Shopify Dropshipping with 7-Day Shipping! Aliexpress Alternatives for 2020

Shopify Dropshipping with 7-Day Shipping! Aliexpress Alternatives for 2020

(Best Aliexpress Alternatives) In this video I’m gonna show you the tap Aliexpress alternatives for Shopify drop shipping in 2020 so you can ship to your customers in less than 10 days sometimes even 7 days if it’s to the USA International literally wherever you want you can ship in less than 10 days with quality product checks, and you can actually build a real Automated brand that grows and scales with good customers. Happy feedback in just a better business Let’s find out. Hey, it’s Rafael Cintron here. I teach people just like you how to build a successful Shopify dropshipping automated business that grows and grows every single time in this video We’re gonna discuss Aliexpress alternatives So you can stop with the lung shipping time. Stop with the broken Products the bad business the band add accounts and you can actually build a real Sustainable business. If you want to learn how to do that step by sub strategy videos, make sure to subscribe hit that notification bell I teach you exactly how to do that on this YouTube channel two times every Single week before we start I do want to invite you to the special live Training that I’m doing here on YouTube next week doing a special live Automated drop shipping how to build a drop shipping business that only requires you one to two hours a day of work and makes consistently $10,000 months with a case study of one of my students was able to grow to 10,000 his first Month drop shipping using the strategy if you want to sign up for that free Live training go to the first link in the description. You can sign up there. Just put in your email We’ll send you an email right before we get started. Make sure you stay until the end of this video at the end I’m going to show you a special winning product That’s absolutely crushing right now and you can sell right now with the exact Marketing ad and angle that I’m gonna show you and make a lot of money with it for the first Alternative to aliexpress drop shipping. It’s called hyper skew I personally know the owner. I’m not paid by Harper SKU I’m not an affiliate type or SKU and if you go to any of these tools in the description, they’re not a feelings They’re real links. So this one it says a few clicks away from a successful drop shipping This says I board directly With them and a lot of my students have also worked with them and it’s a guy that has made millions and millions of dollars With fulfillment and in general in China, we’ve talked a few times and it’s a great great system. You can ship and tracked International delivery in less than seven days. Sometimes it takes even less to do that Usually it’ll be around seven days and with the death of a packet coming up Maybe July or June a packet is not gonna be as it is right. Now Aliexpress is really not gonna be as it is Right now, this is a great solution to use you can find also products faster Disclaimer they don’t have a ton of products on there just because they don’t have, you know volume yet So if you go right now this video is probably not gonna go viral anything So the volume that they have of people isn’t as much right now So some of the products you will have to request them And when you request a product they can give you a quote in About two to three hours so you don’t have to wait like three days for a quote You’d have to wait three days to source a product like other tools these Actually source very very fast and they can get your product. Very good also pretty cheap offer so although on Aliexpress you can find some products that are maybe less Quality less trustworthy and cheaper these guys actually provide quality and they provide also the offer there the price is pretty good I’m not saying I’m not working with them in any way I just said it’s a really pretty pretty good one. You can also do a 60 day free trial So it’s complete for free for 60 days and then you can get started and like I’m just gonna explain here then go to get Started and you can create your account right here. We’ll clear an account And now that you’re in the backend of hyper SKU right here. Have you created a new account? You’ll be in this backend here have you available balance so you can add the balance to pay for your orders here in the Section here you had the orders so you have all your orders here He can fulfill them directly here and you can also pay for them in bulk So you can pay for multiple orders if you want and are for example Mentoring with me or have a connection with me. I can also connect you to their direct fulfillment Contact so you can have a direct contact with them and you can just do it manually with a spreadsheet just send them an export sheet of your Shopify orders send it to them and they’ll take care of it or Just do it automatically here. You can Harvey a do pay pay the orders again and again You can also do Aliexpress sourcing So you can just put the Aliexpress URL save it and they’ll source it in a couple of hours or in less than one day And also you can search some products on here. They have quite a lot of products on here A lot of them are what quite known and a little bit saturated. So all the products they have here I’m just gonna look for for example like a posture corrector. Let’s see. That’s the one that pops to mind right now We’re just gonna pop it up here and then we’ll try to find here on it’s loading right now But it’ll pop up and you can also do the delivery here when it’s popping up new products You can do delivery under 7 days 7 to 14 days and 14 days and above I wouldn’t recommend going Above 14 days just do it like 7 to 14 days or less than 7 days if it’s possible They do have some warehouses in other places. So while this load so I’m just gonna Pop this back up here on this cheap and pull it up here on this tab and then also other things is the shipping calculator so you can actually Check all the companies that they have that they’re shipping with. I hope you’re enjoying these Aliexpress alternatives I have a giveaway for you in this video if you comment secrets Secrets down in the comments subscribe hit that notification bell. I will be checking I’m giving away a one on one call directly with me from 30 minutes to look at everything look at your store Look at your ads absolutely anything that you need and take your business to the next level common secrets subscribe to a notification Bell for free 101 calls and you can use the United States of America here provide whele it’s like This isn’t Graham So you will do for example like a thousand grams like one kilo Which is like two point five pounds or so and you can see all the prices here so free shipping Right here three to five days and they also use a packet but it is quite you can you just use the free shipping? Oversea warehouse so they actually have warehouses all over the world they have in the u.s They have in Europe China and so on and they can ship pretty quickly now. Don’t move hyper scoot We can go into CJ drop shipping This is the other tool a lot of people talk about it, but I think it’s a great one We’re using it for a new test store that we’re doing right now Which is gonna be part of the automated drop shipping webinar or the automated drop shipping training You can sign up with the first link in the description. You can click source and this is the main website You can click source and you’ll be taken to this page Then you can go and sign in right here and we’ll sign it really quickly And once you sign in you can go to my CJ right here And you can click on the top my CJ and click on there and then you’ll have your basically your drop shipping Center It’s kind of like going to the alley press dropshipping center, and then you’ll have the activated source that you have This is the new store. We just started ads today. So we’re supposed to get a lot of orders coming up today It’s gotta be part of a case study you can also go to sourcing here and source any type of product so you can start a sourcing request these since CTR drop shipping does have a lot of people it can take up to two to three days for it to be sourced But it’s still faster than a lot of the tools out there you also have your videos your inventory also and you can also connect with Amazon FBA which is pretty cool and Custom packaging, which is great If you’re trying to build a brand, for example, you can get a custom boggs a little customization logo Which is pretty cool for products that you do on just you’re trying to make a better brand and a better brand image So these are just great for that a sipper bag here. You can do the custom shoe cover for example If you do a custom card for the for just the shipping like shipping it with the product You want to put your brand name? Let’s say it’s like econ secrets We put the branding right there and the price is pretty cheap It’s 10 cents per just putting the name of the brand which is pretty cheap and also helps in Just creating a better brand image creating repeat purchases helping your customers identify With your brand and grow with you as well now the third one that I want to show you is you drop either the third that’s that’s what I’m recommending it now you can Sign up for free right here and just create your registration and when you sign in or sign up here You’ll be taken to this page where it says connect your store So you can just connect your store put the Shopify domain and Shopify name and then you’ll be able to get all the orders exported On here. So the cool thing about all these apps is they’re automate it You can connect them just to your Shopify store. Once you get in order. It’s sent directly to the system You can just order it here. It’s just like over low, but obviously it’s gonna chip a lot lot faster You have your products your orders here and also requesting a new product which usually takes it takes a few days Yeah, it’ll take around 3 or 4 days maybe even a week if there’s a lot of sourcing requests or just the product isn’t as easily findable as Normal, I really want to emphasize Leaving Aliexpress for an Aliexpress alternatives. I just show you the top three that I recommend there’s a lot of them out there There’s a lot of them that are a little bit scammy There’s a lot of them that are real and they can actually sense your customers What I recommend is don’t trust any Aliexpress alternative not even the ones that I just showed you. That’s true Once you get a recommendation, or you see a special tool that can allow you to ship faster do test orders What we do is we do around seven to ten test orders and then wait or in a week or two see if they deliver and if they do and they actually Promised that they would do in about seven days and they actually deliver in about seven days Then we start putting it to the store. I see a lot of people using an Aliexpress alternatives. They fulfill around 100 orders and they’re all taken like a month or two months together because the actual processor Isn’t reliable at all or some youtubers such as good but it’s actually not that good so I’d recommend testing all of them and at least entertain the fact that you have to use and Aliexpress alternative if you like using Aliexpress if you like using or drop shipping Asia, that’s great But using an automated process like this one drop shipping agents are great as well But using an automated system like this where it just chunks out orders and orders and use high RVA Show them how to do it and they can do it and you automate the whole process the whole business It’s gonna make your business better. It’s gonna help you grow It’s gonna make the quality of your products and the shipping a lot a lot better now We want to show you the winning product that I promise is this little canine Pulling strip or a safety strip right there. It’s called Pau save seatbelt and you can look at it and also one thing that I want to talk about is the ad copy on this this particular ad caught my attention because of the Ad copy it says last week. I was in a terrible accident. My dog was in the backseat. The car was totaled Basically, it just crashed all over both the person and the dog were okay But here’s your thing the police officer told her that if the dog didn’t have this particular Seatbelt the dog would have just flown out of the car and probably died They’re not trying to sell just a seat belt or just a little strap for your dog They’re actually trying to sell a dog’s life Which is I thought in this ad was absolutely insane that they do it this way with this particular angle What saves Sam’s life was this dog seatbelt? It’s been proven to resist the worst car Crash’s unlike other models, which are made from shady materials It’s illegal to have a dog unrestrained like that buy it right now and don’t be an in responsible pet owner I think it’s an amazing product as well as an amazing marketing angle where you’re not just selling some pets e-bill You’re not just selling some $20 product you’re selling life You’re selling a dog’s life or dock safety Which I thought was an amazing product as well as marketing angle to show you now that you know the other express alternatives and the winning product if you want to take your business to the next level and absolutely explode your results get to $10,000 month’s hundred thousand dollar months like so much students or hitting with an automated drop shipping business And helping automate the whole process You don’t have to work as much make sure to schedule a call down in the second link in the description The first link is to register for the free training next week on Wednesday The second call is to schedule a call directly with us with the econ secrets team so we can help you Take your business to the next level talk about the exact strategy that you need and then talk about what you can do to build Your business and grow it absolutely fast So make sure to check the first link then the second link schedule a call with us and if you want to learn the top 21 dropshipping niches for 2020 so you can know all of the products and all the niches that are going to trend and sell as much as possible check The video right there I’m gonna put a video right in this screen right here check that video top 21 drop shipping niches in 2020 subscribe hit that notice notification bell and comments secrets down below for a special one on one call with me

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