What is Logo? Logo Design Course Class 1 in Urdu / Hindi

What is Logo? Logo Design Course Class 1 in Urdu / Hindi

Asalamualikum welcome to GFXMENTOR I am your teacher Imran and first of all happy Independence day (belated ) and belated Eid mubark I am back after many days but came back didn’t want any where . i was preparing somting … so today’s topic is ” what is logo?” ………. ……… most of the students knows very well that what is logo and how to make one many know about that and most of the student have no idea that what is logo and few student think that they know what is logo but they actually have no idea about logo and few students actually know what is logo but they think they don’t know about it so every thing is mixed up and i will try to solve this so then lets strat all right welcome back so i was reading a very book ”logo design love” find it on net or you can also buy a printed one and is written by a very excellent designer davud iry .. ary i don’t know how to pronounce his name but in this book they told a brilliant thing in introduction so i want to share that with you when you wake up in morning any brand basically logo is actually the face of a brand right and when you wake up in morning in about 30 to 60 mints you see a lot of logo designs and for example amm when I wake I usually see my phoe first and u can see a logo on this phone then in washroom on toothpaste obviously what ever toothpaste you use have a brand so you see a brand on soap you see a brand even your toothbrush have a brand right and so on form the start of your day with in first few mints you see 30 to 35 logos and they are involved so much in our life that some times we don’t even notice logos but we can recognize some thing or that brand or it’s use with it’s logo I like this brand or don’t like this brad it does not suit me! this identifcation is the logo now logo is not a new thing it is even used in ancient times for example in those times when there was no designing even people were not literate and at that time people ,on there animals like horse , cow what evere they mark them with a hot seal to show that this is my property or this is my animal with that you can say logo design was started this is symbol just remember that ever one can’t read a written word but symbols every one can recognize them a very simple example of that is on washrooms globally there are male and female icons see I am not saying that logos with icons are good i will come on that i will come on that i am saying that some times yours design becomes your identity just like your facebook profle or just like your signature or your initials when ever you do those initials or signature people understand who is it from so to understand this we will need to do detailed study many things i will discus time to time in future classes so like told your even in very first classes that logo design is not a peace of cake i said that because there is a lot of thought process behind this aaa you see in many logo in many famous logo like apple’s or nike’s and like….. fedex ,canon,sony these all or even cocacola all these didn’t became popular over night didn’t became successful over night no one becomes successful in one night some times it happens that the logo is very good but there is no work to make to make it famous or didn’t spent mony to make it famous thats why it doesn’t become famous whats ever remember every big brand spend a lot of money there logos are shown to you many times that’s they are popular other wise they didn’t had that much value so keep this in your mind that it is not like that if you made a very good logo it will defiantly get famous or it will not get famous you becomes frustrated thinking i worked so hard that’s totally out of the topic don’t think that why your design didn’t became famous ( No.1) No.2 see now these classes they will not be one or two maybe it will continue for long maybe for 4 or 5 classes definitely i will try to complete as soon as possible but there will be very long procedures but

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  1. People are considering you as a super human… lots of people ask you every time to start Adobe Premiere, After Effects and CorelDraw at the same time haha.. 😁😁 people don't know that how much effort it takes to prepare a single episode of each tutorial. Thanks SIR for your efforts and sharing the best content with us… keep doing…. lots of respect for you sir 🙏🙏

  2. sir mein graphic designing howa wo designing logo ka ho ya product ka ho , me her cheez mein perfect hona chahati hoon …aur i m sure ke apki classes le kar mein ik achi designer ban skti hoon ..thankyou so much for ur time to teach us designing 🙂

  3. Very Basics Information no one teach Like You, I Like Your Videos and Way of Talking, Thumbs Up for All Videos

  4. Sir mainy apki illustrator wali puri class dekhin hain but mainy abhi photoshop wali class ni dekhin to kia main pehly logo designing sekh skta hun ya pehly mujhe photoshop hi sikhna pre ga…???

  5. Assalam o Alaikum Sir ap ne boht acha photoshop aur illustrator sikhaya hy ap se request hy k plz plz corel draw sikhaye.

  6. Sir ager hum logo kise see design Kara rahe hai to logo final kerne see pehle Kya -2 precautions lene chahiye ???
    Kya logo designor Hume only logo he dega ya uske koe actual source bhe provide karega???

    Jisse TRADE MARK me problem na ho.

  7. Ache ache video ki view nehi barte funny videos ki tarah.. Seriously you have told such appreciable things about logos n logo designs.. ❤

  8. बहुत सारे लोगो को लोगो को नहीं पता….. hahaha you r good menter, thanks sir

  9. Sir kisi aik software se graphics designing seekh sakty hai?
    Aor kia ye mobile py b ki ja skkti hai aor plz freelancing per b video banna dyn…….

  10. Assalam.o.alaikum sir apki videos bohat helpful hoti hen or ap bohat ache se samjhate hen main graphic designing seekhna chahti hon thank God k ap jesa acha teacher Mila…God bless you sir…

  11. اسلام علیکم! لب یو سر. اللہ آپکے علم میں اضافہ فرما. آپکی سب ویڈیوز آن لائن واچ کرتا ہوں. آپکی ویڈیوز میں فوکس سٹوڈنٹ کو سمجھنے پر ہوتا ہے. جو کسی بھی ٹیوٹوریل میں نہیں ہوتا.
    ایک اور بات جو میں فیل کر رہا ہوں وہ یہ کہ آپکا مقصد ویورز کا ویوز نہیں ہوتا سٹوڈنٹس کا سمجھنا ہوتا ہے.
    ایک دفعہ پھر. آپ صرف پاکستان کے نہیں پوری دنیا کے ایک اچھے ٹیوٹر ہو.

  12. Sir mery fiverr teacher na apky channel ko suggest ke tu mei apke video daikh rha hn or fist time kaise ko like kar rha hn bcs apke samjhana bara clear hai ♥️ Allah apko tareke da

  13. Sir kindly teach me some good tips individual through mesgr about my photo shop, just reply u at another tutorial of ur answer must read!

  14. सर अगर कोई ज्यादा पढ़ा लिखा नहीं हो तों लोगों डिजाइनिंग में करियर है

  15. ustad g games kesy banti hy agr apko malom hoto pliz wo bi trening krwa dy or apna full inter viwe to krwaey kabi apne bachpan se ab tak

  16. I m doing communication designing from very big institution but i find your video to most and easy to understand i wish we could take live classes from you. You are power pack of my 2 teachers.

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