27 thoughts on “WHAT JAPAN? Culture Shocks Foreigners visiting Japan get”

  1. I'm a Native American from Canada!, Cree to be more precise when I was living in a dorm while in University I met students from Japan, when I told them who I was for some reason they became really excited and asked to take my photo. They kept saying " A real Canadian, the first one!" meaning my people were here in Canada long before European settlers came. I thought it was really neat to see their enthusiasm.

  2. Complain about Japanese people being indirect but if the Japanese were more direct, people would complain about being too direct.

  3. in western culture you can call your professor by their first name ? or in Canada ? because in France you can’t call your professor by their first name

  4. The professors and teachers deserve respect. I disagree that you should expect the prof on your level who has probably more knowledge than you. If you have more knowledge than the teacher what are you doing in the school? In Europe if you say the first name of the prof. its very rude. In the States or Kanada of course you can call however you want, depends on Dadys bankaccount or power thanx to wild liberalism. Should not be copied that way. School students shooting is more popular in US too.

  5. At the end Cathy mentioned being followed. I’m just curious, what is the end goal of the guy doing the following? I’m guessing to find out where she lives? I mean, he’s already creepy so it’s not like he’s going to strike up a conversation or anything.

  6. I don't think in western culture it's common to call a teacher by first name. Maybe where he comes from it's common. It also depends on the teacher. For me, if we called a teacher by first name than it would be seen as disrespectful or rude. So maybe in some western countries or places it's ok, but not in all.

  7. I don't know if it's really weird but when I was in Moscow visiting my girlfriend at the time I used the same cab service the whole time and would tip the driver ( and tour guide if I hired one for the day) and on the last day there the company gave me a bottle of Stoli . I thought that was really cool of them ( but of course if i tipped them like $15 USD that was like a months salary for them).

    The crazy driving in Moscow did shock me, cabs driving on sidewalks and cutting of trollies was common.

    Now Mexico, that was a shock just going over on a border town. Little kids no older than 8 following me trying to sell me cocaine, guy lying passed out ( at least I hope he wasn't dead, got away from it fast) naked in the middle of the street, couldn't go into a bar without every prostitute in town trying to solicit me, and at night the army patrols the streets with machine guns ( and if the stop you then you better have a bribe for them or your life is going to go to hell real fast), never want to go back there.

  8. I dont know where the first guy went to school in the west… but I never called my professors by their first name and I would be on time to class out of respect. Honestly, its pretty rude to not do those things anywhere.

  9. For me western education is not my type of education… really shocked after I transferred here in the US… I don’t do any assignments and the teachers are completely ok 😂

  10. I saw your video before about that, it’s creepy that someone would follow you. Btw great video and I missed the bloopers. 😅

  11. I’m kind of shocked some people in the states haven’t experienced the professor who hasn’t said “Just call me ___.” I had three professors here in Texas who preferred to be called by their first names. It depends on sometimes the gender, age, and how long they have been teaching. All three of them were older men, but their philosophy was more of eliminating the barriers between student and professional so that students feel more comfortable asking for help on exams or speaking in class. I never called them by their first names regardless. I am assuming that the Japanese professor thought that U.S. students couldn’t pronounce his last name so he went with his first name shortened. I called him “Professor Sugihara” even though he said it wasn’t necessary and then decided he was going to correct me one day pissed off for me to say “Dr. Sugihara” I’m not a fan of being informal, but some professors see their students in the same field as colleagues.

  12. 日本の場合、中心となっている宗教が3つある。神道、仏教、儒教、日本の教育、道徳教育は儒教が姿を変えたもの。当然上下関係がある。外国人が全く知らないのは3つ目の日本の宗教の存在。儒教こそが日本人に影響を与えた。しかし外国人は儒教が何かさえ知らない。

  13. 日本がおかしいと思った外人は母国に帰れ。


  14. I from United States and I find it funny that the college that is described in Japan is similar to the colleges my old high school teachers used to warn us about. But college in the US is different from the strictness described. Sure there are still university rules and respect for the teacher but if you are expected as an adult to handle yourself when it comes to turning in work and coming into class. Is there more emphasis on authority and respect over there?

  15. 日本がおかしいのではなくて「海外とは違う」というだけの話。

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