Watch Me Design a Logo: Using Adobe Illustrator & Procreate

Watch Me Design a Logo: Using Adobe Illustrator & Procreate

I thought I would show you how I design
a logo I’m going to talk you through this logo that I made it’s this one here
I made it for my friend Beth and she is a freelance photographer and wanted a
nice girly yet professional logo but I actually got Beth to send me a selection
of screenshots of logos that she had seen that she liked the look of because
that helps me gauge the idea of what my client wants and I kind of combine those
ideas into a logo I’ve also done a few different videos like this now so I
will leave the playlist link on screen and in the description if you want to
check out more logos that I’ve designed and how I go about my life as a graphic
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into it so this is the email I got from Beth I noticed she quite liked the look
of the circular logos and like nice flowing text maybe some flowers it was
all very cute and girly but professional as I said so from these I kind of picked
out the ones that drew my attention and that kind of had something in common so
I narrowed it down a little bit and picked the ones that I thought would fit
really nicely together and then what I do is take that in to procreate which I
use on my iPad pro with the Apple pencil and I’ll do some sketches so I used to
sketch logo ideas on paper but ever since I’ve had my iPad I get to save
paper and I like that I can have a JPEG version of my sketches that I can just
send straight to my laptop and then trace and copy from there you’ll see
what I’m gonna do so you can see here that I am just sketching out a few
different ideas initially I wanted to go with kind of a scroll calligraphy style
of font I couldn’t work out the spacing of it I was trying to work out over to
do it in a square in a circle in an oval I went back and forth quite a lot and
then I found that kind of chopping the circle in half and drawing some flowers
worked really nice and actually you’ll see that the final logo design isn’t
even on this sketch because I adapted it as I got into illustrator once I’ve done
in procreate I will go into Adobe Illustrator so I just saved the file out
and send it straight to my MacBook I love the airdrop feature on iPads and
Mac books and stuff honestly I air drop things to myself at least 10 times every
single day so now I am in Adobe Illustrator with my sketches on the
right hand side just for reference I’m gonna pick up a bunch of different
styled b’s I just basically went through the text option and looked at
all the different styles and then I created outlines so I could adjust them
if you’re familiar with Adobe Illustrator you’ll know what create
outlines is but if you do want me to do a video on that in a bit more detail and
a bit slower and let me know and I’ll do that for you but I’m just creating a big
letter B and typing around it in a circle as you can see so I’ve just
written Beth B photography around it and I’m playing around with the
different placements originally I was gonna try and do just a single B in the
middle i was mirroring a style of logo that Beth sent me by like chopping bits
of the letter out but it just looks a bit naff so you’ll see that I’ve
played around with this a few times I ended up adding the background changing
the color but no matter how many times I looked at it it was annoying me so I
decided to abandon the idea and go back to a different one so yeah I’m just
doing type on path tool which I do have a tutorial of so if you want to know how
to type around a circle I can show you that but yeah I did that and then I’m
just changing the B’s in the middle so I’ve lined this B and again I was just
trying with the single letter but I didn’t I don’t know it was just
something looked a bit weird it looked really simple and like I had not really
tried very hard so that is when I decided to start doing the full name of
Beth b photography on the top and bottom and then the double B so this
kind of reflects what I used in my sketches in the beginning so this is
where the create outlines feature became super handy because I wanted to erase
just parts of that letter so as you can see I’m just deleting the bits that I
want to be hidden and I played around with this a lot you
can see that I spent a lot of time on this one because it was really
frustrating me and I couldn’t do it so I kept going back to it and having a bit
of a break and then revisiting it which i think is super important because being
cooped up in my office all day stressing about how bad the logo looked I wasn’t
going to make it look any better so I tried to like interlace the B’s so I did
a few different ways of doing this I kind of interlaced them a bit zoomed out
had a bit of a look undid everything I did and then started again and this
again took a while for me to kind of find a route that I liked I then gave up
and went back down to the striped b and decided to do a whole different
thing I think that’s what’s super important about logo design in it’s not
just I had an instant idea and made it and it looked fantastic it’s trial and
error I made a bunch of different copies of the logo as you can see and kept
playing around with it and you can see there I’m just erasing the B so it
kind of doesn’t show behind and I still wasn’t happy so here I am getting rid of
the fancy serifs on the edge of the front B which I thought looked quite
cool this was when I was getting a bit of a breakthrough then I erased the
lines with the just a razor tool so it interlaced between the other one does
that even make sense I feel like at this point I’m just talking nonsense but if
you’re still with me congratulations you can deal with my nonsense so yeah I
decided to go with this interlaced B it overlaps just in one spot and it looks
really cute I think it was anyway and then I filled it in I ended up painting
it in because I don’t know why I think I must have lost my mind at this point
but when I zoomed out it still looked a bit weird so I dragged over the copies
of the logo that I liked the look of the most studied them for a long time and
then decided that I liked the one on the right hand side so I’m copying just that
one down and editing that as I go so I wanted to refine this logo and make it
look a bit better I go through this process quite a lot I will
play around with a bunch of different designs and then when I get to one I
like I will refine it and make sure it is perfect which is what I am doing on
screen right now so once I’ve got my design that I like the look of I
actually saved it as a PNG file so it had a transparent background and put it
back in to procreate because I wanted to create some kind of floral flourish of
some sort and I find it a lot easier to draw stuff like that in procreate
because it is like drawing on a piece of paper and back in procreate and I am
attempting to draw this flower it took me a few attempts I couldn’t really work
out what I wanted to draw but that’s what I love about procreate I don’t need
two rub anything out I can just press the undo button and draw it all over
again I make sure I have the gel pen tool on for this one and I also have
upped the streamline settings I have done a video on procreate and tips on
how I use it so again I’ll link that on screen if you want some more information
but you can see here that I’ve done the basic outline and then changed the width
of my pen and did some finer details and then I was actually really happy with
this it didn’t take me long to draw at all which surprised me and I basically
duplicated it flipped it over and then it was ready for the other side of the
image and now it’s time to copy the flowers that I drew back into
Illustrator so again I just saved the flowers as pngs and send it over to
illustrator so to make these flowers more clear and scalable I brought it in
to illustrator and then created outlines so I went into object image trace and
turned a flat JPEG drawing into a vector so once I have my vector I’m just
getting rid of all the bits I want and now this flower I can scale up and down
and it won’t get blurry at any point and then I’m just mirroring it leveling them
up and I have my pretty little flowers I’m very happy with this so here you can
see I’m just doing the two different versions so I just changed the text size
so it fit together well and made the finished logo and this is the final logo
I’m super happy with it I actually ended up doing two different versions of it we
did one that said Beth b photography and one that said b Barker photography
because Beth couldn’t decide which one she wanted so I just sent her both and
she can decide that at a later date but I think it suits really nice it’s something that
will look quite nice on uniform on like social media and it’s still cute and
girly but professional so yeah I’m super happy that Beth asked me to do that logo
it was a nice fun little project I hope you enjoyed watching this video
hopefully you learned a few things from it let me know if you’d like to see any
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for watching and I’ll see you soon for another video bye

25 thoughts on “Watch Me Design a Logo: Using Adobe Illustrator & Procreate”

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