Shopify Dropshipping Outside the US

Shopify Dropshipping Outside the US

So here’s a question that came straight
from one of our users: “When starting out with dropshipping, should I only market to
the USA instead of targeting other smaller markets?” Spoiler alert: No. But why? Today we’re diving into a question that
lots of users have asked over at our Ask Oberlo Community: Should my dropshipping business
focus on the United States? No doubt, the US has a lot going for it. cheese whiz, LeBron James, me plus it’s has a massive economy with hundreds of millions
of potential shoppers. But there are a few things to consider when
it comes to dropshipping in the US. Let’s start there. First off, it’s an extremely competitive
market. The US is home to lots of ecommerce giants
that sell — well, just about everything. There’s Amazon, Walmart,, and more
are cropping up all the time. The presence of these companies alone can
make dropshipping in the US pretty challenging. And of course it’s not just the Walmarts
of the world. Large, developed markets like the US have
tons of smaller merchants. Shopify powered 500,000 stores in 2017, and
a majority of them were based in the States. Bottom line, there is tons of competition
in the US. Another big factor: Advertising costs are
high. If you cater to the US market, you’ll need
to spend more on ads in order to stand out from all the competition. Getting your ads in front of potential customers
in the US is just more expensive than in other countries. Alright, so we know that the US presents some
unique challenges for dropshippers. So you might be thinking, then where should
we be dropshipping? So glad you ask. But before we go on, let me say that I’m
assuming you already know what to sell. Because if you don’t, check out the card
on the corner here [point to corner] that explains some of the best items to sell. OK, back to topic at hand: dropshipping options
outside the US. There are a few key things to keep in mind
— the size of a country’s English-speaking population, purchasing power, and whether
or not there is a sufficient delivery infrastructure. [Choose markets with a big English-speaking
population] If you don’t have time and money to invest
in translating your entire store into another language — and most of us don’t — consider
targeting markets that already have a big English speaking population. For instance, only 5% of Brazilians speak
English, while in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, that number is more like 85 or 90 percent. Of course ecommerce makes buying from an online
store very intuitive no matter the customer’s language. Oberlo users with English sites get loads
of orders from non-English speakers from around the world. Still, consider favoring markets where English
is widely spoken. [Consider purchasing power] Because the cost of living is already pretty
high, lots of Norwegians will actually be okay spending $30 on a T-Shirt. In other markets, $30 might be a price reserved
for a high-end clothing item. Pay attention to these differences from country
to country because they might significantly impact your conversion rate. Advertising in markets like Norway or Finland
is cheaper, there is less competition, AND people have high purchasing power. [Research delivery infrastructure] Some developing countries have less than reliable
postal infrastructure. These markets also tend to have stricter customs
policies, as well as flawed postal services That’s not to say you should ignore developing
markets! For example: Let’s say you want to try shipping
to Mexico. Run a limited ad set with clear shipping expectations
established from the outset. Wait for an order, then see if it works. If there are no issues, ramp up ad spend a
little more. [Dropshipping USA vs. international: conclusion] The US has a massive ecommerce market and
could be a great spot for you to look for sales. That won’t change any time soon. Our point today is that the US isn’t your
only option. It might not even be your best option. So test other countries — even if you don’t
speak the language, even if your site is only in English. This is especially true when your budget is
on the smaller side. Remember: Smaller and cheaper markets don’t
always mean smaller profits. No matter where you want to sell, it’s vital
to do some research and analysis at every step of your dropshipping journey. This will help you make more informed, data-driven
decisions that really benefit your business. Alright, that’s all we’ve got for today. If you have any questions, be sure to leave
them in the comments and hit that subscribe button and ring that bell to know when new
videos on running a dropshipping are released. Thanks so much for watching, I’ll see you
next week. In the meantime: Learn often, market better,
sell more.

34 thoughts on “Shopify Dropshipping Outside the US”

  1. Wow! I love the video. I have targeted the US and Italy 50:50 and got almost four times more leads from Italy. However it seems that I’m doing something wrong. I only got one sale (from US) from 630 visitors. And no ad paid off. Can someone take a look and tell me what I’m doing wrong? Already looking to add an about us section but what’s the main problem? Website is

  2. It is OK to do only US ..just find a fantastic and different product…To get into troubles because of shipping times and chargebacks and all other problems.. No thanks 🙂

  3. which countries does the e packet services cover. which countries can we dropship to, with e packet?

  4. this question is very important to me and im sure a lot of other people. I have a mix of custom t-shirts that are printed on demand via another Shopify app, and the rest of my products are supplied through oberlo. The issue is, everything I have on oberlo offers free shipping and for me to differentiate I added my own shirt designs, but it seems like every print on demand app charges a lot for shipping. Im not sure what to do in this case and I don't think it'll be smart to add the shipping price in the product, the custom tees are expensive as it is and if I add shipping costs it can even be up to $15 outside the USA. How can I promote free shipping but not on these custom tees, im very lost.

    Much love for the Oberlo team! <3

  5. I am going to drop ship from Ali Express which offers great amount of products but for my Store reliability I wanted to add some clothing brands but I saw in your blog that we should avoid brands to avoid any legal notices from them.

  6. I contacted a big brand and they replied that they offer Dropshipping and asked Me to do so !!
    Please tell Me what should I do. ???

  7. And I also told them that I do not have any Authorisation Certificate from that Brand how I can resell their products at that time they have not replied so far !!!!

  8. Hi and thank you for all this important informations, the problem to dropship to other contry ho speak english is the shipping time from aliexpress shipping to norway, sweeden, Uk … take 20-40 days with epacket or aliexpress standard shipping its to long !!! how can we do to resolv this problem ? thanks for your advice

  9. You must be reading my mind, for a week or so I've been thinking about the exact thing and guess what your video poped up! Thanks a lot! 🙂

  10. I intend starting a Shopify store aimed at the UK. AS getting products from Aliexpress would take a long delivery time what similar Company would you suggest in the UK?

  11. hello and thanks for the nice video , I am a graphic designer I want to set up a store selling products with oriental design touch target GCC countries mainly UAE , SAK . and the arab how lives out side their counties like in USA, CANADA, UE but the problem is I live in Germany my bank account in germany and i cant speak German and I am not able to open rather than which is in German 🙁
    do I still able to start a store ? what is the best solution ?

  12. Hello!
    If I sell a product to the United States and it is also sourced and shipped from the US, but I as the seller live in the UK, how would returns be dealt with? I am worried this will be an issue as I cannot expect the item to be sent to me in the United Kingdom in order to process a return. Is it doable? Many thanks, Katy 🙂

  13. Thanks for all your informations!
    Is it possible to dropshipping in Algeria, Tunisia and Algeria?
    Thanks for your help!

  14. Hi Jessica. I want to know of it is possible to drop ship from AliExpress (China) to Africa countries (e.g Nigeria)

  15. I live in Jamaica and want to start drop shipping … can some one start drop shipping when they love outside of the US

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