Transport Tracker Solution for Google Maps – Geocasts

Transport Tracker Solution for Google Maps – Geocasts

SPEAKER: Google Maps
offers you a wealth of data for building
location-aware apps. Let’s take a look at a solution
for location-aware apps, a transport tracker. This gives you a
complete solution for understanding where your
various vehicles, such as buses or trucks, are at
any given time. What does a system for
transport tracking look like? Well, first of all, there
are the vehicles themselves. You need to understand how
to report on their location, how to store their
location in a database, and get real-time updates
from that database. How to display the
vehicle locations on a map, how to style
that map, and how to administer the whole system. The Transport Tracker
solution will teach you how to build all of this,
including the map where all of your assets
are, a mobile app that reports on the location
of the vehicles, and the back end that
ties everything together. In particular, the back end
receives real-time updates of the vehicle locations and
sets up the display panels for use by the front end. You’ll learn through
tutorials and documentation, with a full reference
implementation in open source. With this, you’ll have
the basis for building any kind of asset-tracking
solution using the full suite of tools
available for Google Maps. Learn more at developers.googl

19 thoughts on “Transport Tracker Solution for Google Maps – Geocasts”

  1. Solutions like these have already been pulled off w/o this service. You can build this from scratch for free.

    IT is still nice to see an API solution tho, saves a bunch of time. I wonder else could be morphed into an API format.

  2. As far as I understand the Google Maps Terms Of use, asset tracking is not covered by the free usage tier. It requires the purchase of an expensive enterprise license ?

  3. They unfortunate failure issue with tracking apps is that they're unreliable in cities – generally where the greatest use case demands accuracy.

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