Singaporeans Try: Drawing Logos

Singaporeans Try: Drawing Logos

Oh, logos! I saw, I saw some things.
I saw logos! Hi guys! Hello! Are you an observant person? Kinda. Kinda.
Not really. In my free time right, I like to people-watch. I try my best to be very observant, but I just end up getting very distracted. I guess? I would say that when I’m switched on, I become very observant. But most of the time I’m switched off lah. Describe 1 of your favourite brands and describe how it looks. Oh wow. Favourite brand? I went all the way to NASA. It’s blue, and then have “NASA”. And then you have the stars, and then you have the red *makes sounds* Nike has a tick. Right?
I was also thinking Nike. It’s a white tick. On today’s episode of Singaporeans Try, we will be drawing brand logos from memory. I KNEW IT!
Omg. I knew it… My art is terrible. It’s a… It’s a circle. Right? I don’t know how many like… small circles there are. Ah there are many small circles? Oh my face (is) damn ugly. Yes. As in no that’s the…
Yes. She’s holding her legs, is it like… How is that even physically possible? No she does the, like… Time for some… Gymnastics. She’s kind of like a… like a mermaid but with 2 fins. So she’s holding them up a lil’ bit. She’s holding something meh? Waaaiiittt… There’s an outer ring if I’m not wrong. Last touch(-ups)… Okay. 3, 2, 1. Bam! She’s holding up her fin. I love yours! It’s so cute. You know what the face is like? “Aiya come saman (fined) I don’t care la” Look at her face it’s like “Mmm…” I’m quite confident. The point goes to Chuan. Oh! What?
Oh! I can’t take it. Eh? So those are her legs ah? Those are her fins. Ohhhhhh. They have 2 colours. Oh. So do y’all go there often? I go there for the bed eh. Oh, for the bed? I don’t actually go there with the intention of shopping. I usually go there to eat the meatballs. Always get lost there one. Why do I keep going back to the same spot? I don’t know, it’s like a maze. Wow I’m failing so badly in this. You draw the circle, make(ing) me think even more. THIS STRESS! Is it an oval, not a rectangle? I’ll find any way. Do it. PD: Okay 30 more seconds. Oh no I realized mine is completely inverted. Have you eaten crayon? No! Is it good? I don’t know! Like… KAPOW! I tried. I’m so tired eh. OMG there’s an oval! There’s an oval?! Wow! It’s really like a circle! I (was) even so confident, I go and outline some more. Your diploma is in branding. Well. With the correct colours ah? PD: Yes! How to know? I don’t know what the correct colours are. Oh man! I don’t remember.
I think I got the coRours… CoRours Right. CoRours? I’m quite sure don’t have. So it’s red, green, yellow, blue. 2 at 1 time. No? What the heck.
Oh shit I missed. This looks right. I don’t know, but I know the ‘g’ is fancy. Time for the fancy ‘g’. How fancy is it? Is this a fancy ‘g’? How does a fancy ‘g’ look like? Yours looks legit. BAM!
Yours looks quite legit. I know. I tried. Yay!! No!! PD: Ra got it! PD: Jon! Yes! Omg Joyce if you don’t know this, I don’t know what to say. No eh, I don’t remember a single thing. Ahhh I’m so sorry Jolene Chia. Jolene Chia is my sis, she’s an air stewardess in SIA. I just know it a bird. It a bird. Oh!
It’s a duck. It’s a long bird. I remember got some triangle triangle thingy at the end of the plane. Done is it? Yup I guess. Omg so different! I think I got the wrong side. Look at hers! Actually yours looks more zhun (accurate) than mine. Ahhhh it’s so wrong. PD: Wow. Every time she says wow I don’t know what to feel. Like “Wow! You gon’ suck.”
Like “Wow! That was poorly done.” Yup. What? How is this not that? I just didn’t get the- Orh… Eh this one Aftershock la. Is it Aftershock’s logo? What’s this? I don’t know, waterslide. This is Wild Wild Wet. Really ah? I think it’s the airplane comes first. Then as the airplane comes, then the bulb comes.
Then the dot comes. Come on la, I designed the damn logo. Huh really ah? Ya. Wah, this one if I get wrong ah… Please don’t fire me. Then there’s also like a… a stick man, and the stick man is supposed to look like an aircraft
from a certain angle. Does he do this? I think he does! Is he holding something? Like a kopi bing packet. There’s the Marina Bay Sands, everything… He’s walking around Singapore. Okay, this is as close as I’d get. Hi Bryan! The Smart Local is… Great. Our drawing… Not so much. You’re doing amazing sweetie. I swear there’s something like… He’s walking around! Looks about right. We both got it wrong. The audience should vote la, I think this is a nicer design. You just realize how clueless you really are. The thing is, some of the changes actually quite big one. I never notice. The Smart Local! Starbucks. I really thought there were waves somewhere What have I been looking at ah? Ikea. So sorry I forgot the yellow! I thought the Ikea one, I was quite confident. That’s why I even got time to outline. I think since the start I already said it’s damn bad right. Haha ya. It’s proven, it’s even worse.
Ya. I said I was a 2, now I feel I’m a… 0. At least you got 1 point what. We both got 1 point. Anybody would have gotten 1 point for Google, come on! Eh! I didn’t. If you like this episode of Singaporeans Try, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe, and watch our other videos over here. Bye!

71 thoughts on “Singaporeans Try: Drawing Logos”

  1. Chuan: Have you eaten crayon?
    Jon: No. Is it good? puts crayon in mouth

    😂😂😂 They treat it like they are talking abt chicken rice or smthing.

  2. Whenever they do a challenge I can do I’ll try to do it along w/ them

    So when it was the start of the Q and A I knew what the video was about and I was like “ I think I know how to draw logos (especially Starbucks and TSL) but, when everyone says that they usually get it wrong. And based on my experience when I draw from memory and haven’t practiced, yeah…”

  3. anyone wanna challenge ??????

    I bet in real hard cash ( well £5 Amazon ) That if I can draw any logo you chose me and I draw it well

    You win the bet

    Yes I’ll draw logo you choose me everyday for a year or well maybe not weekends lol but anyway you know what I mean




    And all you lot or everyone can seem to be able to learn to draw 🖕🏻I hate all you people who was born to be able to draw

    I won’t ever be able to draw YEAH EVERYONE Says PRACTISE … can you smell that ?


    I practise Everyday I DONT SEE HOW ITS HELPING ME or how it’s improving me?????? If it was I would be able to draw

    I can attempt to draw let’s say Idk????? Uhhh ??🤔🤔🤔🤔 ANYthing let’s say a logo of anything famous not just logos I can’t draw anything

  4. the smart local helps me relieve stress like it’s the editing that’s funny and what they say that’s also at the same time very entertaining! keep up locals! Like literally the editing makes it so much better Jon and Chuan are the funniest 😂

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