niche down so you don’t waste money and be distracted when finding
Instagram influencers because you can really you know identify that you know
these are really similar diet central eating healthy cleaning eating nation
easy health eats and these are really really good you know potential pages to
promote a portable blender right alright so the next way to get your first sale
is Facebook groups now I love using Facebook group it’s not only free but
it’s a really close-knit community that really engages with that group okay and
they post every single day depending if that group is really really active but
it’s a really really great way to actually promote your products and I
actually have a video that has over 70,000 views talking about Facebook
groups and you definitely want to check that one out so basically you would go
on and you would type in a keyword that’s you know primarily within
your niche so like I said we were promoting the
portable blender so basically you would go on Facebook and type in nutrition
fitness you know things you know things related to of the portable blender and
after when you type in nutrition then you would go into groups on the group’s
tab so that other groups can actually pop up within nutrition so what we’re
gonna actually find is that we have a couple of groups that have a lot of
members so if we actually look at these groups these has about 265 thousand
members that is a lot of people and they post about 10 plus post a day so this
post or this group is actually really really active here’s another one was 603
members here’s another one with 4.4 members nine hundred members three
hundred three thousand seven hundred nine thousand sixteen thousand one point
one thousand one point three four point five nine point seven there’s a lot of
different groups 203 thousand of you know people in that group that is a lot
of people right so you can go into these groups and join um simply join them and
then once you’re added into that group you don’t want to just spam right away
and promote your products like I said I do have a video talking about Facebook
groups but you would basically try to engage with those members try to learn
more about them and then once you’re you know a really really good fill in this
into that community and you’re accepted into that own community then you would
you know start promoting your stuff or start suggesting you know maybe your
products or start suggesting a review maybe you can write up a review and say
hey this is a really really awesome product it does save a lot of time you
know you stayed out the benefits you guys might want to check it out then you
link it to your Shopify store super super simple right so the next way to
actually make your first sale guys is YouTube influencers again guys I do have
a video talking about YouTube influencers but YouTube influencers is
really really slept on okay and nobody is really tapping into this market
because they think that it takes a lot of work and it really doesn’t it’s the
exact same process that you would do as me whenever you’re finding Instagram
influencers so I actually went on and I actually typed in
portable blender now the reason why I typed in portable blender because I want
to see other P promoting that exact product is there an
opportunity for YouTube you know traffic to actually capitalize so that I can get
sales from YouTube and so I typed in portable blender on YouTube and you can
see there’s a lot of different videos with a you know a ton of views right so
here’s one with 1.1 million views this was actually two years ago um and this
is a hot product so if for the people that are asking if products get
saturated you know I don’t really think so it just depends on the way that you
promote your products and this has about 1.1 million views and people are
literally promoting this exact product on Facebook okay so you can probably go
on this page and you know contact them so basically there’s a lot of different
videos here so two cents chick has 20,000 views this was like 10 months ago
here’s this girl kissed by Keisha she has about 21 thousand views this was
probably a review here’s another one blend jet buy that was this was six
months ago blend jet review she only has four hundred subscribers guys so you can
see the power of views YouTube is not like Instagram influencers so once you
post a video on YouTube it’s there forever people are looking for that
specific product you know they’re you’re gonna get views just from you know
people just looking for it so this was actually posted six months ago and she
has of almost 50,000 views with a five minute review okay so imagine her
linking it to the actual Shopify store and then you know you get sales you know
continually growing continually growing and imagine how many via sales you can
get from 46,000 views so the way to actually contact a YouTube influencer
there’s not really that much videos talking about how to contact them but
you would just simply just go to their actual page you know their YouTube
channel and then you would go to the the About section so wherever they you know
they’re they have their bio so that every channel has this so you can
actually go to the about and if they actually have an email you can actually
contact them you can say that hey we love your channel
can you please promote our products and it looks like this one doesn’t actually
have a contact us so let’s actually look at
another page that actually has it so let’s look at Keith kissed by Keisha she
has about 200 of subscribers with 21,000 views okay so you guys can actually make
your own video you know talking about the portable blender and you probably
blow up as well so like I said you go to the about us and hopefully she has her
email so that this could be a really really good example so if we go to the
About section okay so she actually has some communications so if you look at
the link she has a Twitter she has a LinkedIn she has a Facebook she probably
has her own personal website and then you know sometimes they actually have a
section where it says email you can also email them as well and it’s really
really that simple you just do the exact same thing you would do as a you know
contacting Instagram influencer you would say hey can you promote your my
products I love your YouTube channel it resonates with our brand we would would
you please be an ambassador we can give you a compensation or maybe you can do
affiliate marketing with them I’m just you know try to negotiate and try to get
that opportunity so that you can get a video out there for your own products
alright so the next way to actually make a sell is you can actually create a blog
now I know a lot of you guys are probably saying like this is a lot of
working it’s just too much but it’s actually a lot easier than you think
okay you can actually go on Fiverr and maybe pay somebody five to ten bucks to
actually make you an article maybe two or three articles so that they can
actually make a review about your product now what this is actually gonna
do is that now that your blog is actually optimized for SEO and you use
certain keywords like the portable blender for an example now this is
actually going to gravitate a lot of potential customers to actually come on
your blog and once they read it they’re actually gonna get used to your brand
and then they might end up purchasing your product so so that’s another cool
way to actually make your first sell it might not be as instant as you know
Instagram influencers or maybe Facebook Ads or so but it is a long-term game
here and you know it is a definite definite way to actually make sales with
Shopify because there’s a lot of different stores there
actually do this like 0uv they are one of the best sunglasses companies out
there and they always promote a blog every two weeks okay
so they you know they’re making sales with blogs it’s really really possible
and you see a lot of Amazon affiliates as well writing reviews on certain
Amazon products so that they can promote their affiliate links on Amazon so
alright so the next way to actually make your first sell is Google Ads now with
Google Ads it is a search engine you know ad platform ok and light and what I
mean by that is that you can use keywords to actually target so that you
know let’s say the portable blender I’m actually gonna go on Google right now so
if you go on Google and you type in portable blender you can actually see
that this has 12 thousand searches per month that is how many people are
actually looking for this specific product now there’s a difference between
the Facebook ads and the you know Google ads Google ads is more targeted because
people are buying intent and people are literally searching there for that
specific product so people are gonna be shopping around trying to find that you
know the best deal or trying to shop around and see who actually offers this
specific product so Google Ads is definitely something to look forward to
if you actually type in portable blender you do see a lot of shopping ads and
this is called Google Shopping ok and you can see that different stores are
actually promoting this product at different price points as well so if you
actually scroll down you can see that people are actually making some Google
ads as well blend chart the number one portable blender they have an ad right
now if I go to the second page I’m definitely sure there’s gonna be other
place on the other Shopify stores are actually promoting this as well you see
blend it blend shark you see nutribullet you see under blend
blend jet portable blender you see handy blends go and I’m pretty sure this is
probably a Shopify store this this name just looks like a Shopify store okay
let’s see what else do we have we got a nutribullet we got high speed blender
let me open that on a new tab we got sub sound buzz on tropical immunity and I’m
pretty sure these are Shopify stores okay so this store actually closed down
I don’t know why they have their ads but they probably do need to renew their
domain so Google Ads is definitely one of the ways to actually make sales with
Shopify and it’s definitely one of the most slept on traffic sources out there
so you might want to actually tap into it especially when it’s untapped and
nobody really is trying to get into and everybody’s just staring to Facebook Ads
alright so the next way to actually make your first sell is actually creating an
email list now with an email list let’s say you have a Shopify store and you
haven’t really promoted it yet so you can actually do you know promotions on
Instagram and say hey join our list so that you can pre-order this specific
product now what this is actually gonna do is build that momentum so that
whenever you actually um you know start selling that specific product and you
launch it to your email list they will actually you know be prepared for that
so and also launching your email list is gonna be high targeted buyers as well
because now that they’ve gone through your funnel and they know about your
brand you can you know you know start warming them up with similar offers you
can say that you know here’s a recipe to actually go by before you actually make
a order you can send them smoothie recipes vegetable recipes you know
fitness tips you can do a lot with an email list so that you know that you
start warming them up and then once you actually launch that product then you
can actually make a sell okay and that’s definitely one of the best ways to
actually make sales on Shopify now the last three is actually pretty
self-explanatory Facebook Ads like I said you know people are struggling with
Facebook ads so look into one of these other ones to actually makes your first
sale on Shopify because Facebook Ads is you know you need a lot of money up
front to actually be successful with shape with Facebook Ads and you actually
have to learn how to be able to run Facebook guys as well I have a whole
bunch of videos talking about Facebook guys so I probably leave a couple in the
link in the description you guys know what Facebook Ads is maybe in the future
if you guys want me to talk more about Facebook guys and actually do a
step-by-step guide on you know a complete step-by-step guide
matter-of-fact on Facebook guys let me know in the comments down below but it
is definitely one of the best ways to actually make a first sale on Shopify
for sure so the last two is you can run a content
and affiliate marketing now with affiliate marketing is self-explanatory
as well and once you find those influencers you can then send them a
discount code so that they can start promoting their products and then it’s a
win-win situation between both of you guys because not only does the
influencer make money but you guys make money as well and it’s it you know you
guys meet in the middle instead of you know you paying that shoutout maybe $100
you can save you know 90 bucks and actually send them a product or give
them a discount code to actually promote your product and then if they get a cell
you know referring them to their followers then you know you give them a
commission so it’s really really easy a way to actually make your first sale and
of course lastly you can run a contest or a giveaway and for the contest you
can actually say that you know before the first hundred people that actually
make a order out of those hundred people you know you can give them a free
product or arm so it’s definitely a great way to make your first sale and
hopefully out of this whole list guys you know you find the one that actually
resonates with your brand resonates with your product because there’s a lot of
options out there to actually make your first sell I don’t know a lot of you
guys are probably struggling to make your first sale and hopefully this video
explains everything you need to know to actually you know make that happen so if
you want to actually learn more and expand and you want an advanced tutorial
you guys can check out the link in the description where I have my course the
globe Marketing movement it’s definitely one of the best courses out there
because you know I took the time to actually created and is officially open
so you guys can check that out as well if you guys think that this is filled
with value-packed information make sure you smash that like button and hit the
notification bell because i’m gonna be dropping more videos like this and
hopefully you guys enjoy it I will see you guys on the next one peace out

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