Welcome to Digital Marketing Made Easy Podcast with Rahul Dubey (LearnDigitalwithRahul)

Welcome to Digital Marketing Made Easy Podcast with Rahul Dubey (LearnDigitalwithRahul)

Hey Digital Learners, Rahul here from LearnDigitalwithRahul.com and welcome back to another episode. This video is repurposed form of an episode
from Digital Marketing Made Easy podcast. You can listen to this episode on iTunes,
Spotify, and other platforms including YouTube as well. So, without wasting any more time, enjoy listening
to this episode. Whether you want to sell a product or your
own skill sets, or maybe you want to grow your online business or simply build your
personal brand – whatever your requirements may be, you need to learn digital marketing
so that you can market and promote your products and services. Because without good marketing even the best
of products are nothing. Think about a person searching for his dream
job, he himself is basically a product and ideally, he’ll be selling his time, skills,
commitment, hard work, and much more. But here is the point, if the person doesn’t
know how to market himself, he wouldn’t be able to convince others to offer him a
job. Because you need to convince people in order
to convert them into action takers. If they don’t get convinced, they don’t
convert, it’s that simple. And, the sad reality is: if the person isn’t
successful at finding his job, the society or even he himself thinks of him as a failure. Well, this is just an example but can you
relate to this in your business? No matter how excellent product you have,
if you don’t convince people to buy – your product is a failure. And the converse of this statement is also
true: If your product is a failure, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad product, bad
marketing or no proper marketing may also be the reason for its failure. Now, you must be thinking that marketing is
everywhere, right? Well, if you ask me this question, my answer
would be: yes, obviously. And that’s not because I own LearnDigitalwithRahul.com
blog, a YouTube channel named LearnDigitalwithRahul, or even this Digital Marketing Made Easy Podcast
that you are currently listening to. The reason for my answer is: I see marketing
everywhere, whether that is the internet, blogs, social media, coffee shop, retail shop,
TV programmes, enjoying weekend, travelling outside, or even trying to convince my girlfriend
to hangout for a dinner, I see marketing everywhere. Because, that’s how it is. [Music] Hey everyone, I’m Rahul from LearnDigitalwithRahul.com
and a warm welcome to the very first episode of Digital Marketing Made Easy Podcast. I’m your host Rahul and I blog at LearnDigitalwithRahul.com. If you just asked, tell me more about yourself,
then here you go: I’m a blogger, digital marketer, tech enthusiast, affiliate marketer,
YouTuber, and much more – you may (literally) find me everywhere online. The reason for that is: I love teaching people
and helping them solve their problems – even if it’s a dirty technical problem. One of the biggest things I have achieved
so far is: I have created blogs with over 100 thousand dollars in revenue from Google
AdSense alone. For those who don’t know about Google Adsense,
it’s an Ad-Network run by Google which provides a way for website owners to earn money by
placing Google ads on their online content. You might be wondering how I turned a blank
WordPress installation into over a 100 thousand dollar revenue within my teenage, right? Well, I used the power of digital marketing
to start a blog from scratch and turn it into a cash pumping asset. Unfortunately, I had no money for paid marketing,
even I wasn’t knowing anything when I started, so I had to learn everything myself. But I’m glad that I could make it possible. And if I can do it, anybody can do it. That’s something I already teach in my Blogging
Mastery Course. If you go to Bloggingmasterycouse.com, you
may sign up for 7-days free mini-course to learn how to make a profitable blog that generates
passive income. Creating multiple successful blogs, popular
YouTube channels, and earning passive income is just one side of the coin, what’s more
important than these is: I’m a kind-hearted person who believes in good Karma. I learn something every day and share my learning
to help transform the lives of people like you. That’s what I’m already doing with my
blog articles, YouTube video tutorials, and now this podcast as well. In the last 5 years, my articles and videos
have touched over a million people’s lives and might have made a transformation in the
lives of hundreds of people, if not thousands. And now with Digital Marketing Made Easy podcast,
I’m on a mission to transform the lives of even more people – maybe someone who doesn’t
have time to read long-form boring articles, maybe someone who lives with limited data
plan and doesn’t have enough bandwidth to watch YouTube videos, especially people from
developing countries, or maybe someone who is visually challenged and can not do both. That’s the reason why I created Digital
Marketing Made Easy podcast. Now, talking about digital marketing, there
are multiple ways to market your products and services. But if you could categorise all
of them into just three, what would that be? For me, that would be:
#1. Readable form of marketing – something that people may read
#2. Visual form of marketing – something that people may watch or visualise
and #3. Audible form of marketing – something that people may listen to, like this podcast you
are currently listening to. You may find many marketing gurus talking
about everything marketing. But that’s not the case with me, I’m not
a guru, I’m just a learner who shares what he learns. I already do readable and visual form of marketing,
but if someone asks me about audible form of marketing – I wasn’t eligible to talk
about that because I didn’t have a podcast and I never did audible form of marketing
until now. So, how can I speak about something that I
never did myself? That’s what my beliefs are. Maybe because I belong to the land of Mahatma
Gandhi whose ideology is famous all over the world. Gandhiji said, “Be the change that you want
to see in this world” – So maybe it’s in my DNA that inspires me to “Be a podcaster
first before you teach others how to podcast”. So, it’s like an experiment for me, and
you are the most crucial part of this. On my journey to growing online business using
audible form of marketing, I’m learning a lot, and I believe that you’ll also learn
a lot. So make sure you subscribe, whether you are
listening on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Google Podcast or any other platforms. I promise to bring new episodes every week,
packed with actionable tips-tricks, and strategies to create profitable online businesses using
the power of digital marketing. So don’t forget to subscribe as that way
you’ll get instant notifications every time I upload new episode. By the way, before I sign off, let me tell
you a funny thing: Last week, I was discussing with my friend whether I should start this
podcast or not. I got immediate response that I’m not a
good entertainer, so I shouldn’t start a podcast. I asked, really? My friend responded: Yes. Now both of us silently ended the discussion. So let me ask you a question: Was this really
a boring episode? What do you think about this Podcast? Should I stop creating future episodes or
should I continue doing what I’m doing i.e. trying my best to help and transform people’s
lives without caring about what my friend thinks. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions
by rating and leaving an honest review on iTunes or other platforms wherever you are
listening to it. Your ratings and reviews will mean a world
for me and this will help me shape how this podcast will progress. With that being said, I’m Rahul signing off and I’ll talk to you in the next episode, maybe, hopefully. I hope you enjoyed this episode, if you want
more such online marketing lessons, be sure to subscribe to Digital Marketing Made Easy
podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or simply this YouTube channel. Thanks for watching!

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