Using The Reason Rack Plugin In Logic Pro X – The Best Of Both Worlds? | Reason 11

Using The Reason Rack Plugin In Logic Pro X – The Best Of Both Worlds? | Reason 11

So, the Reason Rack Plugin for Logic Pro X
is here. The Reason Rack Plugin comes as a part of
Reason 11 and allows us to use all of Reason’s sounds and effects inside the DAW of our preference. For me, I’ve always had an affection for
the sounds of Reason the samples and the synths, it’s what I grew up with. Yet I prefer to arrange and mix inside of
Logic Pro X. The Reason Rack Plugin allows us to combine
the two DAWs and now makes that workflow a whole lot more streamlined. Reason Studios provided me with an early copy
and have sponsored this video so that I may provide you, an overview of the plugin, when
used inside of Logic Pro X. Reason 11 has a 30 day free trial. It’s the full version, with all of its instruments,
loops, effects and of course, the Reason Rack Plugin itself. So this is not a review so to speak, today
I’m here to show you its features and how it can be used inside of Logic Pro X. So inside of Logic we can add the Reason Rack
as an Instrument. Where we can add multiple Reason instruments. Effects. Players and utilities. And hook them up via Reason’s open cabling
to design the very sounds we hear in our heads or to experiment and hope for the best. This same open cabling allows us to route
audio out of the Reason Rack Plugin and into Logic Pro X however we like. We can use it to create multi-output instruments,
like for our drum machine here. Or to create a split keyboard mapping multiple
instruments across the keyboard and routing them out to separate Logic channels. Great for live performance, string quartets
and things of that nature. But it also allows us to pull in audio from
any track and use it to create new instruments. Here i’m pulling in audio from a sample
on another track and using it as the modulator for my vocoder. And a synth here as the carrier, playing the
chords. This open cabling allows us to create many
number of custom racks to achieve things, we would often be hard pressed to achieve
in other DAWs or it would be difficult or long winded to achieve, I might add. Check out this Trap Hat Kit I made in a few
minutes by using a Kong Drum Machine and hooking the CV out from each channel into its own
arpeggiator. I put these devices inside of a combinator,
where I was able to define what notes trigger each arpeggiator. Hook these up to some smart controls in Logic
Pro X and you’ve got yourself a comprehensive note repeater. I managed to achieve this in Logic Pro X but
it took many days of hacking to figure out. The Reason Rack Plugin also comes with an
effects plugin that we can use as an insert on MIDI, audio and aux channels. We can use one Reason effect or many in a
chain working from top to bottom. In the same fashion the audio that comes into
the Rack is effected by whatever is above it in the chain. But we can also use Logic’s side chain feature
to pull in audio from another track similar to my vocoder example. This is perfect for Sidechain compression. We can load a compressor into our track and
have it only trigger when the kick plays for example. So the workflow is a little longer than say
with individual effects plugins but it’s fair to say we have more freedom on what we
do with that audio coming in to the rack from the second track. As I briefly touched on earlier, we can use
Logic’s smart controls in conjunction with the Reason Rack Plugin and define what prerameters
we’d like to control. This can be useful in sound design if you
prefer a more hands on approach and of course automation. And Logic’s smart controls presents an easy
way for us to do this. And of course we can save our Racks in numerous
ways, to use in our sessions going forward. As patches which combine any smart controls
with instruments and effects into a single file we can easily load from within Logic
Pro X itself. We can save the racks at the instrument or
effects level and access them both respectively within the library. Or we can save our channel strips. For the moment the Reason Rack does not support
MIDI out, so although we have the players and can create some amazing things with them,
they’re limited to only working with the sounds inside the rack. This means we can’t use these players for
Logic Pro X stock sounds or other third party sounds. This all means we cannot yet copy drum patterns
from the Redrum into Logic’s arrange window. And this is why I didn’t touch on the Redrum
itself because it’s a great step-sequencer and far better that what Logic has in my opinion. For those keen on aesthetics we have the option
to change the theme of the plugin as we can inside of Reason Standalone, default, blue
and dark. And we also have a few other minor settings
to alter the experience to taste. All in all, if you’re somebody that uses
Reason and Logic Pro in conjunction, well i’m surprised you’ve gotten this far in
the video as I’m sure you can see how the Reason Rack inside of Logic Pro X can drastically
streamline your workflow. But, if you’re a pure Logic Pro 10 user
looking to vastly expand your sound library or plugin collection in one fail swoop. Then the Reason Rack Plugin gives you another
serious option to consider. The workflow capabilities it introduces is
one thing, but the vast amount of quality sounds and plugins you get is also something
else to keep in mind. Again, it comes with a 30 day free trial so
if I were you, plus if you’re watching this between the 22 of November and 2 of December
2019 then you can also enjoy $100 off Reason 11 and Reason 11 Suite, so if I were you i’d
take full advantage of the demo and give it a try. I’ve been Stefan and as always, Happy Beat Making.

23 thoughts on “Using The Reason Rack Plugin In Logic Pro X – The Best Of Both Worlds? | Reason 11”

  1. Hi Stefan! Love your videos and instructionals <3 I bought reason 11 a month ago and I have the newest version of logic pro x. Where do i get the rack plugin? Do I already have it? How do i open it up in logic pro x?

  2. Hi Stefan! In the video you mentioned you get $100 off of an upgrade if you're watching the video. I'm running the trial right now. How do I get $100 off? Thanks!

  3. Is there any way of using the virtual computer keyboard with the Reason Rack Plugin rather than a MIDI synth?

  4. I think mainstage users will gain the most from this. I moved over to Windows about a year ago because I really wanted touchscreen. I went from using mainstage to GigPerformer3. I have Reason 11 studio since the day it released. Using all the sounds and effects of Reason in a multi-timbral out enviroment is great for live use easy layering with multi audio outs from within the Rack VST. If I was still a mainstage user this is an amazin addon. It really does need midi out. I know there is talk of some workarounds on the forums with audio to CV out and CV i/o rack extension. I did not look into it. I think Propellerhead should consider a VST only version to make it cheaper for those not using the Reason DAW. All in all, I updated, I am using the VST Rack side of Reason and loving it.

  5. Anybody else struggling with Reason Rack plugin overloading CPU meter in LPX? I can barely add one or two instances of rack and the CPU will just creep up and then start to crackle and drop sounds. It's worthless… Running 2014 Macbook Pro, which despite its age runs 30-50 tracks regularly in LPX, or Reason Stand Alone for that matter. Cheers

  6. But where's the copy button on the dr octorex because I still have to use reason to use my favourite device that does not work in the reason rack which is pointless to tell you the truth because I bet you couldn't replay a rex sample In logic like you can in reason because theres no copy button so i still have to use reason 10 so that makes it useless to me completely useless

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