Stock Logic Pro X Plugins Vs 3rd Party Plugins (Mixing)

Stock Logic Pro X Plugins Vs 3rd Party Plugins (Mixing)

Oh away from hey what’s going on out
there I’m Sean Divine hope you all are doing well today I have a new
tutorial where we’re going to do a direct comparison of the stock plugins
in Logic Pro X compared to some third-party plugins
some of them fairly expensive plugins but this is a really popular question on
the channel from those of you who are curious you know do I really need
third-party plugins what are the strong points of some of
the stock plugins and Logic Pro X and what are some of the weak points so what
are the first third-party plugins that you should invest in after you’ve gotten
used to the stock plugins but first let’s just take a listen I actually have
set up this verse in sections and the first section is mixed entirely with
stock Logic Pro X plugins and then the second is mixed with third-party plugins
from companies like waves fabfilter I think it’s just those two and then we’ve
got also some third-party reverb I have the seventh heaven from Liquid Sonics
and the echoboy on the delay and then obviously in logic i have corresponding
stock plugins and the settings are very very close I tried to make sure things
like the compression ratios are very very similar across the board in terms
of thresholds ratios all that stuff so let’s go ahead and play it back again
the first section of the verse are stock logic pro plugins the second half are
third-party plugins all right so let’s do it one more time
and I’m gonna solo our vocals here so that you can keep an eye on the analyzer
over here and the frequency you’re gonna see that they’re very very similar but
this will give you just a better idea specifically some differences in the
sound alright so that gives you a
good idea of just the different sounds they’re they’re not that dramatically
different there are some subtleties in the different chains and I want to talk
now about you know each of the individual corresponding plugins that I
use for the stock plugins and then third-party plugins and kind of you know
which ones are a little more the weaker links in terms of the stock plugins so
got a noise gate on both the stock as well as the third-party and a noise gate
you really don’t need a third-party noise gate this noise gate in Logic Pro
X is a wonderful utility plug-in it does exactly what it’s supposed to do
which is just attenuate that noise floor and you don’t need a third party noise
gate in my personal opinion it’s not going to change a whole lot now getting
into our deductive EQ let me pull up the deductive EQ over here on the third
party which is the Pro-Q and then I’m using this stock Logic Pro X channel
EQ now you see I’ve cut them at the same points and to be honest with you for
doing deductive EQ I think the channel EQ and Logic Pro X is perfectly fine you
really get more into the differences of EQ when you start adding so you’re going
to have to bring colors and the curves are really
gonna affect this sound a lot more and we’re gonna get into that in just a
second but as far as just cutting things the logic stock EQ is is wonderful I
don’t have any qualms with it now let’s go on to the compression which is
obviously a very very important part of the vocal or any vocal especially with
your hip-hop vocals so let’s talk about the stock Logic Pro X compressor versus
some of the others like the proceed to the waves r comp some of these those
other popular third-party compressors I will say that in my opinion the stock
Logic Pro X compressor is one of the biggest assets of the stock plugins that
are included in Logic Pro it has a lot of these different flavors up here so
you can select different kinds of compressors just by flicking the switch
and it will maintain your ratio your threshold settings so you can go through
and get some different colors which is really important with compression you
want to experiment with different styles because these are all going to affect
the sound differently but in my experience the the stock compressor in
Logic Pro X is really great this is not what I would upgrade first this is going
to do you just fine for a while while you’re learning how to use compression
and mix and it’s also really handy just with the way that you can use
sidechaining routing within Logic Pro X so now moving on to the additive EQ in
the chain which you’re going to see up here I’m boosting pretty high on the
channel EQ and what I’ve done is I’ve just replicated what I had done on the
SSL and generally with this EQ I just like to kind of boost the the air or the
extreme highs so I have this set at like 14 K and then I’m boosting pretty
heavily so I’ve done really the same kind of thing over here with the channel
EQ and then I’ve just done some of the the roll-off and the filtering once
again just to get rid of even more lows and low mids so this is the first or one
of the first things that if you’re gonna move towards third-party plugins
the the additive EQs are really
important and ones like this the SSL they just have a certain color to them
and they have a certain curve to the frequency boost that just sounds really
musical it fits well in the mix as opposed to the channel EQ it’s not that
it won’t do the job but it’s just a little bit harsher and it’s a bit
tougher to be really precise and make musical types of boosts without having
to get in and be you know extremely surgical with how you’re you know
creating these boosts so just something to be aware of but I would highly
recommend investing in an EQ as one of your first third party plugins once
you get to that point ones like the SSL EQ the the pro-q – for boosting your
frequencies especially high end is going to be really helpful for you and very
musical alright next up we got the de-esser and I’m gonna tell you right
now this is the first plug-in if you’re using Logic Pro X that I would invest in
third-party because the de-esser in Logic Pro X it’s not very user-friendly
you can get a decent kind of tone out of it but it takes a lot of work and as you
heard I personally don’t think that it sounds nearly as smooth and it’s not
doing the the same job as the waves de-esser so you can generally get this
waves deesser for a really affordable price and it’s totally worth it
especially if you’re using these digital maybe a USB mic or you don’t have a
preamp you’re just running through you know a really kind of harsh sort of
signal chain then this de-esser is going to take care of that sibilance that you
really want to tame with your vocals especially in hip-hop so that it’s just
you know that is one of the most annoying things in a vocal is having too
much sibilance so definitely check out third party deessers like that or also the
fabfilter Pro DS is a good one I’m also using this Manny Marroquin Triple D
which again is just great for those of you who are recording with a very
digital kind of clean signal chain this is gonna
warm things up a little bit de-harsh it let’s get to the last thing in our chain
which is just a limiter and all I’m doing with this is just preventing us
from going above zero if you’re using a limiter just in this way on your actual
bus I think the stock limiter does just fine now if we start talking about
master limiters then I think the the Logic Pro X stock plugins are really
limited no pun intended in that way because I believe it is the adaptive
limiter yeah or even the multipressor just the limiter if you’re using this
for mastering it’s just not going to be as transparent as something like ozone
or even the fabfilter Pro L the waves l2 is even going to give you a
cleaner sound so I would recommend one of those before running your mix through
one of those processors in Logic Pro X because it is going to affect your
transients in a not-so-pleasant way so last let’s get to just our send effects
or some of the auxes that I have set up here I’ve got the space designer for the
the reverb in Logic Pro X which honestly it’s a great reverb I really don’t think
that you need to venture too far out from that for a while I do like this 7th
heaven and some of the other third party reverbs the lexicon is a really nice
reverb but again I wouldn’t get ahead of yourself I would start off with the
space designer and even some of the other logic reverb plugins like platinum verb
are you know they’re generally pretty nice tones to them so that’s not really
a troublesome area at least when you’re starting out and then go into our delay
I have the third-party plug-in as echoboy which is a really strong echo
and delay processor processor in my opinion it’s probably the best out there
it’s tough to beat but if you’re just doing like basic you know delay throws
and maybe subtle delays like in the verse like in this one we just have a
16th note delay that’s just giving us a little bit of a stereo effect
so for stuff like that you know again this is going to do you just fine the
tape delay in Logic Pro X let’s just talk about metering really quickly we
you know were able to look at these meters as we were checking out these
verse vocal chains and I have the waves I have some other metering you know I
used the logic excuse me I use the ozone metering sometimes I have one from
plugin alliance called BX meter that I used sometimes and to be honest they all
really tell you the same thing like this one’s measuring RMS right now and peak
this one’s doing peak and RMS and they generally are gonna give you really
close readings to each other this is the same thing peak or rms it’s more about
what you’re kind of used to looking at and what’s going to be the easiest for
you to reference during your mix so if you just glance at one of these you can
really get a quick idea of what is going on so more than anything else in terms
of features they really do the same thing it’s just what is your
personal preference so just keep that in mind but for at least when you’re
starting out again the stock metering and logic is going to be just fine for
you alright y’all so we talked about the stock Logic Pro X plugins specifically
for mixing and compared them with the third-party plug-ins a couple from
waves fabfilter we’ve got some stuff in there from soundtoys some really nice
third-party plugins they’re gonna be more expensive and my advice to you
would be get really comfortable with the stock Logic Pro X plugins and then some
of the first ones that you’re gonna want to check out once you do get comfortable
with those would be a additive EQ something that’s going to give you some
nice clean boosts give you a professional top-end and then I would
look into the de-esser because that again is a gaping hole in some of Logic
Pro X’s plug-in chains and finally you want to invest in a good master limiter
or brick wall limiter so that when you’re doing your mixes and you want to
bring things out at commercial levels and you just want to keep things in
check not peaking on your master bus you’re
going to want something like this it’s not going to drastically affect your transients and it’s going to keep your dynamics in check so definitely
check out something like ozone or even the L2 to the L1 in some cases is OK
from waves as well so a lot of good options out there that are gonna serve
you better than the Logic Pro X master limiters hope the video is helpful for
you if you have any questions about the stock Logic Pro X plugins or third-party
plugins that we compared here feel free to leave a comment below if you learned
anything in the video please like and subscribe and we’ll talk to you soon

30 thoughts on “Stock Logic Pro X Plugins Vs 3rd Party Plugins (Mixing)”

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  7. Quick question, Sean (completely unrelated to the video). When I hard pan a vocal LEFT (-100), am I supposed to be hearing something in the right headphone still? The vocal shifts over to the left in the headphones, but I can still hear something in the right and vice versa. This is a RAW vocal with NO EFFECTS. A mono track.

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  9. If you want to stay within the Logic stock plugins and need something better than the stock De-Esser, Holger Lagerfeldt's De-Esser presets for Logic's Compressor are a very good and FREE alternative. Also, I know that you made this video before the 10.4 update so in terms of colored EQs, we now have 3 options 🙂

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