Yoast structured data blocks (block editor) – Yoast SEO for WordPress training

In this screencast we’re going to look
at a very cool feature of Yoast SEO in the block editor, which is that you can
add structured data blocks to your posts. Before we do that of course we have to
know what structured data blocks do, so let’s look at a search result page for
“how to bake a cake” and we’ll see that there are more than just the regular results.
First of all, you have a featured snippet, which tells you exactly how to
bake a cake step by step. And also, if you scroll down you’ll see that the snippets
right here have star ratings, for example. these special snippets are generated by
what we call “structured data”, which is code that you add to the page to tell
Google a little bit more about the content on your page. So if you check out
the page of this featured result for example, we’ll see that it has all these
steps in the article, but Google can’t interpret that, so what you have to do is,
in the code, place a little piece of code and we’ll look it up right here – yep here
we are – which tells Google: “Hey, this is a how-to step and this is step one and
step one is…” and then a bit of text of course. If you do that, you increase your
chances of Google showing search results like these for your site. So Yoast SEO
allows you to do away with the code and just add a block, which will add the
markup (the code) automatically. So, let’s see how it works. So if you add a
block and scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see the Yoast structured data
box option. If you click that, you’ll see that Yoast SEO has several
structured data blocks, which you can add. So let’s add a how-to.
Just “How to make a cake.” The first step is to “Gather your
ingredients. Get the flour…” etc. The second step is to “Preheat the oven”
and so on and so forth. You can add a total time, so let’s say this cake
will take 3 hours and 30 minutes to bake And you can add images as well for your
ingredients. And you can insert steps if you want to. So if you fill in the steps – and of course
this doesn’t have to be recipes this is gonna be anything, like
some work you have to get done, anything that you can break down into steps, you
can do with this structure data block. OK, so let’s add the other one as well.
You have a frequently asked questions. You can enter a question and then the
answer to the question so Google can show these in the search
results. Now, as Yoast SEO progresses we’ll add more and more of these
structured data blocks to make sure that you have the best chance as possible of
adding structured data and of course getting those coveted rich snippets.

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