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  1. 165 million years later

    Trex fanboys:trex will always win spinosaurus is weak

    Spinosaurus fanboys:no trex is so weak and spinosaurus will win all the time

    Normal people (like me):can’t we just agree they don’t know each other and the they lived millions of years away?

  2. SPINOSAURS is bigger than a rex but Rex has a more powerful jaw than those of a SPINOSAURS but it's claws are deadly so would that make SPINOSAURS the winner?

  3. Are we gonna ignore the fact that the Spinosaurus only ate a bite out of that Onchopristis before going to find more?

  4. And I don't wanna be that guy, but that Spinosaurus is outdated as of now. It really just needs shorter legs, longer arms, a weirder sail, and a longer tail (but we already know that)
    Not bashing the design because it was probably made before Ibrahim's discovery.

  5. We now know spinosaurus had shorter legs, non pronated hands, possibly a differently shaped sail, and possibly could not swim, but still would walk in the water and eat fish. But everything else seems accurate. How times have changed.

  6. Even though it hunted in water I still think it could hold its own against an attacker. Just look at its teeth and the massive arms and claws.

  7. Dinosaurs are so unreal. They look so crazy, like they stepped right out of a movie and yet they actually existed.

  8. True to British dinosaur productions, completely full of shit and spreads misinformation. ~1:50, Spinosaurus (and other theropods) could not pronate their forearms. Spino's teeth weren't designed to tear flesh because Spino fed on smaller fish that were easily dismembered and swallowed whole (as opposed to butchered and needing to tear meat from bone – as would be the case for other theropods that fed on larger terrestrial prey).

    Kid me watched Walking with Dinosaurs so many times that I burned out several VHS tapes of the show. Teen me quickly found out how garbage that series was. They very frequently take the most extreme/entertaining, poorly supported studies and proclaim them as fact ("this dinosaur was over 60 feet long" – as opposed to "some findings suggest this dinosaur could have been 60 feet long").

    Liopleurodon is a perfect example. The show said this animal was 60+ feet long. The reality is that it was widely thought to be in the 15-20 foot range. The larger 60+ feet estimates were known to be wildly overestimated. But that doesn't make for a good "villain" for a docu-series).

    Claim to be either for entertainment or for science – not both. The truth is rarely as exotic as we wish it to be.

  9. Is it scientifically confirmed that this fella was walking on two legs? I mean, he is enormously huge, it's kinda unbelievable his two legs could handle all that weight. Isn't it more likely that he walked on 4, something like a crocodile?

  10. Spinosaurus is my favorite dinosaur ever because it was in Jurassic Park III and because it is the biggest predator in the world!

  11. It would be amazing if we could go back in time just for one day just to see how they really looked an what exactly happened. But would we make it back ?

  12. Best dinodocus ever made. I love the atmosphere,the narration and the information of the fossils where they come from. Please continue this series

  13. Holy moly! I have been looking for this video for YEARS! I was addicted to dinosuars and watched this one EVERY TIME on TV!!! XD

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