Shopify Tutorial For BEGINNERS 2019 | Step 1 How To Open Your Shopify Store

Shopify Tutorial For BEGINNERS 2019 | Step 1 How To Open Your Shopify Store

(calm music) – [Mohamed] Yo what’s going on everybody? Welcome to my channel. This is gonna be the
first video in a series of just how to get your
first sale with e-commerce how to open your e-commerce
store and everything. And before we get into the actual video of opening the store, I wannna cover the full basically curriculum
that I’m gonna be dropping. I’m gonna make a series of videos, and it’s gonna include opening your store, so you can have an
e-commerce website setup. It’s gonna include going
over your theme design, so you can have a great
theme that’s differentiated and doesn’t look like
a cheap website, okay, it’s gonna be something
that’s meant to convert, and it’s gonna be something that’s built to turn people looking into customers that are actually gonna take
out their wallet and pay you. I’m also gonna cover how
to find a winning product in less than 30 minutes, and then we’re going to actually get into creating a Facebook ad, so that we can promote that product. And then you should be
receiving traffic to your store by that time so you can, you know, expect sales around that time,
but don’t be overwhelmed, I’ll be here and kind of, you
know, trying to help you guys through every single step
so, make sure you subscribe, so that you can receive these videos as I start to upload them and to get started I
actually have a starter guide in the description so
make sure you hit the link in the description,
download the Starter Guide, it’s just the basic checklist
of everything that you need to have as a requirement
for your store being open in the settings tab, so nothin’ crazy, but it is a free guide,
go ahead and download that and there should also be a
link to create a Shopify store so you can go ahead
and hit the link there, it’ll take you directly to Shopify, and you’ll be presented with this screen. So, again this is Shopify guys,
like it’s very trustworthy, I advocate for them and them only, they host some great websites that you might know of already,
including Fashion Nova, which gets millions of
people in traffic every day. Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics
line is hosted on Shopify, so it’s just a trustworthy brand to have your store and your
analytics all in one place. I highly recommend it. And of course the pricing is pretty fair. These are their pricing models, and you only need the basic
Shopify plan to start with. But then the bonus is that
you get a free 14 day trial, okay, you can open this
for absolutely free, without even putting in your credit card. So I recommend you do that. And once you do that,
all you gotta do is hit the start free trial in the top right and just, you know, follow the directions so I’m going to go ahead
and put in my e-mail, gonna create a password as well. And then for your store name, you could go ahead and put that in. If you’re wondering what
should I name my store, it doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re actually going to get into that in, when we decide what
direction we actually wanna go in with our store, but I would keep it just pretty simple, something that can relate to anybody, whether you’re doing a
Nicks Store, you know, you’re starting a store for babies or selling baby products
you can name it, the baby… the baby’s shop or something you know, it can be very simple,
just straightforward. If you don’t know, don’t worry about it, you can always change this later, so I’m just gonna keep it
simple and put my name store. So you’re not stressing about this, of course, somebody has that already. I’m just gonna put The Mohamed Store. And then we’re gonna go
ahead and create our website. And just like that you have a business. But pretty much what
we’re gonna be doing is, we’re not going to touch the
theme and the design layout in this video, we’ll get
into that in the next one, but I just wanna cover
some ground settings and all the right
settings you need to have with your Shopify store
for you to get started. So you’re gonna be presented with this, just a little survey. And, you know, just playing around. You don’t need to check
any of these these, if you want to hire
Shopify to do stuff for you but you can just say,
just getting started. And then go ahead and continue
to fill out all of these. You’re gonna have to put in your address. So if you have a home address
I would go ahead and put that. And, you know, you’re
gonna need to address to verify this later as
well but just go ahead and put this address, there’s
a way around this later, if you’re not comfortable
using your own address on your store, you can always you know, rent out a office space
online for like a couple, I think it’s like $10
a month I’ve seen some, you can rent out an
actual business address and pay monthly and you have the right to use that business
address on things like this. So, that’s if you’re not
comfortable using your own address. Otherwise, just go ahead
and put in your address and then you can enter your store. All right, so this is
what our store looks like. Obviously, and we want
to, first things first, just head into the settings tab. And this is a look at
the starter checklist that I have set up. So the first step is
obviously we opened our store, we got that done. Now we wanna set up the payment method, so we can go ahead and get paid, right? There’s two types of payment
methods that you’re gonna need, so there’s the Shopify payments, you know, you can just complete the setup over here which is pretty self explanatory, go ahead and fill out all
of these business details. You don’t need an EIN number just yet. But, you know, fill in your
address, date of birth, social. I’ve done this already, with past stores, so I’m not going to go
ahead and do with this one, but just so you can see
what the process looks like, it’s pretty straightforward. Once you fill out all of these and actually have a bank routing number and account number put in. Now your account’s eligible
to receive deposits which is good, you wanna
be able to get paid. Complete the account setup, and then you can just head
back to the payment tabs again. We also wanna set up PayPal. So, PayPal is great because it’s actually gonna
increase your conversions, people trust PayPal and just enabling this is gonna allow you to get, turn more visitors into customers. So you could go ahead and
create a business account with PayPal, I’m not going
to go over that as well, you could go ahead to, if you’re not already familiar, and then create an account,
and you can either upgrade your account to a business account or create a whole new account with PayPal. But either way, just make sure that you remember whatever e-mail you use is the e-mail that you use in here too, so when you go to Edit here… Just gonna deactivate this so you can see. But this is what it will look
like for you most likely, and you can go ahead and
pick PayPal Express checkout, now it’s just gonna prompt you to login with the same PayPal
e-mail that you’ve had, so you can click activate here, and that’s gonna redirect you, use the e-mail, your business email, that you use for, to
create your PayPal account, and then you should be all set. Once that is done, and
everything else looks good. So we’re just gonna head
back to the settings tab. So now we have the shipping settings. so you could go ahead
into the shipping tab, you don’t have any products, just yet, but I wanna just keep
this short and simple. So, to keep this very simple, I’m just gonna go ahead and
add a shipping zone right here. And once you do that you can just name it, we’ll go USA and Canada, for example, and then we’ll add those
countries that we mentioned. So, United States, again, you can always change this later, Canada. Now we have those two in. And I like to go with price based rates, so if the person spends
more than a certain amount, I’ll give them free shipping. If they spend under that amount, then I’ll charge them for shipping. So the shipping amount,
first of all is gonna be, let’s say $3.99, for example, right? Can name this standard shipping, and then we can go with the,
the minimum order is zero, obviously, and then the
maximum order price should be, let’s say 30. So, if they spend more than 30, what we’re gonna do, if they spend between zero dollars and 30, we’re gonna charge them
3.99 for that amount, if they spend, we’re
gonna add another rate to where if they spend more than that, So if they spend a minimum of 30, and no limit here, they’re
gonna get free shipping. You can just check that box. And then we can outline
this as free shipping, boom. So now we have our two pricing models. There’s also some other, you know, rates that you could do
whether you want to do it based on weight, you know,
then you could go ahead and configure the weight of the product so that it matches up whatever, whatever shipping price that
you wanna offer your customers but this is the best way to
go about it in the beginning, just to keep it simple
and straightforward. Go ahead and save that, what I’m gonna do is
come back into my check. And now let’s go into
the checkout settings. So, you wanna head back
to the Settings tab, and you’re gonna see this tab right here that says checkout, when you click that, all you want to do is go
with accounts are optional. I’m just following this little guide. So they check out, they can either use their phone or e-mail, and then, require the last name only
you wanna make the checkout as simple as possible for the customer and only collect the information
that you absolutely need. So, the company name,
obviously you don’t need that, so you can hide that, the
address line two is optional, shipping address, phone
number, is going to be, you can make this optional or
hidden, doesn’t really matter. See what I have, so I have optional here, so it shows but it’s
optional to fill it out. And while the customer is checking out, you can use shipping address
as the billing address by default, that makes it easier, address autocompletion,
everything that makes it easier, we wanna highlight, okay? And then what else,
enable auto completion. You want to select right here do not automatically fulfill
the order’s line items, and after the order has
been fulfilled and paid automatically archive the order. So, everything looks good here. And down here, this for the
people who are interested in, you know, to sign up
for your e-mail address, like I said we’re asset building and we wanna collect those, those e-mails, so pre select the sign up option so that in most cases you
will be able to, you know, recruit those e-mails and be able to re-market to them later. So, once you do that
you can just save that. Now we have our checkout
settings all done. So now that we have basically most of our basic settings are set
up, you can go ahead and, you know, just browse through here and make ’em to your liking. But we have everything
set up how we need it, as far as taxes, this is
gonna depend completely on where you are, I’m not like
an accountant or anything, so you’re gonna have to
have somebody ask who lives in your area to kind of guide you on what your tax settings should be for your e-commerce business, but for everything else, you know, now we pretty much wanna go
after our domain, you know, that’s gonna add to the credibility, and if you hit the home
tab, you’re gonna see Shopify has their own little
startup checklist here so we’re gonna actually go to GoDaddy right now,
so go to And we’re actually gonna get a domain. So I have a direction
that I think I wanna go in with this website, and I want
to cater it to a baby niche, so baby products and things like that, I just feel like for example purposes, it’ll be easier to show you guys that, so let’s go with, let’s
call this baby box., you know, and for your first time getting a domain it’s going to only cost
you 99 cents, I believe, but since I have bought domains before, this one is going to cost me $2.99. But for you it should be
something totally different. But once you add that to your cart, you wanna come over and check out right? Now, they’re gonna try to
upsell you on a bunch of things, but what I would do is just, if you want, if you’re on a tight budget, I’d normally go for
the privacy protection, that protects your domain and, and your personal address
from people trying to see who owns the domain. But if you’re on a budget, you can go ahead and ignore that, un-check the start the free website because we already have
Shopify to do that for us. And down here is where
we actually wanna get our business e-mail so I’ll
go to the e-mail essentials, $1.99, a month plan,
continue to add to cart. And now we’re in our cart and they’re still trying to upsell us, so pay attention to this, you wanna go ahead and pick a one year. And that should bring the price down. And then you wanna come
into the one month, so you’ll be paying for this
e-mail, a business email, you’re gonna be paying $4.99 a month, which is like a cup of coffee every month, to have a professional business e-mail that your customers can contact,
whenever they need help. And then once you do that
your costs should drop down below $10 again, I don’t
have the same discount that you guys have but once you do that, you’re all set to just
purchase this domain. So I’m gonna log in for you, you probably have to create
an account with them. But go ahead, login. I’m just gonna keep this as
straightforward as possible, complete the purchase. You actually get to
customize the business e-mail after you make the purchase, and that will be hosted with, which is a Microsoft
business e-mail address, so as you can see right here, we have that pop up. And we’re gonna go with
[email protected], and you don’t have to put in the rest, they have that covered. First name, Mohamed
Camara, throw that out. And if you wanna link it to the domain that you just bought,
it should show up here, if not then you can always add that later. Don’t worry about it, so I’m just going to pick
do not share right here because it didn’t pop up. And you have administrator permissions. You can create your own
password, starting now, which I’m going to go ahead and do. Now, once you create that it’s just gonna take a few minutes to
have everything set up, you don’t have to put your
phone number in right now, but as you can see these
are all my other domains, but we do have this e-mail address setup. And what you’re gonna do is go to your personal e-mail that
they sent the account info to login there you’re going
to have everything set up. And you could go ahead to your store, and now put those settings in here, but we’re gonna to actually add the domain to our store right now, so we can get that over with. And what we can do is go
ahead in the domains tab. So let me step back real quick. Once you are on this page, you can go to add domain down here. Go to the connect existing domain button. So once you’re in the
connect existing domains tab, all you have to do is
type in that same domain that you bought from GoDaddy. Once you do that, click Next. And you can see down here
says connect automatically so it’s pretty simple. It’s gonna to prompt you to
login to GoDaddy over here, boom, success. Now that domain is all Shopify, so we have our store setup, we
have our domain on our store, our settings are pretty much, you know, set up and ready to go. Now we can actually get into the theme and the design of everything. So we’ll get into that, make sure you download
that starter checklist, it’s gonna have some other settings that you wanna make sure you take care of but you have your store open. Congrats, make sure you subscribe if you got some value outta this video, and I’ll see on the next one, where we actually build a theme that’s gonna look nice, look professional, and get some winning
products on there afterwards. So peace, I’ll see you on the next one.

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