Why & How To Add Schema To Your WordPress Website For Better SEO & Visibility

Why & How To Add Schema To Your WordPress Website For Better SEO & Visibility

In this video but to talk about something
called schema right now me to show you what it is to try to explain to you why it is very
important to pay attention to it and then I’m gonna show you some tools that you can
use towards the end of the video on how to implement it on your site or your client sites
with ease so here is what schema is of you ever done a Google search and you might may
be a search for product and you see these stars here and there is a rating there were
maybe off to the side there’s all the specific product information a product image is some
of the specs of a particular product and then you scroll down and you have this top stories
where there is a variety of websites and their content is featured in a prominent way like
this or when you scroll down maybe there’s just some other random site was some reviews
stars in the Google search engine results all of these are examples of schema maybe
you have searched for some concert tickets and if you type in a search and you you scroll
down there’s these links here to specific events for this particular concert that you
might be looking for this is another example of schema and here’s actually better example
word list dates and it lists the event venue locations this also is schema let me show
you another potential scenario I’m a big fan of something called Sue V I cook a lot of
times this way so maybe it’s-Sue V recipe and you scroll down and you’re wondering how
do these get these review stars in the cook time and all of this additional information
this is schema okay and lastly maybe you are a web designer or web developer or your searching
for that you scroll down and you look at all of these websites now one of them has a schema
why I have no idea because it is so easy to add an implement to your website and this
is one of those services if you’re a web developer that you can add to your client’s websites
maybe charge them additional fee in order to implement this on their website imagine
if someone was doing the searching they scroll down which one would stand out probably the
one that might have some schema and might be showing some review stars along with it
all of these are examples of schema and not you might be thinking that schema really isn’t
that important and I just in this video want to impress upon you the importance of having
schema in your website every single website you touch needs to have schema and I want
to go through some of the misnomer’s of schema some of the misunderstandings people have
about it they think they already have but they really don’t want to go through all of
those in this video before I get too far in this video I want to introduce myself my name
is Adam from WPCrafter.com.com where I release a ton of content to help you get better results
with WordPress faster if you knew your consider clicking on the subscribe button if you don’t
want to miss a thing click on the belt and anything that I talked about in this video
will be linked in the video description down below okay so if I haven’t already impress
upon you the importance of this thing called schema and I want to show you that even though
you might think you have it you might not have it let me even pylon some future way
of looking at the need and importance for schema there was a recent article on search
engine journal and I recommend if you have a website or your making websites or people
you should really follow what some of the search engine related authority sites are
talking about and I came across this article actually just a few days ago and it talks
about the importance of voice search and how you need to start thinking along the lines
of your website and how to get a mesh in with voice search and I was also listening to a
video last week a very forward thinking guy named Gary Vaynerchuk was saying how really
the future is voices not video and his reasoning was you can listen to things you can use voice
when you’re doing other things you don’t have to be focused on it so voice is really important
especially with these devices that are coming out and essentially what schema is is code
that gets added to your website to better communicate the specifics of what your website
in your content is about for Google or various other search engines that choose to look at
the schema and process it so that’s kind of in a nutshell what schema is and when you
think about voice search voice search is heavily dependent upon proper schema that’s the only
way Google is really going to know what your content is about and so when you read this
article it tells you the importance of the single voice search and only scroll down to
give some suggestions and what is it say right here use schema markup on your content it’s
super important so it’s not just about having the listings in Google and then be a little
more eye-catching it’s about more than that it’s about voice search in the future giving
Google or any search engine is much information about your website and your content as possible
I don’t know about you I think this holiday season of giftgiving some of the biggest and
gifts that are going to be going out are these Google home vote these little devices you
put in your house and you can talk to it as good things and it gives you information it’s
going to give you information based upon schema I use the Echo devices Amazon echo I love
it I have these throughout the house these are using this schema okay so right now that
I’ve gone over schema and the importance of schema I want to talk about the misconception
people have about it because you might say ha well I’m using the Genesis theme and if
you go to the website it says that there is a schema in it so I’m covered or I’m using
XYZ theme it says I have schema so I’m covered and I’ll tell you you’re actually not covered
with the type of schema that I’m talking about schema actually is doing lots of things it’s
communicating to Google or the search engines the structure of your website so a theme is
going to have schema in it that’s all well coded themes can have scheme in it but what
this schema is is going to say okay Google here is the header on my website okay Google
here is the menu on my website and here’s the sidebar on my website they it basically
just it says Google here is the structure of my website but there is no information
about the actual content of your website so if you are using Genesis theme or Astra Theme
or any of these themes and they say it’s has a schema and it that schema is very important
but it’s not going as far as you need it’s not giving enough a schema about the actual
content it’s just covering structure now I personally have been using various schema
solutions for WordPress for the last check as long as I’ve had a website the last five
years for sure I purchased the many different schema solutions and some are are are okay
but they’re pretty clunky when you’re actually inside of WordPress and there is a lot of
double entry and manual entry so for example recipe here there’s like this double entry
so say you have all the recipe details in the content of a blog post then you have to
reenter all of those recipe details and an option box below it so that the schema can
be generated and that’s pretty tedious especially if you might have some kind of custom solution
on your website I made a video couple days ago or we can go now about implementing custom
post types custom fields using something called PODS so there’s a lot of double entry going
on and then you start having a cluttered experience inside of WordPress when you’re trying to
create content and that’s where he needed to be uncluttered as much as possible so you
kind of have all these things, working against you now there is a new plug-in that just came
out I’ve actually been using it I really implemented on my website over the past weekend but I’ve
been testing it for the past few weeks and here it is it is called all in one schema
Pro and here is the website now this is actually made by the same people that make the Astra
Theme and the ultimate add-ons series of software and they actually have a lot of expertise
in this that they have been building schema plug-ins for the past four years and there
in the WordPress repository with I think maybe like 80,000 active installation so they know
about the schema and they learnt everything from the free plug-in they released to create
this I think a masterpiece of simplicity for what’s called all-in-one schema Pro now I’m
in a show you implementing this plug-in on your website how easy it is but is actually
so easy you could come to the website here and see the different types of schema and
how to implement it it’s so easy but I wanted to actually show you because there some options
that might not be communicated well enough on the website so when you come to their website
right here on a link in the video description below but you can go to WPCrafter.com/schema
Pro no-and right here are the a of some of the different schema types that you can implement
with this right now so there’s article schema so that is what you want apply to all of your
pages and posts pretty much all of your content recipe schema course schema event schema local
business schema review schema product and books but there’s actually a few more this
are the only eight that they’re showing on their homepage right here now what’s nice
and what I like is I can go ahead and click on any of these and it shows you how easy
it is to implement so for article schema when I click on it it takes me to a pager with
a little bit of information an example of what the schema looks like in Google search
results and then right here the three steps to implement that it’s literally so easy and
I really went through and I implemented all sorts of schema on my website this prior weekend
and you can go here to schema types and you can see all the various schema types that
it supports now what’s nice is they are adding additional schema types to this over time
so as new schema types come out that are in demand that they will add it to the plug-in
so you see right here job posting schema software application book schema all of these different
schemas so here’s what a book schema looks like you can click on it and you can see this
is what it looks like when you’re in the Google search engine results it also the author published
in pages so it’s just all of this additional information that you’re able to communicate
to Google about the content on your website and it couldn’t be easier let’s take a quick
look at the pricing and then let’s install and implement and test some schema and I’m
in a show you how to test the schema which is nice because you can test the schema that
you currently have on your website so if I click on pricing this was just released its
$59 for an annual license or you could just buy lifetime licenses 199 I’ll tell you the
schema plug-ins that I purchased over the years one of almost $400 for a lifetime license
so I know what 99 is a bargain and especially when I show you how select this is to implemented
it’s a really good deal especially if you have customers or clients or building websites
for people this is just something that you can use to differentiate you and your expertise
because you know your competitor that might be charging $500 less they’re not doing this
so if you get any pushback on the cost of your website development this is one of those
things where if you go with me you’re getting it done the right way if you go with them
is just to be whipped together thrown together and it’s not enough and actually harm them
in the long run so 59 and 199 and this is super developer friendlier to see works with
custom fields it’s pretty spectacular now here are some excellent actual good news about
the price is if you have the Astra Theme and you have an agency license right here is the
Astra Theme I talked about it many times on the channel it actually includes this plug
and it was added to the aid of the agency bundle with Astro so if you’re already an
agency license holder which I am you don’t have to pay anything it says just concluded
they added that value the aster agency bundle comes with the Astra Theme comes with Convert
Pro premium sites this the various ultimate add-ons and future plug-ins that this developer
makes and they also have lifetime license available if you’re interested in Astra just
visit WPCrafter.com/Astra to check that out I have a ton of content on Astro so enough
about the product let me just show you this thing in action now I have this site that
I used for a tutorial not that long ago where I showed you a full three hour tutorial on
how to make this website and that using the Astros using one of their starter sites and
it was a very easy to put together so here I am logged into the back animal to go to
plug-ins and new I’ve already downloaded the plug-in so I’ll just go ahead and upload it
really quick it’s very light weight it’s only 300 kB in size so it’s a very light plug-in
when go ahead and activated now let me just to quickly refresh here alright so one of
things I like it right off the bat is they put the option underneath the settings actually
it’s an option you can by default it goes underneath the settings but you can have it
be on the main list menu list here I hate when it’s all cluttered so I like it to go
in settings so here it is a schema Pro a go ahead and click here so I haven’t turned on
any schema yet another some advanced settings for you as well so in the toolbar when you’re
viewing a page on the front and it’s going to add an option here that’s going to say
test the schema so let me see I don’t have any schema implemented let yet let me do a
quick refresh here Curtis test the schema so you can leave that there or you can have
it be disabled if you don’t want to see that in your toolbar next you have all these placement
options so by default it goes into the settings panel but you can put it wherever you want
and there’s this option here where you want this ischemic code added and will just leave
that where the setting is so first let’s test our schema now Google provides a schema testing
tool so what you can do when you have this plug-in installed is you can test your existing
schema by clicking right here it’ll open up in a new tab on the tools website and it will
automatically populate the URL and do the quick search so these are the types of schema
that I’m already getting by default with the theme remember I said your theme well coded
themes will have some structural schema and that’s very good but it doesn’t get you all
of what you need so here’s a different schema types that come with your theme and you can
click into it so I click into here this is what the schema is so basically this one is
just communicating to Google here’s our logo and here is our URL and it’s an organization
here’s the WP head and this basically tells Google additional information and all these
things are just given Google additional schema information so I would go ahead and close
that out and let’s implement some schema on our website Summit go back and click on schemas
and then a minute click on add new and this is one thing I like about this plug-in you
notice some of the stuff could be a little on the complicated side and they took a real
complicated process and simplified it made a real easy so here’s a different schema types
that the plug-in currently has other all available right here so say I want to add a let’s add
a review schema summit click on review and then I would go ahead and click on next and
then the next step is where do you want this schema applied so in the situation I’m in
a put it only on blog posts so I’m choosing all posts now I can add additional locations
by clicking add enable rule or I can add exclusions where I don’t want it to apply now for most
people you’ll just have the same scheme almost locations but say you have your events you
don’t want events the option box to appear all over the place you want it just where
the events content is going to be and so that’s why you have these advanced targeting rules
so I’m just going to go with this right here and then I’m in a click next and now I’m ready
so I can go ahead and click on complete set up it’s gonna take me back into the back end
of WordPress so right here it names the schema now what I did when I implemented this on
my website I have some review schema but I have different configurations in different
parts so what I did is I would name it review for blog posts review for XYZ so you can stick
with this name just review because working to see a list of all the schema we made but
if you wanted to just have a different schema for posts in a different schema for pages
and might be nice to just change of title to kind of put some location information there
as well so just put four posts just to make it simple okay so now that that’s added right
here you can euros can be able to come back and change the location that you apply this
to so you’re not stuck with what you set up in the wizard it was just a pre-configure
this so right here is where this the power of this plug-in really comes in the play so
for review schema you need these different fields of information the name of the item
that’s being reviewed the image of the product the description the date of the review the
actual rating and that’s a five star scale and the name of the reviewer so what we can
do here is if you’re a developer in your may be applying this to a custom post type in
all that information is already in some custom field you created while you can map these
different fields to where you know that information already is so for example the review description
by default it’s just going to assume that it’s in the content of your blog posts so
you don’t have to put some info on your blog post and then you have to double entry put
it into this review schema it’s gonna pull it from there the same thing goes for the
review data just is linked up to the published date of the blog post the same goes for the
reviewer name now it’s nice is we can change this so say the title of the blog post is
going to be the name of the product you’re reviewing so there’s no sense in having this
double entry going on since I know that I can change this to the title of the post right
there so that’s one less piece of information that there’s gonna be some double entry for
so the same thing for their review item image say I know that I’m going to have that be
the featured image on my blog post I consented to featured image or a specific image so I
chose this I could just choose a specific image in my image library and there’s other
options here so I could just say featured image we set content with this now all were
left for a review rating is the actual scale from 0 to 5 now if your developer and Yorty
have this in a custom field you can go to select other custom field here or in this
case I’ll let it create a new custom field for me so numbly click on updates and I’m
going to go jump into creating a blog post now exit before I do that let me click back
here and you can see here’s that schema I can go here and change it at any time delete
it and all of the different schemas that I create are all going to be listed right here
actually let me create one more type of schema that’s very important it’s article schema
for blog posts this would be a lot easier to click on add new and miniatures article
schema Lemme click on next and I’ll apply this everywhere to all the content on the
website click on next and click on complete set up in here are those same fields but all
of these fields are already going to be pulled from the content you can see you don’t have
this double entry so this is for article type and it changes the blog post that’s the only
thing I want to change so news article is that timely news so when you do the Google
search and it shows those big about prominent news articles 3 hours ago six hours ago stuff
like that that would be your news article on the just stick with the blog posting right
here in all this information is already in the blog post let me click on update alright
so now I’m in a go to posts and I don’t think I have an existing post just as hello world
one let me just click into it and see what this is looking like so so far it looks like
a normal blog post I got my title I got my description and when I scroll down this is
just my Yoast stuff let me just shrink that and here’s what it added to schema Pro and
here’s that option for me to go ahead and add a star ratings I can just add a star star
rating right here or I can manually type it in or put it like that and that’s where the
manual info is good to go and so I would’ve left some of those other fields to say create
a new custom field he would’ve created that would be available here if I also want to
have the recipe schema applied to blog post so then I’d have review and recipe the no
be another option here for each of these different types of schema that I’m adding to the same
content type because sometimes you say it is a recipe blog you’re gonna want review
schema and what recipe schema you want both of it and there might be another type of schema
that you want added so the schemas don’t replace each other they just stacked together okay
so let’s just go ahead I want to create a new blog post and I want to go ahead and fill
this out myself okay so I’ve gone ahead and added a title which is also to be the product
name and I added a description I added a star rating and down here you can see I added a
featured image someone go ahead and click on publish now I don’t expect this to look
pretty obviously I’d put a lot more information so let’s go ahead and click on view poster
right here so here we go where here we are with everything so now what I’m a dues a minute
click on test schema and let’s see what Google is showing us with their data testing tool
you can see right here I have a lot of that same schema but what we have that’s new is
this review so when I click on it you could see all of the information so right here we
have type we have description which was just from the post contents and we have the product
name we have the image to the product we have the rating and the star rating this was all
done with this as all-in-one schema Pro plug-in and you can see right now I must’ve screwed
something up for the blog posting this was in here and I just added it let’s click on
it and see what the heck this error is so when I scroll down it looks like I have a
problem with my logo let’s see my logo height has an invalid value okay so I have to go
and fix that but you can see how you can come here and test this schema add schema to your
site add schema to your content and come here and test that schema and then what’s going
to happen next is the next time Google comes your website to index it it’s going to take
this new information this deeper information it has on your content and added to the search
engine results most likely now with the review stars they don’t add it to every piece of
content sometimes soak in my experience I can usually get it on about 70% of my content
it’s never 100% so it’s it’s up completely up to Google whether or not they’re going
to give these enhanced listings to you it’s completely up to them but you should have
this came on for many different reasons this is this is you communicating to Google exactly
what your website is about so that’s it this is all in one scheme approach you have any
questions about this video and schema you can ask in the comment section down below
also have links to everything in the video description box and also have user form on
my website you might not be aware that you can go here click on form and you can ask
questions to me there is any question that’s not about this video or it’s a little bit
more technical anything more people can benefit come over to my website click on the form
button and go ahead and ask so that’s it for this video thanks for watching NOC in the
next one

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