Artist Vs. Designer: DIY Prom Dress

Artist Vs. Designer: DIY Prom Dress

from the aisles of Michael's to your own home fashion actually used to work in fashion before I started here at BuzzFeed I went to finem graduated as a designer and then I went on to work for Jeremy Scott who is the creative director at mosquito now and then had my own line and I would show in LA Fashion Week and I would make all my own stuff from scratch I am a long time crafter and a long time watcher of Project Runway and I have no other experience making clothes whatsoever so I think I'll do great yes okay okay that's a good spread can I use that so far boy Lange floor-length okay oh wow that's a lot somewhat form without see that's where I'm like oh man okay two and a half hours okay how much so for my dress I want to do something that's David Bowie inspired but with a little Lady Gaga in it when I saw the flowers I immediately knew that that's where I wanted to go can I make something kind of halfway cool with the materials that we were given I feel like the person would wear my address is someone who of course like doesn't give up someone who marches to their own drum beat is that I used to say the kind of person who would wear my dress is like just a total badass you know how many problems I went to when I was in high school I went to a total of six proms so I just bought one suit and literally just wear the same suit to everything there was one prom I went to and it sucked terrible there was no dancing I was like like you know like a lonely insecure horny teenager I just wanted to dance with boys [Applause] am i making something nice or am I just gonna glue everything on the table on and not that that's that your game okay cuz we can do that I can start gluing you and I mean setting myself for a lot of glue gun burns should I be nervous now I just want to put everything on but I know that's a bad idea if I had more time to like really refine it I better check you make this look really dope because I'm not mad at this RIT but we got this we got yeah we can do it can make it work making what if you all have Heidi Klum waiting here yeah freak I'm just going to be like take me home with you of hiding 15 min flat 15 mins this was really fun I had no idea where I was going with this it is what it is we made a dress out of things we found so if anybody knows fashion at all they'll know that this is beautiful this was a lot of fun I kind of like lost track of time and now some of our co-workers are gonna come in and decide which of us made the best dress I feel like I'm gonna get some coffee today I can taste some coffee in the air a Starbucks card this is insane these are incredible this one looks like really awesome eighties vibe this one definitely is way more edgy and crafty and like space this one has a lot of imagination to it love you love curly but if I was going to prom I don't know Donna yes yeah um it's giving me like Lady gaga oh yes what would curly want to be in for a gram that dress yeah there's a bow so this one is definitely more like I love nature and I'm just like effortlessly cool as it's prom this one is a little bit more like elegant to me I want to try that one yeah you can have that one and I'll take this one this one's just more my vibe I don't like nature so I'm gonna go with this one I gotta go with this one I think I'd wear this one you know my ass would show off in something like this all the years of crafting really paid off and we paid off good job Maggie yes you owe me coffee girl let's go get coffee yeah all right bye guys you

Advice for Game Designers

Advice for Game Designers

what advice would you give to someone who wanted to be a game designer first thing I tell anybody that's in this first of all get your education having a master's degree in computing won't help you so yeah just as a warning don't bother wasting six years of your life if that's what you want to do I encourage everyone we go to college if for no other reason than to simply prolong childhood yeah we must does a green computing you're gonna get a pretty good job so maybe it's a good thing to do anyway but it won't help you being a game designer for years of fooling around while you're trying to figure things out is exactly the kind of experience you need to do a job like this you need to be able to think outside of the books as well and I think that's one thing a lot of people overlook the best thing you can do if you want to design games is no games and there's no other substitute for it best asset you can have is common sense and creativity there's a lot of people who are in this industry that are just so much smarter than me book smarts it's not funny but they don't have a common sense they don't have the creativity they can't put it together there are a million ways to get into the business you have to follow the magazine's you have to follow the business you have to know what state of the art is to know what a good game is what what games failed you have to love video games it's still really hard to break into the business because you have to you need a lucky break it's business as well as its creativity I think if you've got all that stuff wrapped together somebody's gonna recognize you eventually I know nobody's gonna want to hear this but playing games loving games isn't gonna make you a game designer any more than watching movies will make you a movie star you have to be a responsible hard-working pragmatic problem solver otherwise the dreams never amount to anything more than just dreams it's like there's a lot of hard work and you really you've got to be willing to put in the hours to have such a love for it that you put back before you know the fact that you wanted to see the x-files on Friday night and instead you're out there programming I think if you really like it you should you should write a little demo and if not a whole game if it's a good project and you'll catch people's attention you know go go build something if you want to be a level designer go build a level 4 you know one of the first-person shooter games there's great tools for that if you want to be a programmer program a mod for it if you want to be an artist you know reskin a model or build a new model or you know build a texture set for building a level write down your ideas get those ideas down on paper flesh them out and approach companies with your with your game designs and just pound on doors until somebody listens to you till until you get in it's just it requires persistence anything you can do to get your foot in the door once you're in the sky's the limit as to where you can go you've really got to sacrifice a lot of things if you want to succeed then you have to be cleared to do that if you're not then then you're not gonna make it well I don't think you should get too hung up finding or mapping out a career path what worked for somebody else isn't necessarily going to work for you I think it's more important that you trust your own instincts I think it's important that you follow your heart and have fun along the way because eventually if you've got what it takes to be a game designer you're gonna figure something out because figuring things out is what a game designer does

La révolution du crowdsourcing vidéo

La révolution du crowdsourcing vidéo

bonjour je suis jean paul treguer je suis publicitaires je suis aussi entrepreneur j'ai créé je dirige une agence de publicité depuis une trentaine d'années et je me suis dit que c'était peut-être intéressant de partager pour vous annonceurs un certain nombre de choses que j'ai apprises au fur et à mesure de cette carrière aujourd'hui je vais vous parler d'un sujet que j'affectionne tout particulièrement qui est le crowdsourcing et vous expliquer à quel point il est en train de révolutionner complètement la façon de travailler dans notre métier alors crowd quoi vous allez dire tiens encore un publicitaire qui aiment utiliser des termes compliqués abscons en fait crowdfunding je pense que tout le monde connaît ici puisque c'est assez répandue aujourd'hui c'est en fait multiplier les personnes qui vont permettre de financer en donnant 100 euros 1000 euros ou plus à un projet une entreprise et le crowdfunding s'est bien développée depuis quelques années en général on le connaît le crowdsourcing c'est un petit peu la même chose mais appliquée à d'autres domaines alors dans cloud qu'est ce que ça signifie et bien en anglais ça veut dire la foule un nombre de personnes important et l'idée elle est très simple c'est plutôt que de faire travailler quelques personnes dans une équipe dans une entreprise je vais faire travailler des dizaines des centaines des milliers des dizaines de milliers de personnes sur le même sujet et donc je vais aller chercher des personnes compétentes dans le monde entier grâce aux nouvelles technologies et aux plateformes digitales qui vont plancher sur un même sujet qui vont collaborer sur un même sujet qui vont apporter leurs compétences leurs talents pour travailler sur un même sujet au fond je vais mobiliser des cerveaux avec disposant d'une compétence particulière à travers une plateforme digitale et donc effectivement le crowdsourcing se développe grâce aux nouvelles technologies et je vais les faire travailler alors les applications sont absolument dans tous les domaines dans le domaine industriel dans le même domaine de l' architecture dans le domaine de l'archéologie dans le domaine scientifique dans le domaine médical vous avez des tas de gens qui travaillent ensemble pour essayer d'identifier de nouvelles maladies et comment répondre à ces nouvelles maladies qui imaginent ensemble des projets et en travaillant depuis le monde entier et puis dans notre domaine les créatifs qui vont effectivement pouvoir contribuer pour une marque à la réflexion de cette marque alors c'est une méthode complètement révolutionnaire ça existe depuis quelques années mais c'est pas encore extrêmement répandues unis très connu et en réalité tout le monde connaît le crowdsourcing sauf que ça s'appelle pas comme ça prenons deux ou trois exemples wikipédia l'encyclopédie en ligne que nous utilisons tous régulièrement un peu beaucoup énormément jeu juste vous donner quelques chiffres il ya des centaines de milliers de contributeurs qui travaillent vous avez 800 nouveaux articles qui sont postés chaque jour 17 millions d'articles en 270 langues 410 millions de visiteurs par mois et rien que la partie en français représentent à ce jour l'équivalent de 340 4 volumes de l'encyclopedia britannica que nous avions il y a encore quelques années juste pour imprimer la partie articles en français donc vous voyez que c'est un exemple de crowdsourcing tout à fait exceptionnelle deuxième exemple linux linux et le logiciel c'est le système d'exploitation entièrement gratuit qui est utilisé dans le monde entier dans tous les domaines et pour vous donner un exemple c'est ce qu'on appelle les systèmes open source dans l'informatique eh bien il ya aujourd'hui plus de 10000 développeurs informatiques qui contribuent en permanence à l'amélioration des fonctionnalités de linux là aussi c'est assez impressionnant et puis enfin et je rentre un peu plus dans notre domaine l'exemple le plus spectaculaire sans doute c'est youtube youtube que nous utilisons tous un peu beaucoup énormément chaque jour est bien chez youtube il n'y a pas de rédaction il n'y a pas de réalisateur salariés c'est la foule le crowd qui contribuent tous les jours et là aussi les chiffres sont absolument spectaculaire et changent tout le temps donc à ce jour il y à un milliard et demi d'utilisateurs par mois de youtube il y à 37 5 millions de français qui s'y connectent tous les mois il y à un milliard d'eur visionné par jour sur youtube et enfin il y a plus de 300 heures vidéos qui sont ajoutées chaque minute sur youtube donc vous voyez que le crowdsourcing c'est ça c'est contribuer ensemble alors cette nouvelle façon de travailler en réseau révolutionne tous les métiers et est en train de révolutionner notre métier c'est à dire celui d' agence de communication agence publicitaire alors nous on est notre groupe bic succès son travail depuis plusieurs années sur ce sujet ça fait trois ans que nous avons créé une plateforme qui s'appelle top vidéo times on a travaillé avec un partenaire qui s'appelle user femme qui est également dans ce domaine depuis longtemps et nous avons développé cette plate forme aujourd'hui qui est une plateforme mondiale importante puisque nous avons appris à peu près 150 mille réalisateurs qui sont connectés à cette plateforme dans 140 pays et qui vont travailler sur des concours que nous organisons pour les marques nos clients dans le monde entier avec effectivement beaucoup d' enthousiasme nous avons également développé une autre plateforme qui s'appelle top musicale times et qui à ce jour compte à peu près 300 musiciens et qui là aussi vous l'avez compris vont travailler pour nos clients alors l'un de nos associés jean marx et gatti qui est vice président de big succès ce qui est l'homme chez nous de la stratégie la réflexion stratégique les territoires de marque pour nos clients mais aussi l'homme de l'international a écrit un excellent livre qui est d'ailleurs je pense un des premiers si ce n'est le premier livre écrit sur le crowdsourcing en france qui s'appelle crowd source et vous l'an dernier et dans lequel il a commencé à expliquer effectivement l'importance de cet enjeu 7 ce bouquin pour les annonceurs que vous êtes qui seraient intéressés je me ferai un plaisir ou jean-marc se fera un plaisir de vous le remettre alors comment ça marche top vidéo talent comment ça marche une plateforme de crowdsourcing vidéo puisque c'est un peu le sujet sur lequel je vais essayer aujourd'hui de deux d'approfondir d'abord il faut comprendre la situation des films makers ou des réalisateurs de vidéos où dans le monde entier ils ont du talent ils ont envie de se faire connaître d'émerger et malheureusement ce n'est pas aussi simple que ça parce qu'il y a des milliers des dizaines de milliers de gens qui aujourd'hui avec un smartphone avec une caméra avec 1go peau prétendent pouvoir faire la même chose donc pour se faire connaître eh bien il faut trouver des solutions et c'est métiers sont des métiers difficiles alors vous avez des gens qui sont des amateurs qui font ça on va dire à titre un petit peu de hobby ou de passion ou des jeunes qui sont en école artistique et puis vous avez des gens qui ont décidé d'en vivre et ils ont de la difficulté à se faire connaître ce sont ce qu'on appelle en france un statut particulier des intermittents du spectacle c'est à dire des gens qui travaillent pas tout tout le temps qui ne vivent pas forcément bien de leur art ou de leur passion et effectivement qui ont besoin d'émerger et effectivement déjà en france c'est difficile déjà en france souvent un réalisateur de film il va travailler une fois par mois une fois et demie par mois deux fois par mois sur un tournage x y z il va pas forcément en vivre et donc qu'il va chercher une façon de se faire remarquer et effectivement une plateforme alors imaginez dans un pays d'asie ou d'amérique du sud où un pays moins important que la france c'est encore plus difficile c'est encore moins bien payés et donc il ya eu absolue recherche chez tous ces réalisateurs de moyen de se faire connaître et c'est vrai qu'une plateforme de crowdsourcing vidéo c'est un vrai tremplin pour tous ces réalisateurs alors avec des des caractéristiques y en a certains actions spécialistes d'animation de 3d et d'autres qui sont plutôt spécialiste de reportages d'autres qui sont plutôt spécialiste de publicité d'autres de reportages animaliers ou en extérieur etc donc il ya toute une multitude évidemment de réalisateurs tous n'ont pas les mêmes qualités et non pas les mêmes on va dire compétences 1 mais tous apprécient énormément de pouvoir travailler sur des vraies brief de vraies marques et non pas de montrer ce qu'il pourrait faire sur des exemples théorique ou des exemples qu'ils apportent alors les plateformes de crowdsourcing vidéo comme top vidéo tanan c'est bien nous organisons des concours pour des marques qui viennent en nous disant j'ai besoin de faire travailler des réalisateurs du monde entier on va organiser pour eux un brief donc que nous allons élaborer écrire rédigé se brise va être traduit en plusieurs langues en l'occurrence dans notre plate forme en 5 langues et puis nous allons l'envoyer sur la plate forme à tous les gens que nous considérons étant concernés par ce brief spécifique on n'envoie pas à 150000 on va sélectionner 1000 2000 3000 réalisateur sur la plateforme en question est effectivement ça va permettre à ces réalisateurs de dire bah tiens je télécharge le brief oui ça m'intéresse je vais y participer et ils vont à ce moment là comme tous ces réalisateurs ils ont autour d'eux des amis qui sont comédiens des amis qui sont musiciens des amis qui sont décorateur et ils vont travailler avec leurs petites communautés de copains mais qui sont aussi souvent comme eux des intermittents du spectacle pour créer une petite oeuvre de une minute trente secondes sa dépendent du brief que l'on a fait est effectivement qui va leur permettre de se constituer ce qu'on appelle le chorizo ou la bande démo en quelque sorte le bouc du réalisateur qu'il va pouvoir aller montrer dans des agences de publicité ou auprès d'annonceurs dans son pays en disant voilà ce que j'ai fait et vous voyez vous pouvez me faire confiance alors ces concours évidemment eh bien il va y avoir 20 30 40 50 créatif qui vont envoyer leurs propositions et puis la marque avec son agence parfois avec les réseaux sociaux sur youtube sur facebook va organiser des concours ou des concours internes ou va bref faire voter un certain nombre de gens et élire en moyenne trois gagnants et ses trois gagnants eh bien ils vont se partager une somme alors chez top vidéo talence en général ces sommes sont de dix mille euros que on va partager entre les trois premiers et les trois premiers vont à ce moment-là avoir effectivement cédé leurs droits sur le digital pour le client qui va pouvoir les utiliser je reviendrai dans un instant là dessus alors dix mille euros est-ce que c'est beaucoup est-ce que c'est pas beaucoup en fait c'est une somme tout à fait intéressante pour des réalisateurs même des réalisateur français de films publicitaires qui tourne une fois de temps en temps et bien vont toucher entre 1500 à 2500 euros pour s'occuper d'un tournage et la possibilité de gagner 3000 euros ou 5000 euros selon la pâte la place dans les 3 gagnants va être significatif mais dites vous que si c'est quelqu'un qui est dans un plus petit pays loin ça peut représenter parfois l'équivalent de plusieurs mois de salaires et donc c'est tout à fait bienvenu alors pourquoi est-ce que ces plateformes sont en train d'apporter une solution tout à fait novatrice révolutionnaire aux marques parce que les besoins des marques en matière de vidéo sont gigantesques j'ai traité récemment d'une dans une vidéo de des besoins considérables que les marques en la matière c'est ce que j'appelle la vidéo isation du marketing est effectivement toutes les entreprises aujourd'hui sont en recherche de vidéos pourquoi parce qu'elles ont des besoins considérables pour leur site web pour leurs réseaux sociaux pour les animations qu'elles font pour le lancement de nouveaux produits pour des événements pour des salons et aujourd'hui vous le savez le consommateur il va plutôt vers une vidéo que vie vers des photos ou des textes les internautes nous le savons tous nous le faisons tous avons plutôt tendance est d'ailleurs les google facebook instagram et autres nous pousse à aller dans ce sens là a visionné plutôt des vidéos on sait aujourd'hui qu'un consommateur avant d'acheter un produit il va plutôt à les regarder la vidéo de démonstration ou de la vidéo qui a été fait que allez lire une notice ou lire des commentaires en sous forme de texte donc face à cette énormité de besoin de vidéos et bien le crowdsourcing vidéo apporte quelque chose de tout à fait exceptionnel c'est une richesse culturelle multiculturelle incroyable des réalisateurs du monde entier qui font plancher pour la marque qui vont avec leur culture avec leur différence avec leurs paysages différents apporter quelque chose qui va pouvoir être effectivement être extrêmement séduisant tout à fait économique pour la marque et encore une fois intéressant pour les consommateurs qui vont pouvoir ainsi visionner des choses tout à fait originale alors si vous voulez voir le type de résultat de très grande qualité que nous avons bien je vous recommande d'aller sur top vidéo talence et vous verrez je crois que nous avons fait plus de 700 ou 800 films sur les deux dernières années vous verrez qu'il y a là aussi des choses extrêmement intéressante à regarder et qualitative alors comme d'habitude j'espère que cette vidéo vous a été utile j'espère que ça vous donne envie d'en voir d'autres je vous garantis que je vais en faire d'autres et donc je vous recommande évidemment de vous abonner à notre chaîne youtube par tous les moyens à votre disposition merci beaucoup et à très vite

Drupal 7 Media Module - Daily Dose of Drupal Episode 15

Drupal 7 Media Module – Daily Dose of Drupal Episode 15

welcome to another daily dose of Drupal this is episode number 15 as always I'm Shane and today we are going to be going over the media module not only that but we're also going to look at how it can be used to upload files to your Drupal site using a nice file interface and also how it can be used to embed other not necessarily files but other different media types from other sources such as a YouTube video so let's go ahead and start by jumping onto our test code karate comm site and we're going to download the media module so I'm going to hop in to the command line and just download the media module and show you what it looks like I'll go to the modules page and scroll down and you'll see that there are three different modules that it has file entity media and media internet sources one thing you're going to make sure you need is C Tools or KS tools that needs to be installed and enabled so I'm going to use all three in this example so I'll turn all three of these on hit save and there went and I'm going to then start by creating a content type in this content type I'm just going to call it media for this example I'll leave everything else the same for now and I'll come into my media content type and I will go to manage fields and the first thing you'll need to do is select file as the field type I'll just name the field media and you're going to want to select a media file selector so I'll go ahead and click Save on there we're going to keep the upload destination at public files you can then select the different types of file extensions for uploading files select the if it's public or if it can be used for public or private you can set a maximum upload size select a specific file directory and then of course the upload destination which we already set as well as how many values can be uploaded into this field I'll go ahead and click Save and now we will add a test media node so we're going to come down here and there's a media field here we're going to hit select media that's going to open up a little dialogue window here you can see we can upload a file directly from our computer we can use a URL or embed code from the web however we don't have any supported providers installed and we'll go over that here in a second or you can grab something from the library which is currently empty so I'll start by uploading just a test file so uploading just a txt file you can see it drops in here you could remove it if you need to or overwrite it we'll click Save and now you have a node created called test media with this file dropped in now if we go to create another node of the media type you come in here you can see that now in our library we have this test text file so we can reuse it allô on other media content that we want to create the next step we're going to do is actually look at embedding a YouTube video in order to do that we're going to use the media YouTube module and this will integrate in with the media module so we'll download that now that's downloaded we can enable it you can of course do this through drush as well and you can see the versions we're using we're using the 1.2 version of the media module we're not using the 2x version which has some new features but we in this example we're using the more stable 1.2 version go ahead and save this and now when we go into our content type and we go into manage fields we can excuse me we want to go back and we'll actually try to create one just to show you how it looks so go into media select go YouTube video and when we select media we're going to go to the web tab and you can see that the YouTube module we installed now creates a listing for YouTube as a supported provider so we're going to hop over to YouTube and grab a video just going to grab a video here and we will then copy that URL right into the text field click Submit and you'll see we get an error it says only the following files are able to be uploaded and that's the image so we're going to need to go back into our content type go into our file media selector here we're going to click Edit you can see it tells you allowed remote media types so you can have remote images remote audio or remote video so we need remote video we're also going to select the URL your URI scheme for YouTube and hit save and now if we go back we'll go ahead and just refresh this page and create a new YouTube video if we come down here and select media go to web paste our YouTube link in again hit submit you can see that it brings the thumbnail in for YouTube we can hit save and your YouTube video has been linked to your your content that you created now this of course doesn't seem very useful because your goal here is probably to actually embed that video so that's where we need to go back into the content type for media we'll go to manage display and instead of using generic file let's go ahead and select rendered file for the media field that we created if we click Save come back over to our content we just created and refresh you now have an embedded YouTube video the next step is actually changing the look of this YouTube video a little bit and we can do that by coming in to configuration and we're going to then set some configuration options for this video or for the YouTube display it's taken a little bit of time here to load for some reason so we'll let that spin for a second here but I'm on the modules page if you come down here you'll see that there's a configure option for the media module I'm just going to go ahead and go to that you can also see you it's in here somewhere but so you can select your default different media types here but we really want to do here is we want to come back in in the file entity module here and we want to click on configure on that module so what this allows us to do is it actually allows us to do a couple things it allows us to change the audio display fields or manage the actual display of the audio same with the image and video different types but we're going to be looking at just the video here so let's click on manage file display and you can see the enable display our YouTube video and YouTube preview image we're going to go to YouTube video you can change the width height the player theme we're going to select dark here just so we can see how that would look you can change the progress bar change settings on different controls and just a whole bunch of different options to really customize how the player will look so we're going to save that now we're going to go to the YouTube video and you can see that now the entire player has been redeemed a little bit and it just changes the look of the player so that is all that we have to go over today and we'll be back again tomorrow with another episode you can follow me on twitter at SM Thomas 3 thanks for watching

Airbrush Designer Maker - Make Custom Doll Clothing for Barbie + Disney Frozen Queen Elsa

Airbrush Designer Maker – Make Custom Doll Clothing for Barbie + Disney Frozen Queen Elsa

cookies world I don't know I don't know um excuse me excuse me uh yes hi can I ask you how does this dress look on me uh I think it looks nice oh I just can't seem to find anything I just just don't know if I like the selection in the store ah I wish I could just make my own clothing you know make your own clothing huh wouldn't that be perfect well well well your wish is my command cuz now Barbie and Elsa Oh can make their own clothing with this Barbie airbrush set design ups okay if you've ever wanted to create your very own Barbie fashions this is like the perfect play set cuz it has a real airbrush and you can totally design your own clothing you can draw whatever you want with the markers or you can pick from one of these super awesome little stencil designs oh yes there is a unicorn stencil just load the colors that you want and spray on the fashions and it says that you can totally rinse it off in the wash machine and totally start fresh and create new designs over and over and over and over again alright super duper easy super fun let's do this right now take everything out OOP there's the markers alright here is the little airbrush and the airbrush station ooh we've got our little outfits ooh instructions and markers totally totally cool here are the fashions that it comes with open it up all right we have a gorgeous gorgeous white dress two shirts one of them has like this little pink outline around it and a white skirt and here are the stencils oh this is just so hard to pick how do you pick how do you pick they're so cute there's like hurts and zigzags and stars and triangles and of course you can draw whatever you want you could totally go crazy drawing your own creative outfits all right the instructions say it needs some batteries then it'll be ready to go let's unwrap the gun get it out of the plastic to do whoo there we go all right so we got our airbrush gun here so I can place it right into the holder here I'm gonna place this right here all right so I've got this beautiful beautiful dress that we could spray on all right who wants a beautiful dress made Oh me me me me me please can I please have a magical unicorn dress oh that sounds so perfect okay so I wanna put this dress on on this little dress form just get it dressed like that all right there we go so now it has this blank dress on and I'm just gonna hook it right here oh and can you make the dress part rainbowy whoo a rainbow unicorn okay well I don't quite have rainbow colors but we're gonna use all four markers on Barbies dress look at these fun bright colors we've got blue pink purple and orange all right let's start with orange so open it up take the airbrush gun and put it right in here click it in click the airbrush on I'm gonna do a tester spray to make sure I can actually do it so let's spray oh here we go click it this way like a little bit more oh it's foaming oh I guess it was too much click it back oh there we go oh it's still foamy oh I don't see any color all right we'll do it again sir any color Oh No keeps foaming keep on trying come on airbrush I know you want to more foam I know it says if you have foam click it back they kind of try again ok one click any color come on airbrush oh there we go it's ready all right so I'm gonna hang Barbies dress right here I'm gonna airbrush a rainbow design here whoo oh this is so cool this is so cool change out the marker ooh go back to zero first what recap and has these awesome little holes right here that you can easily put the markers in peek oh it's ready airbrush this now we need a new color come on airbrush oh there we go coming out real light little darker there we go all right airbrush did it big splotchy now blue oh there's a little bit of blue and blue alright now let's add on our magical unicorn stencil I'm gonna place that right on here like that just like that alright and spray-paint Oh oh it's starting to foam a little bit again such a little foamy airbrush look take this marker always remember to put the cap back on and in this little holder all right let's see how this turned out we'll take this off and oh that's so adorable there's a unicorn on here oh the unicorn looks so beautiful to see a little face oh that turned out really cute alright because I had this purple splotchy I'm actually just going to draw in some more designs on here maybe we can turn that splotchy into a heart here we go so now it looks like I heart you to corns I'll do a whole bunch of different colors the markers yeah oh it's hard to color up this way I heart unicorns okay it's super hard to color hearts on here I'm making it work all right there's Barbies dressed so I'm just gonna leave this to dry hmm hang it right here and then she can try it on alright else's turn she can make a shirt now I'll put the blank shirt right on the mannequin there we go it's all ready alright Elsa what would you like well I I like snowflakes so you like icy cold things yeah the cold doesn't bother me oh you should draw an ice cream ooh okay we'll draw an ice cream on else's shirt roof so I'll use orange for the cone so I'm just gonna freehand draw it yummy yummy cone yum yum yum do a big scoop a ice-cream right on here maybe we'll make it a double scoop oh it looks so yummy and a cherry on top right there look little cherry and how about a couple of some snowflakes for Elsa we'll do like a little snowflake right here and right here big big snowflake all right Elsa has a shirt now she needs a skirt all right so on the skirt we need something oh do the hearts that way it means you have ice cream oh good idea all right so we've got the little stencil here that has a whole bunch of hearts all over the place so I'm just gonna press it right there leave it right there ooh I think it would look really good in blue keep everything super duper icy with Elsa get that blue going come on blue where are you one more there we go boom and spray oh so funny alright I might have overdone it there whoo all right let's see if that left a heart patter lift it up and oh it actually did right so we've got a heart skirt for Elsa yeah we've got one more shirt left I can make something for my sister on ooh that sounds good so we will just put this on here so what would on a like on a shirt hmm you've got kiddies and diamonds and oh the diamond reminds me of Gemma Stone the shopkins on it would love a Kitty shirt all right let's mix up the colors on this kitty so first I'm gonna spray down the shirt with one of the colors we'll do pink all right airbrush ready just keep on clicking the nozzle little by little until I can see some pink color oh there we go so I'm gonna do a little bit of some spray here there we go so a little pink and a little orange there we go airbrush some orange on here there we go then the kiddy I'll make out of purple woo hang the kitty right on the shirt right where I want it to go here we go and press down to spray the kitty on all right here we go let's reveal Oh kitty all right this works super super cool there's an adorable kitty with some glasses on on on a shirt all right perfect are these outfits look totally air brushy adorable time to try them on what do you think all right totally cool Barbie's outfit looks like this rainbow unicorn watercolor of airbrush II very a very cool those hearts just look so crazy because of how the marker kind of bled but it looks really pretty with the unicorn on the top all right it's else's turn all right what do you think whoo it looks so cool on Elsa that ice cream actually looks super rainbow II now because I used to all the marker colors and I love the snowflakes and the hearts now I just have to give honor her shirt oh I love it thank you aw no what are you doing here kristef saw you shopping here he said that you were making me something oh I love it so much I was so excited to try it on I just put it right over my shirt that I was wearing Oh aw I'm so happy you liked it you're the best sister EVER all right so you can totally make your own airbrush designs how whoo is that it awesome all right I hope you cookies enjoyed this a Barbie airbrush designer Lou and one lucky cookie fan is actually gonna be able to airbrush their very own designs I actually have this set right here from one of my cookie fans this will be my next freebie on my website all the info will be out right here so this will be the freebie for next week with a sneak peek for you don't forget to airbrush happiness into your life always every single day in design life your way cookie fans I will see you in my next video bye cookies yep that's right you can airbrush any design you want that is so cool Elsa so Barbie got a rainbow unicorn dress yep that's right so what color was the unicorn airbrushed ah I can't remember it was either blue pink orange or purple what color was Barbies unicorn

TFTP Server Users: Try Engineer's Toolset

TFTP Server Users: Try Engineer's Toolset

hello josh stevens here head geek at SolarWinds as a network engineer i use a lot of different free tools and applications to help me do my job every day some of my favorite are the ones with solar winds including the real-time netflow traffic analyzer and the new IP SLA monitor but of all the different tools out there by far the most commonly download and most popular is actually the free tftp server now if tftp is actually a protocol that a lot of us use to do I OS and firmware pushes to devices or do config management tasks and if you're doing these types of tasks then you're probably a network engineer or network administrator and you know there are a lot of different things you need to do as a part of your daily job that are above and beyond what a free tftp server can do and that's really where the engineers toolset comes in now engineers toolset its collection of tools that actually help you do your job more effectively as an engineer there are tools for doing config management on Cisco devices for doing IP address management and subnetting and DNS analysis of course there are some discovery applications I like my favorite IP network browser and of course which port mapper which you've probably heard about lots of different tools great great collection there but really what I want to talk to that today is a new workspace to do that you see on the screen now workspace studio is actually a new feature in engineers toolset version 10 and it lets you create these customized workspaces to make trouble shooting a lot easier let me show you how it works I'm going to go to create a new tab or word space and i'm going to rename this something relevant let's say I'm troubleshooting you know accounting server issues because of people on accounting may be calling you saying that they're having server issues of the network seems slow and you want to troubleshoot that now once you've done that all you do is go grab some gadgets that you want to use and simply drag and drop those gadgets right onto the word space I know I'm going to go ahead and grab just a handful of them here and let's just grab for instance while Rattata response time chart now once you've done that to get started what you do is you drag and drop the devices that you want to put in the gadgets over on the gadgets and dynamically now it will start collecting the data you need so it's very very easy to troubleshoot and diagnose issues again all I do is drag and drop these devices right over on top of the gadgets in a way we do now once I've done that I can very quickly see where I'm having the performance issues let me go ahead and bring you up response time chart for these devout these guys and start to notice you know specifically where the issues might be now I can save this so the next time someone from accounting calls it says hey you know dude we're having a problem the server slow rather than get started from scratch all I have to do now is go up under my save tabs and click on accounting server issues and it will launch that data for me start collecting it real time make it very easy to analyze you know in a lot of ways the engineers toolset it's sort of like if you took all of our free tools together you know put them on steroids and let them lift weights for a while they get really big and strong it's a great collection of applications a great collection of tools and the best part is you can actually go to solar winds calm right now and just click on products and then go find the engineers toolset and download it for free and try it out now the evaluation will work for 14 days you can actually extend that but even if you don't buy it will fall back to a free tool set at the end and there's still a tremendous amount of value there so again it's josh stevens here with solar winds talking about tftp server a great application by itself but how much more you can do with a toolset locked our engineers toolset thanks a lot have a great day

Drupal 8 - How To Add Map Locations With Geolocation Field Module

Drupal 8 – How To Add Map Locations With Geolocation Field Module

hey guys in this tutorial I will show you how to add maps with markers so the geolocation field module has a release so let's use that and if you are using the Drupal 7 version there is an extra module called geolocation fields to get this common map functionality and actually that's for the development version so let's use that for this tutorial ok so let's install it and now go to any content type and add a field to it select geolocation let's allow multiple values and save settings you can see that the default formatter is like this but we will change it later so go to manage form display and here we can change the widget the Google geo coder so this is the map where we can select those locations in the map so now if I add article I can select markers for it and here we can see the coordinates but obviously we want to show the map locations so many to display and select the format the Google map and there are some options here but let's just save this for now and now we have these two locations saved here and I added another location note with one map marker and we can so all these map markers in one map with views so let's create a view we list articles create a page at a menu link to the main navigation and save and edit and select the format – geolocation common map and in the settings we need a cheer location source field so for that we need to add at least one geolocation field and we have the map field in the article content type so let's add that and you can leave the formatter as it is and now in the settings here we have the map as a source field save this now let's call it the markers page so now you can see all those locations in one map so this is pretty cool functionality and there are a bunch of settings you can change and formatting settings here like which type of map you want to see the default width and height and so the bigger the zoom level the closer the map gets if we select zero that shows the whole earth alright that's it thanks for watching thumps up if you liked this video see you in the next tutorial bye you

SketchUp - Möbelbau leicht gemacht mit HolzWerken (1/2)

SketchUp – Möbelbau leicht gemacht mit HolzWerken (1/2)

Hallo und herzlich willkommen Zumsteg
auf und schob 3 2 im folgenden wird ein kleiner Hocker Stück für Stück
zusammengesetzt ganz wenig wie sie es auch eine Werkstatt tun Stoffers ist der
Schock und wen sie unter Vorlage auswählen die Vorlage Produkte sein und
Holzarbeiten anschließend SketchUp verwenden bringen sie mir doch das komme der
Zukunft oder äste speichern eine neue Zeichnungen geben sie also
zwei Namen Rocco ein mit Ansicht und Symbolleisten den großen Funktion
sorgt einschalten wählen sie mit Kamera die für die
3d-konstruktion günstigere Parallele Projektion zeichnen sie mit Rechteck ein Quadrat
und dem sie per Tastatur die Abmessungen 30 Semikolon 30 Uhr ein und wen sie
alles zeigen Button ziehen bringt das Quadrat in die
Höhe die sie dann mit der Eingabe 20 90 manuell präzisieren wem sie erneut alles zeigen weisen sie anschließend mit dem
Maßband die Stirnseiten in drei gleichen Teile so Rohr Blick auf die Linke Stirnseiten kannte
dortige zieht nach innen ziehen und zehn eingeben wiederholen sie dies mit der rechten
Stirnseite kannte ziehen sie mit Linie entlang der östlichen 2 li und fange sie sich dabei auf die
markierten steht Punkte im Modus drücken ziehen klicken sie auf
die Klinke Fläche und Rücken diese nach unten und geben 30 ein für die Rechte Fläche wiederholen sie das ganze so das anzapfen entsteht sie können sich dabei auf die Linke
Fläche fahren für die Verstrebungen viele noch zwei Bogeys Reisen sie mit Bars Band von der
Unterkante in eine höchst Linie an und geben sie 209 jetzt Kreis wählen und mit dem Cursor
über die Liebste jene fahren bis Kitsch ab sich auf die Mittelachse fängt bestimmte die Kreismitte und geben sie den Rades auch treiben mit drücken ziehen und Eingabe 20 senkt sich der Kreis in die Fläche die zweite Bohrung drehen sie den Staub
zuvor mit rotieren so dass sie die andere Seite sehen wiederholen sie jetzt einfach die
vorherigen Schritte der Hauptstadt von unten ist jetzt 8
sich zunächst über dem Preis zeichnen
anschließend bedrohten ziehen unter Eingabe 20 in die Fläche versenken mit letzte Ansicht hierin sieht zu vorherigen Ansicht
zurück Ansicht technisch Thiel anschließend
Röntgen erleichtert die Kontrolle der bisherigen Angaben der fertige starb wird nur noch zu einer
Gruppe zusammengefasst mit aus Walding ganz Stock einrahmen erscheint in Blau mit einem Rechtsklick das ganze
gruppieren bewegen sie den Neustart mit schwenken ein Stück nach links damit sie Platz
für den Chören haben zeichnen sie mit richtig ein eben
solches beginnend etwa an der Rothenburg Selina
und geben sie 30 Semikolon zwar ab 50 ein Brücken ziehen bringt das Rechteck in die Höhe die sie mit 30 präzisieren jetzt wird geschlitzt dazu wiederholen
sie einfach die Schritte bei der TopTen Erstellung also Dreiteilung der Stempel mit dem
Maßband die Iren ziehen und hier nun die Fläche in der Mitte
mit Brücken ziehen und dem wird 30 versenken für den Schritt auf der
gegenüberliegenden Seite drehen sie den Querulant zuvor mit
rotieren so das sieht diese sehen wiederholen sie einfach die vorjährigen
Schritte Dreiteilung der Stirnfläche mit dem
Maßband anschließend Linien ziehen und hier auch wieder die Fläche in der
Mitte mit Brücken ziehen und im Wert 30 versenken mit letzte Ansicht kehren sie zum vorherigen Ansicht
zurück der quer Rollen bekommt seine Bohrungen
so mit dem Maßband 50 von der linken
kannte ein Hilfsteam ziehen dann wie Vorhängen «ein Kreis mit dem Rad ist hier
zeichnen und mit der TVA 20 in die Fläche versenken diese Boll lässt sich leicht Kopieren dazu muss jedoch zuvor mit schwenken und
zoomen so groß gezoomt werden dass ich möglichst bequem auf die
Kreismitte fangen können mit groß werden die Bohrung anschließend komplett um
schließen verschieben Kopieren wählen und Denker so über die «Proms»
Hoffnung führen soll das Ketchup die Kreismitte nicht
auf Anhieb erkennen können sie mit schwenken und zoomen nachhelfen wenn Mittelpunkt erscheint fangen sie
sich mit der linken Maustaste darauf mit der Control Taste gedrückt erscheint ein Plus am kürzer die entsprechenden entstandene Kopie
entlang der Grünen Raum Sachse bewegen JEM sich 50 ein danach 3 Dix worauf die Wogen einem Abstand von 50
Millimetern drei mal kopiert wird der komplette quer heulen wird wieder
Staub zuvor markiert und gruppiert

Foundation for Responsive Web Design Tutorial - 2 - Grid System

Foundation for Responsive Web Design Tutorial – 2 – Grid System

alright guys so before I start teaching you guys all of the different things that you can add to your webpage the menus the buttons the pictures all that fun stuff I want to take a second and explain exactly what this stuff is that's included in the template so we have a little bit better understanding of our starting point now to be honest most of the stuff is just to make Internet Explorer work properly since internet explorer is kind of a weird browser and it's a pain in the butt for web designers so that's what this is and as you can see I added a little comment normalize that CSS and moderniser so normalize and moderniser these are just libraries that were built to help with Internet Explorer and other browsers um be compatible so in other words whenever we design a website we want it to look the same on every single browser so people built these things and then we can just include them really easily so you know we don't have to go to manually and that's what all this stuff is of course this foundation not CSS file just the basic styling the default styling for the components of course if we ever want to make our own buttons that look different we can do that as well and the last thing are the script tags right here and they just include jQuery and some of the built-in JavaScript that you need for foundation and I'll show you guys why you need JavaScript later on whenever I show you guys like the cool pop-ups and stuff that you can use but basically this is our starting point in most of the code that we're going to be typing is just going to go right in here right after your first body tag simple enough so again this is our starting point a blank slate let's go ahead and do something so before i start popping a bunch stuff in there's one key concept that you need to remember whenever you make a responsive website it's going to be based on a grid system and by grid of course I just mean rows left and right in columns up and down now you can have as many rows as you want so the more rows that you have of course the longer or taller your web page is going to be but whenever you use columns you always have to have twelve columns I'm going to repeat that because it's really important whenever you use foundation whenever you make any webpage using foundation it's based on a twelve column layout so you can have unlimited number of rows but only twelve columns now you don't actually have to have like twelve individual columns so for example if you only wanted a left menu and content on the right then you could say that your left menu is like four columns wide and your right is eight columns wide so you have two sections if you just want to have one big section then you're just going to have one column that's 12 wide so you can't go over 12 and you can combine them in any way you want and that's where we're going to see right now so like I said the first thing that we always need is a row so for this example it's going to be really easy we're just going to make a single row and in order to define row we just say class row so hey foundation we're about to make a row so now it says okay if you're using foundation you need to follow one rule you need to have 12 columns so I'm going to make a div and I'll just say uh let's do 4 6 and 2 so 12 so 4 and I might as well do it this way so whenever you make your first column what you do is you say class medium and see all these things medium – 10 medium – 12 this is saying how wide is this column going to be well the first one first one is just going to be 4 so my first column is going to be 4 wide so since we needed 12 we have 8 more to take care of so I'm going to say 6 and 2 so 6 6 and 2 and 2 just like that now we actually need to add one other class these and that is columns so this div right here is going to span four columns this one right here is going to spend six and this one right here is going to span two now if I just run this right now it's going to be a little bit difficult to see what's going on so I'm actually going to add one other background color just so it's really easy to see and I'll just be like background Oh light blue so let me just set this one the light blue this won't be like light uh salmon and this one will just be like light green look at this you see it gave me the suggestions whenever I started typing but then when it popped up for me it said there's a typo in it well Chet brings you shouldn'ta gave me the freaking suggestion if there's a typo in it that's your problem all right so check it out so we made one row as we can see right here and the reason that they are different widths is because even though this is twelve columns this div right here spans four of them this one spans six in this one spans two and like I was saying if you just want to have one main column then what you can actually do is cut this and change this to twelve and check it out so you can either have twelve that take up one arm you can either have you know one big column that take up salt all twelve if you want to have it exactly split then just have six and six or whatever you want to do that's up to you so actually let me just go ahead and do this right now to show you guys a little bit clearer what's going on so for the first row I'm going to make all my columns different and for the second row I'll just um have a layout that's divided exactly in half so I'll be like light gray for this so check it out and of course in here what we would do is we typically put our items and I'll show you guys all that different items you can add later on so maybe in this too if we wanted our navigation on the right would add all our navigation items if we wanted some heading in this one we could do that whatever we want to do but remember whenever you're working with websites in foundation every single layout is going to be composed of rows however many you want and inside those rows you're going to have twelve columns so make sure that your columns add up to twelve so there you go we're now ready to move on to some more advanced stuff it's going to be awesome see you next video