Update 1.8 Review: Daily Missions, Statistics, and Frontline

Update 1.8 Review: Daily Missions, Statistics, and Frontline

Update 1.8 for
World of Tanks is approaching. This video will tell you how daily
missions replaced the Reward for Merit, what rewards await
for completing them, how session statistics changed,
when you can go to Frontline, and how you can get
the rarest vehicles for Expedition. Learn about all
the new features right now! Daily Missions With Update 1.8, Daily Missions
will replace the Reward for Merit. There are three missions
with varying degrees of difficulty. You can view the missions’ conditions
and their rewards in the Garage. This way, you know right away
what you need to do in battle to achieve the desired result. The higher the mission difficulty,
the bigger the reward. All three missions
are completed simultaneously. If you don’t like one of them, you can change its conditions
once every four hours. If you don’t manage
to complete them in 24 hours, the missions will be
transferred to the next day. And the completed missions
will change to new ones. Depending on the mission category,
you can get the following rewards: an Automatic Fire Extinguisher,
Large First Aid Kit or Large Repair Kit, credits, random blueprint fragments,
Bonds, Free Experience, or Crew Books. When all three
missions are completed, a fourth bonus mission will become
available until the end of the day. Its condition will be more challenging,
but it can earn you a bigger prize. It can be credits, Free Experience,
random blueprint fragments, Bonds, a slot in the Garage,
or a Demounting Kit. Points are credited for
completing the daily missions, including the bonus mission, and also missions provided
by World of Tanks Premium Account. One mission equals one point. Once a special bar is filled, you can get 100 Bonds and one
of the following possible rewards: Personal Reserves for Experience,
a Universal Training Manual, or a day of World of Tanks
Premium Account. More information
about daily missions is available in the article
on the official website. Session Statistics In Update 1.8, session statistics
became even more detailed. New parameters were added: victory rate, average number of
enemy vehicles destroyed or spotted, average vehicle tier for the
session, and the survival rate. You can adjust the
session statistics as you like to see only
the parameters you need. For example, keep only the parameters
useful for the time being. There can be no more than 7 of
them displayed at the same time. You can also select one of two options
for showing economic parameters: displaying the amount of credits and
Bonds taking into account all spending, and then the general
amount of earned currency. Or vice versa to focus on the
general income for the session. Additionally, the option of not resetting
your statistics each day appeared, as well as the option
of saving the last selected tab. These new features are aimed
at making session statistics more in-depth and
personalized for every player. Frontline Some time after the release of
Update 1.8, on March 9 to be precise, the first of four
Frontline stages will start. The mode kept its rules,
but its details changed. Both maps, Normandie and Kraftwerk,
underwent balance changes. The mechanics of deployment
on the battlefield were also improved. Now you can choose
one of several points. This will let you control your
respawn position on the map based on the battle situation
and your vehicle’s capabilities. The Airstrike combat reserve is now
more different from Artillery strike. The wait time before the
air strike itself was reduced, and it’s now easier to cause maximum
damage to lightly-armored vehicles. The progression
changed significantly. In each of the four Frontline stages, there will be 15 levels
with rewards instead of 30. You still earn Frontline Experience depending on the rank you received in
battle and move along the progression. There are no Prestige levels. After you reach Level 15, special
daily missions will become available, which you can
complete during one stage. Frontline is a part of
Expedition, a bigger event. After Frontline, Steel Hunter will be
launched in the second half of the year. In addition to many other rewards,
you can also receive special tokens. You can exchange
them for these Tier IX tanks: The Object 777 Version II,
Char Futur 4, or AE Phase I. You will be able to get one of them
after the four Frontline stages. Visit the game’s website to learn
more about the changes to Frontline. That’s all for now! Enter the game,
complete new daily missions, adjust your session
statistics as you like, and prepare
for the massive Expedition. Good luck on the battlefield!

44 thoughts on “Update 1.8 Review: Daily Missions, Statistics, and Frontline”

  1. Im done playing this shit WG you playing on me i had a 23 lose streak ffs…. giving me shit teammates

  2. ping 문제나 해결해라, 한국서버를 만들던가, 요즘 쉬고 있다. 그리고 자주는 2대만 게임하게 하고, 3자주 너무 하지 안냐? 끝으로 나는 월래 모드 없이 게임 했는데 모든 모든 없에고, 핵(증진) 너무 많다.

  3. How about adding more new cool modes instead of just new op Premium tanks. Like why did you remove the battle Royale mode for? That’s the only mode I actually have actually had fun in for a long time.

  4. またフロントラインとか言う糞ゲーが始まるのかぁ・・・名人様しか行かねぇよ

  5. Make the mashine Guns in tanks funkcioning. Pls tanks are males and females. They use machine Guns in WW1. And now they still have machine Guns. Fix that.

  6. As long as you don't nerf my Defender, i'm glad. Warfronts are so easy in it i play em drunk ! €njoy !

  7. Ok… but how many points I need to get level 15 now? In 2019 I needed 30,500 points to get level 30. I can't find any information for this year about this.

  8. Like, every single one of the last 6 or so patches have been incredibly boring and pointless with almost no new content of any kind. Double Barrel tanks have… basically been it.

  9. we neeed premium tank like a obj 279, to rape f2p player, don't buff tiger2,is4,and so on bcause its just for poor people,make this game easy for who feed ur children and make ur company rich!!

  10. New Daily mission system looks like a great simple change. Session statistics rework, again a great little change. Front-lines never interested me and I only ended up play a several battles on each iteration before getting bored but will give it another go this time and see if these changes make it any more appealing. I'm not holding my breath however.

  11. the game is not working after this new update. nothing is working, game starts but cant start the battle, cant open any tabs on top the our tanks are no where to be seen even u cant quit the game the pc needs to be restarted, very very third grade third class update from wargaming till yesterday the game was good and working fine. why did you do this WG.

  12. When u realize, winning a game does not depend on u r skill but on RnG and Payment. U Uninstall the game. but u wasted too much Time. Fu*k U Wot

  13. Would it kill you to have a Czech, Polish, Swedish, or Chinese reward vehicle? How old is this game and why are the best vehicles limited to the same nations? And when are you balancing tanks like your promised us TWO YEARS ago? You keep adding new content and not fixing old problems, then you make new problems…like this stupid wheeled vehicle line

  14. But all this bling won't change the fact that the game is still pay to win will it morons??????????????????????????????????????????

  15. Yeah no lets not balance the game! Just keep releasing pointless updates! Tier 5, 6 and10 are unplayable at the moment, unbalanced vehicles everywhere, but what does wg do.. they give away even more of those tanks to keep people playing boring ass gamemodes and missions. This company is a fucking joke ^^

  16. so 1,8 brings daily missions worth nothing and mores stats in the stats button? money well spent WG well done no Tank rewards this month either. Some one needs a promotion GG

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